Little Yellow Pads

I can't remember my earlier dreams of this night very well at all, because I took a cold pill last night; the last time I didn't remember any dreams was a night I had taken some cough medicine, so maybe that has an effect on how you remember them?

I think I might vaguely remember something about my characters and alien abduction or something, but I don't know; maybe it's just me. But then I started to have some dreams after a while.

In this one I was writing down my dreams on one of the little yellow legal pads that my dad brought home. Then I realized, "Wait, I want to write this on the big paper." So I started erasing it, I think, and writing it on the bigger paper. *shrug*

Due South: Quest For The Script Of Life!

This was a Due South dream. It was funny, because I kept changing characters. At first Fraser, Ray, and the black cop--and maybe Fraser's boss, the woman--were involved. They were in this big building with lots of hallways and such, trying to find the bad guys. I think at one point they were sitting in some kind of classroom or something. The bad guys were like two women and a man, or two women and two men. The leader was a woman, and she saw Fraser and Ray and the others sitting in this classroom. Before she saw them, she'd been stomping through the building saying to her companions, "He's in here! I know he's in here! He's not supposed to be!" She was talking about Ray Vecchio--he was supposed to be dead for some reason, but of course the bad guys never seem to be able to kill the good guys.

Anyway, they were stomping through this dull, dark part of the building and they kept looking into classrooms; they finally came across the one that Fraser and Ray and the others were in. I was the bad guy at this point--I was the woman. I kind of motioned to the others with me to be very quiet and stay behind me, and I tiptoed past the class. I saw how the good guys were all just sitting in there. I started talking to my friends, but then I realized that they weren't with me! I looked in the classroom and--they were in there!! They were all sitting at the desks looking dazed, as if they were hypnotized! >_<

Then the cops came out and caught me. There had been something on the desks--some kind of powder or something--and the word that they kept using was "stuck"--like I was stuck there--but it was some kind of stuff that worked its way into the skin and left you just sitting there, dazed. All the bad guys were caught!

Then my point of view switched to that of Fraser, the Mounty. He was the only one who hadn't been affected by the powder for some reason. It's like the scene changed, and everybody was being wheeled out of this room--a different room--in wheelchairs, because the stuff had been poison or something. I, Fraser, was going to follow the bad guys at first because they had tricked me or something, but then I realized that the good guys were there and they were all right, so I went over to them. One of the bad guys, a woman who wasn't the leader, had red hair and was in a wheelchair; she kept saying, "Come back! Come back!" She just kept saying it over and over again and it was really annoying.

I turned to her and said, "You're not my leader anymore." I was being polite, like Fraser always is, and I then turned and went over to the cops.

The woman just kept yelling, "Come back! Come back!" She said something, like she'd gotten the powder on her hands and had gotten stuck, and couldn't get unstuck. I thought, "Why don't you just wash it off?"

(In part of this I was trying to write down the name of the show. In my dream, it was not called Due South, it was something different...one word began with a D, and I think it ended with -ITY. The only things I can think of are Diurnicity or something, and Duplicity...I don't know, but the title signified "two" for some reason, like north and south.)

Anyway, the cops and I, we went walking through the hallways in the building; we were looking for something. We just kept walking, and at the end of each hallway there'd be a fork--it would go left and right, and maybe it went forward as well. It didn't matter which way we turned; it would be like that. At the end of each hallway I was still Fraser, and I acted like Fraser, saying, "I don't know, I have a bad feeling about this hallway..." You know how he always gets hunches and they're always right? ^_^ So every time we came to the end of a hallway we'd look around to see what was going on.

Above us in the hallway there were grates at the end of each fork--grates in the hallway, on the left and right (like for ventilation shafts). Each time we came to those, I would say, "I don't know, I have a bad feeling about this!" The black cop indicated the grate on the left and I said, "No, the one on the right." He gestured at that; I think a grenade had been dropped into it, but nothing happened, so it was all right.

We continued walking down the other path and I said, "I have the feeling we're going to come across some smoke or some fire"...and sure enough, smoke filled the air, making us cough. We came to another hallway and there was like a tube (pipe?) sticking out of it with fire shooting out of the tube.

One of the women with me--I don't know if it was my boss or the other cop--said, "Wow!" and moved closer.

