You'll Win When Dogs Fly!

I really DO NOT remember this dream very well; I recalled it while I was kind of half between waking and sleeping, but after that, when I woke up fully, I thought, "What was that?" So maybe I was woken up in the middle of it, I don't know. Anyway. It was something about some guys trying to enter dogs or some other kind of creatures in a show or contest or course. I think these things could fly--either that or they were flying machines. They were listing their names. This was taking place upstairs in Eric's room, because I remember there were some pennies and stuff on the floor. Something went wrong or there was some bad news, so some guys were trying to withdraw their entries. That's all I can remember. o_o

Coiling In Love & Death

I had a very vague dream about a snake or some kind of cord. It kept coiling. That meant it was falling in love and it was dying or something, I don't know; it was really weird, maybe symbolic.

This dream might have shifted into "My Two Flies."

Available illustrations:

* A worm/snake/rope, coiling upon itself in love/death (?).

My Two Flies

This dream might have shifted out of "Coiling In Love & Death."

I was in my bedroom and I had two flies. They weren't fly flies, but they were kind of like moths or some special kind of fly--they were kind of big. I don't know what I was doing with them; I think I was playing. There was a jar sitting on my dresser near where the fan is, and it had a dead bug in it; there were little white things all around it, which I think were eggs--I'm not sure--that had been laid on it by other insects. Ick. Ma said, "Why don't you get rid of these bugs?"

I thought, "Yeah, I guess I should, because I really don't like having bugs in my room." So I think I put them in the jar, but then I started looking for some Lysol so I could get rid of the eggs; I believe I accidentally touched them, and maybe I was afraid I got some on the floor, so I wanted to disinfect it. I asked, "Does Lysol take care of stuff like this?"

Ma said, "Yeah," so I started looking for it. I think I brought the bugs outside and released them or something.

This dream then shifted into "The Bottomless Fishing Hole."

The Bottomless Fishing Hole

The dream shifted out of "My Two Flies."

Dad and I were now going through the woods to a fishing hole. It seemed to be winter or spring because there was some snow on the ground and it seemed to be melting. It was likely spring. We found this little fishing hole in the woods. It was only like a couple of feet across, but there was one fish swimming around in it. I think I fed it--maybe with the flies from "My Two Flies." ^_^ Oh well. I poked a stick into the water, deeper and deeper and deeper; there were a lot of leaves and mud and stuff, but I kept poking the stick through the muddy part. It just kept going down and down and down! I thought, "Crap, this thing is DEEP!" So I pulled the stick out. There was something dirty about the water; when I was holding the stick I turned and saw I was holding it by its wet end. "Eugh!" I exclaimed, and let go of it quickly. I think I was getting some Lysol to clean it off--just like in the other dream!

While we had gone through the woods, there had been a big cat walking around purring, and we'd fed it a couple of crackers. I'd said, "Can't we give it more?" but it ate them and walked away. I think we started to drain the fishing hole; I'm not sure why.


I was at college, I believe, in a class; I think Michelle T. was there because she was sitting to my right, and Dianne B. as well, maybe to my left. First this guy gave me some kind of scratch contest thing; he said to scratch off all the numbers that had to do with eighteen. I said, "What do you mean? Like numbers that go into eighteen, like three and such?" But then I saw that one of the eighteens was scratched off, and there was another eighteen, so I scratched that one off...but nothing really happened, so he took it back. :/

There was some kind of anthropology question about some sort of culture--"Had this culture or the people of this culture visited the mainland?" or something like that. I think we were talking about Hawaii, but when we said mainland, for some reason we meant the "interior." The question continued, "Or had the mainland visited them?" or something. I don't know exactly what it was, if it meant the mainland US or the interior of Hawaii. Michelle put down one answer, and that was the same one I put down, but then I said, "No, wait a minute; I think it's the other answer," and I changed mine to that one instead. Michelle gave me this look, like, "Whaaaaat?" Or maybe the way it went was we put down the same answer but she was taking my advice or something, but then I felt like changing it and was worried about upsetting her if I did? In any case, she found it hard to believe that I thought this other answer was right. I think the bell rang or whatever and we got up to leave.