I warned her, "I wouldn't move closer! It's a backdraft." I told them how the fire would get sucked in and then it would come pouring back out. My point of view seemed to shift here so I was one of the women, maybe a cop, and I mentioned the movie Backdraft, saying, "See? Isn't it cool?" But then I seemed to be Fraser again. :/

We went away from that and came to another part of the hallway. There was a gold rope hanging from this door in the ceiling. I said, "This looks good! This looks promising!"

Ray said, "I dunno, it's probably a trick."

"No, I have a good feeling about this," I replied. "And besides, we have to check out something." Because we were trying to find something. So we all decided to go over and check out the gold rope. When I say "gold rope," I mean it reminded me kind of of the yellowish rope that I had for my graduation, the honor cord or whatever they called it; it's more yellow than gold. This rope was hanging from a doorway in the ceiling and was wrapped around a couple of things on its way to the floor. Only it's like we were looking down on it from above, too.

We all stood there and looked up (down??) at it. There were more people with us now; one of them was April H., I believe her name is, an acquaintance from high school; she was really short and very religious, but also very funny. There was also a black guy, maybe the one who played Judge Ferris in the movie The Stand; he was in a wheelchair. Maybe he had been one of the people who'd been in the classroom earlier. Anyway we all looked up at the rope and tried to decide who should go up there and try to look for something, because all of a sudden we weren't going to go up and pull on the rope, we were going to go up and look for something up there. There were some walls that didn't meet the ceiling and we could walk around on top of those.

While we were all deciding, April said, "I'm going to go."

"I'll go too," the black guy said.

I started walking down the hallway toward the rope. Somebody behind me said, "Rachel will go too"...because now I was just myself again, not Fraser. This is really confusing. I kept changing characters. Anyway, I walked over toward it, thinking, "I want to do something useful for once!"

I started climbing up the wall. When I got to the top it was like a catwalk and it was very thin (narrow?). I had to pull myself up onto it. I remember while I was walking up the first part of the wall, there was a way that I could've made it accessible to the wheelchair, like I could have knocked something down to form a ramp, but I didn't do it. I thought, "April will do it," because I wanted to get up there and get whatever we needed--I wanted to be helpful! I don't know, maybe I wanted to be a hero. I went up to the top and started pulling myself over and yelled down at the others below, "I am acrophobic!" In real life I'm terrified of heights, and I was in my dream too, but I did this anyway--I pulled myself up onto the wall. And I found what I was looking for! It was like a bag with a couple of things in it. Ray was below me. I picked up the bag; I was going to drop it down, but then I said, "It might break," and handed it to him instead.

Then it's like I had what was in the bag. It was a book and a pen, and a dish that they sat in. The book was leatherbound, the size of a diary maybe. I think it had an Egyptian god embossed in gold on the front, I don't know. In order for the plot of this story to go correctly, I had to write down everything that was happening, and everything that I wished to happen, inside this book--it was some kind of magical thing. So I took the book and held it in my teeth for a couple of minutes while I got the pen and dish ready. I left toothmarks on the brown leather cover. I wrote down all the stuff that was happening; when I finally handed the book and pen and dish back to Ray, my arm was tired because I'd had to hang back kind of while I was doing this, so I wouldn't fall off the wall. Ray asked me what I'd been writing, and I told him what I had to do.

We all climbed down now that I had the things we needed. Now the plot changed again. We came down in front of this stand of ceramic and glass sculptures and such. It's like now I was pretending to be Ray. Somebody was talking to me, maybe Ray's boss, the chief of police or whatever he is, asking questions about what had been going on. I was pretending to be Ray because now I was reading from a book as if it were a script--and I kept stumbling over my lines! I thought, "Jeez, I should've just made this all up; I sound like an idiot now!" The chief(?) asked him (me?) if he were Scottish, to understand what he'd been reading or writing or whatever, because it had something to do with the plot. I said, "Huh. Hardly"--though I said it wrong, because in my dream Ray was SUPPOSED to be Scottish, even though he's Italian! I was reading all of this from the book but it was coming out haltingly because I was getting it all wrong! >_<

Well anyway...the plot had something to do with the tree of life. I was reading about that. We started looking at the glass sculptures in front of us. They were all abstract...for example, one of them was supposed to be a fairy; it did vaguely look like one, because it had the wings coming down and it was painted really pretty--I think it was blue at first, but as I held it it changed to an abstract sculpture of a fairy. There was one that looked like some kind of fern or something, which was near the fairy. I was thinking of juxtaposing them or whatever, but decided not to. I started looking at the others and it said that an adult had made them, but he'd had children color in the designs. The designs were all colored swirls and jagged lines and such, abstract. On the fairy I was holding, the head area, it didn't have a face on it, but somebody had carved a little tiny face at the top so it looked really funny. Where the wings were, the kid had made swirls that looked almost like the patterns on a wing. I said, "Isn't that neat how they did that?" We were just standing here looking at these ceramics...and that's how that dream ended. o_o

Available illustrations:

* From my "Due South" dream.
[side arrows] grates on both sides, in front of halls (out of sight). [left arrow] tube w/ fire. [left arrow] railing? [up, side arrows] path forks

* The wall I was climbing up seemed somewhat like this, only it seemed unsturdy, maybe thinner. It was probably around 10-15(?) ft. tall, possibly taller; I have nothing to compare it to. The others were waiting down in the hall, here (on other side, below). [inset] [left arrow] the others. [right arrow] me. [left arrow] wall was in middle of a High School-style (cafeteria) hall

* The ceramic "fairy" (abstract). [left arrow] little carved face (ha ha!). pastel colors. [left arrows] were these designs here??--can't remember. [up & down arrows] supposed to be wingttips-like

Watch Your Tongue, Iolaus!

I was watching what seemed to be Hercules on TV, but I never saw Hercules himself. I saw his companion, Iolaus. He was watching these people fight--a bunch of guys fighting Amazons or something. I thought it was pretty violent, even for Hercules, to be on TV, because of some of the things they were showing. Iolaus was watching the fight; for some reason he had to help the Amazons.

Then in the crowd I could see Xena! I exclaimed, "What's SHE doing on Hercules? She has her own show now!" In this dream, she was an Amazon too, even though it's her companion Gabrielle who was really an Amazon. She was fighting with the Amazons. The bad guys were wearing these weird helmets like they always do.

Iolaus was trying to find a way into the fight; he gritted his teeth and yelled something at the leader of the men, something like, "You motherf**ker!" :O HE SAID THE F WORD!!

I GAPED. "I can't believe they're allowing him to say that on WGN! This is cable, yeah, but STILL--! It's got paid advertising!!" I just could not believe that they'd allowed that language on that channel!

There was a little break in the fighting and the bad guy, who was getting weary and afraid of losing, said something like, "I've f**ked them all." It had a double meaning--I think he kind of meant that he'd slept with all of these women, but it also meant, "We're screwed!" because they couldn't really hope to win, as they were losing to the Amazons. O_o;

Program Rose & The Burning Ladder

This dream is confusing. I think first I was on the computer, checking out some of the programs; there was one that had been installed and was called Rose or something like that. When you clicked on it, the background changed to like the interior of a rose, and there were some menu options. I clicked on it but there was nothing in the Rose program...it was some kind of writing program, I think, because when I tried to exit it said, "Book will not be saved." I couldn't really use it anyway because there was nothing in it; it was just an empty shell. I kept clicking on things and the computer kept saying something to me, like, "Please choose an option! Please choose an option!"

"This is annoying," I said, so I exited it.

Then I started thinking of my Egyptian characters. There was something that had to do with a ladder. While this one guy was trying to climb some kind of ladder, fire was coming down or going up it. He was trying to get to Osiris, I think. I wondered if he was going down to the underworld, or if he was going up to heaven; I couldn't really be sure. He was on this glowing ladder and some kind of force was fighting him.

I decided to go into my room to find some stamps that I had. This guy was going to be on this ladder and something was going to fall past him in slow motion, like an ankh or something, but I thought a rose would be neat for some reason, maybe because I'd just had the Rose program open. So I went into my room. Eric, my brother, and a friend or two of his were in here, talking. I went over to my offwhite dresser under the Loch Ness Monster picture on my wall and started looking through this little box of stamp pads. I found a rose but it wouldn't fit on the inkpad I had, so I thought, "Oh well, I don't really need it anyway."