I left the room and it seemed I had a backpack with me, but then I waited until most of the people left and I went back in. There was a lot of stuff that I'd left on my desk, so I started picking it up. This is ANOTHER one of those dreams where I have to pick up a lot of stuff and shove it in my bag before getting on the bus, because I was riding a bus in this dream! >_< I started shoving all this stuff in my bag; there was a stuffed toy, some food in a wrapper--that was gross because it kind of fell out when I was putting it in the bag, it seemed to be some crumbly cake or something--I just shoved all of this in. I ran out of the class and all the buses were lined up outside the hallway. I went out and looked at them all and followed somebody--Russell E.? (an old friend)--because he had to take the same bus as me, but he went to the end of the line where there was a little bus, and got on that. I thought, "This can't be my bus." So I walked back up the line and saw a bus that had Mike, my old bus driver, on it. But he wasn't driving--he was sitting in a seat like a passenger! I couldn't make up my mind which bus was mine! :(

I went inside and the buses all left. I thought, "Well, I guess I'll call Rivertown Cargo (my mom's place of employment) and tell Ma that I missed the bus." I saw somebody--maybe Ronda Something, I think her last name began with a W--standing near a phone and it looked like she was talking on it. I thought, "There's a payphone." She left when I got up to it, and I got out a quarter, then looked at the payphone--and it was not a payphone but some kind of staff phone. "Oh." Then I saw another phone over there, but it was a staff phone too. "Well, that's strange," I thought. "Aren't there any payphones around here?" I felt like asking somebody but then I thought, "I'll go into the library and check in there; they've probably got some someplace."

So I went into the library and saw a payphone on the wall--it was distinctly a payphone. Yes! I went over to it and got out some money to put into it, but when I looked up at it again--it was a decorator hurricane lamp! O_o "What the heck!" So I went to the other side of the room where there was also a payphone. I thought, "I'm not going to take my eyes off of it, because if I do, it'll turn into a different kind of phone!" That was weird, because the other one had turned into a lamp, not a phone; it was something LIKE a phone, but it was a lamp. I stared at this phone and it said something like sixty-something cents for a call. ! "Jeez, they get more and more expensive!" So I pulled out that amount of money, only the amount was going to be a penny over or something; I didn't really care, I just wanted to call Ma!

As I reached to put the money in the slot--THE PHONE TURNED INTO A LAMP!

I started freaking out--"I gotta call but THESE PHONES KEEP CHANGING!!" o_o;;

This dream then shifted into "N Before D, Except After..."

N Before D, Except After...

This dream shifted out of "1-800-DIAL-A-LAMP."

I wasn't upset anymore from the events which had taken place in "1-800-DIAL-A-LAMP"; I was pretending about my characters. It's like my character Anders Carlsson was sitting at some kind of typewriter or computer between these two phones in front of a window in the library. He'd been looking around for some kind of book; I don't know if it was exactly written by him, but it was written by somebody with his name. It was like Zen & The Art Of Motorcycle Maintenance, only it had a different cover, I'm not sure, like an art cover. Puck Benteen (another character of mine) came up and pulled the book out of some plastic and set it down beside Anders. It had the name Ander on it, Ander Something...it wasn't Anders Carlsson. Anders was pleased about it. It had a lot of different pseudonyms for the person who wrote it, and said that his real name was "Adners"--Anders with the N and D mixed up. But then his signature was there, and it was Anders, so this was confusing. It was like a collage of all his different names stuck together.

This dream shifted into "Biggus Footicus?"

Biggus Footicus?

This dream shifted out of "N Before D, Except After..."

There was some kind of class meeting in the high school library. There was another teacher there and I sat down. I think there was somebody who was like a sort-of friend of mine. The teacher handed out these two sheets; they had footprints on them. These were supposed to be footprints of primitive man. One was almost like some kind of ape footprint, and another was almost human but it was smaller, and one was really big. To save space on the sheet, one of the feet was outlined over the other in a different color. It said next to them what they were. I put my own feet over them to see the size.

While we were looking at these, the teacher said, "Does anybody know what this large foot is?" Because he didn't remember what it was.

I said, "Maybe it's Bigfoot." I wasn't joking, but he didn't really listen to me. Then I saw that the paper had the name written right next to it--and it was the scientific name of Bigfoot! ^_^ So I said, "Oh, hey, it's right here." I told him what it was.

While this was happening there was this guy, some kind of camp counselor or something, who was present. He was talking about going to camp, and he said that we couldn't leave this class even if it was an emergency. I thought, "Well, what if somebody fell and split their head open? I think that would justify leaving camp." But I never said anything. Meanwhile my character Puck was talking to my character Anders about some guy who went in somewhere and started turning into water. o_O I think then we left or something...it was really weird.

Available illustrations:

* [right arrows] Drawings superimposed over one another, but clear.
(Bigfoot/Sasquatch) (proto-ape man or man ape) Biggus Footicus. Scientificus Namicus. [up arrows] Sci. names (These aren't really them; I made these up)

Why A Moor?

I was in my room and I had a book that was a lot like The Unofficial X-Files Companion. There was one section that asked something like, "If you had a fantasy, what kind of moor would you be driving over and what would your lover look like?" O_o There was a big answer space on the righthand page. I started answering something completely different, because I thought, "Well, it says moor--maybe it means anything--what would you want to be driving over?" I wrote with a blue colored pencil. But then I thought, "Wait a minute. Maybe I'd better answer what the question's really asking for." I don't think I could erase it, so I just moved to a different question and started writing with a regular pencil.

This dream might have shifted into "If Only Grocery Shopping Were Always Such Fun."

If Only Grocery Shopping Were Always Such Fun

This dream might have shifted out of "Why A Moor?"

I think Ma was going to go shopping so I came out and had her do my hair, but I didn't like it. I wanted her to do it again but she wouldn't. I got really upset and cried and cried. I think finally she redid my hair and I went to Glen's with her. She had already gotten my magazines, I know that. She was getting some other stuff. I was acting all subdued and sullen. I went and got some sliced Swiss cheese, Kraft maybe; Ma said, "I don't know if your dad..." but I don't know what she meant; I put it in the cart.

We went down this one aisle, but my cousin Jennifer came up to me and said some kind of rhyme. She was smiling while she said it, and sidled up to me as she did so. I listened to it and then said, "Mr. Cady's class, right?" (My high school literature teacher.) ^_^ I don't know if it was in Mr. Cady's class in high school or in somebody else's class, but some time in high school in real life I had to memorize a Shakespearean sonnet, and I chose Sonnet 29. I said, "I only remember one line of it now," but in my dream I couldn't remember it. The line goes something like, "Like to the lark at break of day arising," but then I started reciting the whole thing: "When in misfortune..." Er...I don't remember how it begins now. ^_^;; I used to remember it. Anyway, in the dream I started reciting the whole thing. While I was doing this I had a piece of paper in front of me and I was creating some kind of painting, only it was like with squeeze paint, and it was smearing down. I rubbed some of it off; it seemed pearly at the time. The painting was of some kind of animal, maybe a horse or unicorn, but it was sort of stylized.

Later on when we walked through the store this person was giving out gravy samples. Ma asked for one and I shook my head, because my hands had gold paint on them. ??? Er...yep. O_o There were these gravy samples and there were all these jars of gravy, but when I went to buy some gravy in the regular section, I couldn't find any! So I looked through all the aisles. I finally went to Ma and said, "Where's the gravy?"

Ma replied, "It's in that aisle."

"Well, I looked in there and I didn't see it!"