I started putting the stamps back in, but then I rearranged them so they'd all fit. I had the feeling my brother was watching me as if to say, "What the heck are you doing?" since I was taking so long.

This dream may have shifted into "Hail The Goddess Of Gophers."

Hail The Goddess Of Gophers

This dream may have shifted out of "Program Rose & The Burning Ladder."

I had made some kind of a clay sculpture. It was supposed to be a gopher, I think, but I gave it a beaver tail because I couldn't remember what a gopher tail looked like! o_o; There was like a hollow log next to it; I remember when I had been making the log hollow, I'd stuck a nail file inside it to see if it was standing open or if it was stuck shut.

I went out and showed the sculpture to somebody--either Mya or Ma--and said, "Look at this sculpture I made of a gopher." Then I looked at its tail and said, "Well, it's got a beaver tail because I didn't know what a gopher tail looked like." Then I started to remember. "Oh, don't gophers have little tiny stubby tails? I would've looked at a picture of a gopher, but my dad has my wildlife book!" In real life, he does--he has it in his room. I think at the time of this dream his door was closed and he was asleep and I couldn't go in there. So I was trying to think of a way to fix the tail. I think I took it off and was going to put on a gopher tail, but I wasn't quite sure what they look like.

I think I got my wildlife book and started looking through it for pictures of gophers. I found some relatives of gophers, but not a regular old gopher! I then found a picture of a bear, and I kept thinking it was the gopher, but it wasn't--it was a bear, hanging upside-down from a tree by its tail!! O_o Its forearms were bent like human arms, and it was catching food that way. Only it didn't seem like it was upside-down, but it would HAVE to be upside-down to be hanging. There was another kind of animal in there as well. Its arms didn't bend like that. I was reading all of this, but I STILL couldn't find a gopher!

For some reason this had to do with some kind of Egyptian goddess who was associated with gophers. ^_^ The only one I can think of is Sakhmet, because when I looked at a picture, the goddess had either a cat or lioness head. But the thing is, in the mythology this goddess isn't associated with gophers! The book said that her gopher form was another incarnation--she was associated with gophers, but she didn't have the head of one. The book had the name of her gopher form and it began with a C. That's strange, because the Egyptian alphabet didn't have the letter C, but I can't remember what the name was; it didn't look Egyptian at all. :/

This dream may have shifted into or been related to "Don't Trust Cops--Especially The Schizo Ones."

Don't Trust Cops--Especially The Schizo Ones

This dream may have shifted out of or been related to "Hail The Goddess Of Gophers."

I was in my bedroom, trying to find some audiocassette tapes to put back. In real life I have two tapes that are out of my cases right now; usually when I'm done with my tapes I put them back in the cases. I found two tapes and put them back in my dream, but then I realized that there were a lot more slots with missing tapes; I tried to find the tapes and couldn't.

I started looking for my D Is For Damien "album" (in real life I created a fictional soundtrack for a novel I wrote). My character Damien was talking (in my room?) with this one guy about how he got help from the cops on this case. This one guy didn't like police at all, and started sarcastically telling all these statistics on cops. I was acting out the parts of both characters here, by the way, and making up these stats, "Bla bla bla percent..." I wouldn't be accurate. I talked about cops, their spouses, and their children, saying things like, "Cops have a higher incidence of suicide by so much percent than the normal population." Then I said, "Their spouses have a higher incidence of suicide by so much percent, and their children have a higher incidence of suicide..." I kept going through all these things--suicide, mental disorder, divorce, schizophrenia (even though that's a mental disorder itself), and I think the last one I went over was anxiety.

Damien kind of rolled his eyes at this part. I just kept going on and on about these different things, trying to discourage him from trusting in the cops. It's like these two characters now left the room, still talking...and over near the corner, almost as if sitting at a table and peering out of the corner of his eye, was my character KINCAID! He's a cop who has schizophrenia...*LMAO* He had been kind of listening in on them. Yipes!! ^_^;

At that point I was woken up. I'm kind of glad I was, because I was STILL looking for my tapes in my dream and I could not find them; I had a whole bunch of empty slots in my tape cases. When I can't find things I tend to get pretty upset. :/

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