So I think maybe she found some. We went up to the front of the store where the wine and alcohol is now in real life, only it was tapes and stuff in my dream, and there were some Lion King things. I looked around to see if they had anything for The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, but I couldn't remember what it was. I saw a Pinocchio item, and something for The Lion King, but the painting on it was REALLY bad. It was something like Mufasa jumping over a hill, and Simba was cavorting with a couple of the other characters. I don't remember who they were. Desirae (an ex-friend) walked up beside me while I was talking to Ma, saying, "Take a look at how BAD this is! Mufasa's the wrong color and his head's too big, and his mane's all wrong. The only one who looks slightly like their character in the movie is the little Simba, and that's only because his head is turned!" Desirae was kind of laughing while I said this.

I turned back around and now looked for the Fantasia album for some reason, I don't know why. I found this one cassette--it was wrapped in blue plastic or else it was blue--and it cost $1.50. It was Fantasia, but then I looked at it and it said Fantasia 2. I realized, "Oh, there are two albums. Well, if the other one is as cheap as this, I can get both of them." So I looked around and finally found Fantasia. It was a double cassette--a two-cassette set. It was wrapped in blue also, so I got that. I looked at the songs on it; not all of them were for Fantasia. It was like a mix of songs from different Disney movies. After we got it I opened it up and looked at the inside cover. There were no lyrics included but there was a picture of several Disney characters. I wondered if there were any Lion King songs. If there were some Lion King characters included, I saw Mufasa and Pumbaa; so I assumed that the song "Hakuna Matata" must be on it. For some reason I assumed that for each character I saw, there would be a different song from The Lion King on this tape.

When we went to the checkout, Ma had gotten some kind of candy. There was no bagger, as usual, so I started trying to pack the groceries but it was dark inside and I couldn't find the bag. Finally I found it and started putting things in. Ma's candy was open for some reason; it wasn't regular candy, but like double layer, sort of like Oreo cookies, how they have cream filling inside and you can twist off the top. She didn't really care about the cream--she wanted the tops. ^_^ The tops, I don't remember what the first ones looked like, but the second ones looked like the heads of wise men. *LOL* So I would pull off the top and eat the bottom with the cream, then I'd toss the head into the bag for Ma to have! They were small, like less than an inch long. I kept doing this; some of them were broken, so I would eat some of those too. It's like I was eating all of the candy before we could even put it in the bag!

While I had been over near the tapes--when I'd been walking through the store--I'd seen this woman. She'd come up and talked to me and I didn't like her very much for some reason. While I was looking through the tapes, this other lady came up to me and said that there was some kind of killer on the loose, and who did I think it was? I had a bad feeling telling her, like maybe she was the killer, but I told her about the first woman who'd been talking to me. The second woman said, "Yeah, I have a weird feeling about her too!" She left and I thought, "I wanna get out of here because maybe THAT was the killer!"

What's REALLY On Cats' Minds

It's like Pepper was in my room. In real life yesterday, Dad got Ma a dozen roses and put them in the window; Pepper got up there and started sniffing them, but we yelled at her to get down. In my dream, it's like she was trying to look out of my window with the cardboard over it. There was a tree blocking the outside of my window. It's like this and the side window where the roses are in real life too, so it was confusing. The tree blocked all except for the bottom part, so it was somehow hanging over the window. I was pretending what Pepper would be saying--"I can't see anything! I can't see anything!" Then a couple of birds like chickadees started twittering around in the branches and I gasped and exclaimed (from Pepper's point of view), "There's birds in the tree! There's birds in the tree!!"

You've Got (Someone Else's) Mail!

I went out to get the mail; Ma said she'd already gotten it, but I went out to check it now. There was mail in the mailbox! But the box was like the Shopper's Fair box--open to the outside, and there was snow all over our mail! ^_^ So I reached in and pulled it out and brushed it off. Across the road from our mailbox there was a red mailbox. There are no houses that close to us, but I think in my dream there might have been; maybe it was the B.'s, a family which lives down the road. I went inside.

Earlier than this, Ma had said she'd seen a baby skunk outside near the mailbox and that it had left a really bad smell and then went off into the woods. :/ I came in and said, "Ma, there was mail."

She said, "But I got the mail."

"Did you get it from that red mailbox?"


"Well, that's not our mailbox, that's somebody else's! Ours is on the other side of the road!"

Ma said, "Ohhhh." I think that she got a present from either Colleen or Marie (friends of hers), or maybe it was a combination of the two. She was going to give a present back, only her present was going to be a card or something like that.

Doomed To Lunch Line Eternity

I was at the Black River Elementary School standing in the lunch line--another one of those lunch dreams!! >_< I got my tray. There was this kid in front of me, but it's like he was behind me too because I was supposed to be getting the food before him, but he WAS in front of me. He was to my right. He kept grabbing at things that I was going to get and it was annoying! I went by there with some kind of food and then there was some orange-colored soup with noodles in it. I spooned it into my own bowl and was a little sloppy about it on accident. I tried not to get too many noodles but I couldn't help it, so I thought, "Oh, what the heck, noodles are okay." I don't know, maybe it was like sauerkraut. >:P

There were red banana peels in a bowl. I looked to see if there was any interesting dessert, but I decided I'd just get some milk. It's funny because when I reached for the soup bowl, that kid before me tried to get the soup before I did, but I got it before him because he wasn't very good at it! >:) I knew that my meal was going to cost over $3, like that other dream of mine with the charging horse (see "Was It Something I Ate?"). :( But I handed the lunch lady $40 or something like that!! It seems like I paid her twice; maybe I went through the line twice.

Then I went out into the cafeteria/gymnasium and looked for a near-empty table to sit at. There were a whole bunch of near-empty tables, but it seemed that whenever I got to one like one person would come over and sit down there. Chris B. (a neighbor and schoolmate) was one of the people who sat down at one table where the seats were funny; they were like folding seats maybe, with folding padded arms on them. I kept looking around and now these full tables were being taken up by ONE person each! So finally I chose one near the front that had about three people sitting at it. One was Russell E. (an old friend), and the other two were people I kind of knew. I went over and was going to sit down at the end, a little away from Russell so I wouldn't bother him if he didn't want me sitting next to him...but I ended up sitting right next to him anyway. I said, "Hi." I think he started to get up to leave, but it was because he was going with somebody or something. There were a couple of other people--I think Shawn E. (Russell's brother) was about to sit down beside him but I took his seat! ^_^

They were going to show a movie; there was a big screen up where the stage is. At first they showed some kind of commercial or something. Jessi W. (an old friend/former best friend) was suddenly sitting off to my right, and Russell E. was still to my left. Jessi said, "Hi, I haven't seen you for so long! I saw you once and you weren't typing!" For some reason this comment was funny and I kind of smiled at her. In real life I'm now rather on awkward terms with her, when we rarely cross each other. I thought about that in my dream too, thinking, "I'm smiling at her again." :/

The first ad that they showed on the screen had something to do with God, like this guy who said he was God or something. I thought, "I can't believe they're showing this in school!" Then they started showing the main presentation, but it seemed to be a commercial again! It was for the third part of Disney's Aladdin series, Aladdin & The King Of Thieves. All I remember is the genie; he was singing a song, only it wasn't QUITE as dorky as I thought it would be. ^_^ That's all I remember of that dream.

Poor Pants & Helping The Hooded Ones

I was with Ma at some kind of clothing store. We were getting me an outfit! >_< It had a certain name in my dream, but I don't know what it was. It was like pants that would go up to the front and they had suspenders over them; I'm not sure what you call them. We got a whole bunch of pairs--two light blue ones, black ones, and some other ones. I tried them on in the store and thought, "Well, I guess they're okay." Then we got some shirts to go with them. I remember for the black pants we got a black shirt with a big rose or something on the front. And then we started to get some shoes. The shoes were...like cans or McDonald's cups!! O_o I put them on my feet...it was really weird. We left and I went home into my room to put some on, but in my dream it was that time of the month. I put on one of the pairs of blue pants, but when I took them off they had bloodstains all over the back and even a couple on the front. <:( I couldn't believe that had happened because I'd been so careful! So I took them off.

We were in a hurry to go somewhere and so I was in a hurry as well. I think Eric and Ma were out there waiting. I picked up the other blue pair of pants, and the leg was ripped really badly! I was shocked--"How did this happen?" So I took out the black ones, I think, but I believe something was wrong with them, too! I started getting very upset and yelled for Ma to come here.

"What?" she called back.

I said, "COME HERE!" because she was being very dense in my dream!

She came in and I told her how none of the pants would fit, all of them were stained and stuff, and I didn't know what to do or wear. I don't know what we did to resolve the situation...but then I seemed to be back in the store again. :/

There was this black woman at the counter. I went up to her and asked for a cup of water and paid for it, saying in a subdued voice, "Thank you very much." I drank some of it, but then poured the rest of it down the drain or something. I was going to use it (the cup?) for shoes. What I had done was I had tried on some shoes earlier that were like cans or something, but they were too tight--I was supposed to put both feet in one of them--so I went up to the woman and asked for an exchange for some bigger shoes.

There were these strange hooded people walking around the store. They were wearing brownish-red cloaks with hoods that hid their faces. I knew that they were evil. Earlier I had gone into a big bathroom with lots of stalls, but now when I went in it was crowded. I would see a stall open every once in a while, and people would be slow to go over to it. I looked at the opposite wall--the one I'd come in through--but the stalls had no doors on them! I was waiting for one to open. I think a pipe burst and it started flooding, so I ran out into the store and said, "It's starting to flood in there! We should run to high ground!"

I ran out through the doors and across the street. It seemed like I just kept running and running and people came pouring out after me! "High ground! High ground!" I yelled. I went up to the top of this short building which had a tiled roof with spires on it. Some of the people coming out were the hooded people. They came running toward my spot, so I thought, "I may as well help them." I grabbed one of their hands and pulled him/her/it/whatever up beside me. Several more came up the back behind me, making me think, "I shouldn't have done that...they're probably going to push me off, now!" They WERE evil, right?

But they didn't do anything like that. They kind of talked amongst themselves and looked at me, as if they were wondering why I had helped them.

Available illustrations:

* One of the "hooded people"; these seemed evil ("menacing" is more like it), yet I helped one to safety & was not hurt myself.
In turn, they seemed slightly surprised that I'd helped them. [right arrow] I seem to remember glowing eyes, but maybe not. [left arrow] belt?? [up & down arrows] can't remember hands or feet, though I grabbed one by the hand

* The rooftop I went onto had tiled spires. (These look a lot like my "teepees" (see pg. 51, Aug 21)) [see "THESE Are 'Christians'"] [right arrow] I grabbed this one

Have You Seen This Book?

In real life, before I went back to sleep, somebody left a message for me on the answering machine. In it I can hear my name, then I hear all this crap, then I hear some sort of a number. I don't know who it's from and I'm worried about it; I keep thinking it might be the college.

Well, in my dream, I went to some office--I don't know which office it was--and there was a teacher; I think it was supposed to be like Mrs. Crawford, my Literature By Women teacher, but I'm not sure. She was showing me a list of professions--at first it was such things as beekeeper, bookkeeper, and a whole bunch of stupid jobs. She kept listing them. For some reason I would say yes to each one I did know, and no to each one I didn't know, like people I knew who had that as a profession. She kept saying names and I kept saying no--once in a while I'd say yes, but not very often.

Then it's like she was giving me a list of books. I would say, "Yes, I've got that one; yes, I've got that one"--I remember saying that twice in a row--then, "No, I don't have that one; no, I don't have that one..." She showed me one and I said, "No, I don't have that one," but I'd seen the movie based on it. It was John Carpenter's In The Mouth Of Madness (which is based VERY loosely--more like not at all--on HP Lovecraft's "At The Mountains Of Madness"), only it had a different title in my dream. She showed me another and I said, "The cover looks familiar; maybe somebody in my family has it, but I've never read it." This just kept going on and on.

I seem to remember something maybe about being in the tub looking through my Mysteries Of The Unknown books, I don't know; and maybe some other things, but I'm not sure.

1996 Dreams