THESE Are "Christians"

I had the feeling that I had written down dreams and I was looking at a sheet of paper; I had like a page and a half of dreams written down, so there were a lot.

Then I was watching some kind of TV show about Indians and...I'm not going to say Custer, but rather his kind of people--soldiers, Indian fighters. There was this one Indian who was walking out, with no weapons, toward this white man who had a gun or something. I said something like, "Why doesn't he hold out his arms in a gesture of peace?" But I think he did that and was gunned down anyway. :( I thought, "Well, that was a good idea..." All the other Indians who were there too were all shot; their houses or whatever, which looked kind of like tipis but perhaps were storehouses because they seemed small, were all burned down.

I turned to Ma and said sarcastically, "These are Christians."

Ma got kind of miffed and said, "I'm trying to listen to this!"

"JEEZ!" I groused. "You're in a good mood!"

Then the TV showed them and the white men were torturing the Indians in all kinds of ways; for example, there was one where they dropped something on his head from high up, and there was one Indian woman with her arm tied to a wheel--they turned the wheel and twisted her arm around. I thought, "Oh, this is terrible!" Then the narrator said that this was a "home video," and it wasn't real. He said that one of the people who had starred in this was like the grandson or grandfather of a star of something else, and they showed pictures of him; he was this man with black hair and kind of big ears. For some reason that was significant, but I don't know why.

I also had the feeling I was looking for some psychology books or something, or maybe some books written by people with mental disorders, but I couldn't find them.

Available illustrations:

* The "teepee" seemed to be cloth wrapped around a bundle of sticks.
Maybe not real residences. These were burned by the white man.

The Fate Of The Skinheads

There was something about the Skinheads on TV. It was talking about the decline of the Skinheads, which is something I'd really like to witness. It said that these people who used to be rock hard and muscular, and were supposed to be like a "new army" to combat blacks and gays and such, were now all kind of out of shape. ^_^ The camera showed some kind of Skinhead rally and there were like four or five Skinheads standing in the middle; they didn't know they were being filmed or something, but they were all acting like Skinheads do, waving their arms and yelling, "YEAH!!" and stuff like that--but they were all FLABBY! *LOL* They all looked overweight, and I thought, "Well, they really let themselves go to pot."

The Plight Of The River People

I was watching a television program about the "river people" of the Nile. I guess part of, or maybe the whole, Nile had receded and it was so low that it was only like a couple of feet deep, and really muddy. These river people lived in the desert alongside this part of the Nile; the thing is, the land around this area was dry and arid and there were like a few stunted trees, but no grass and such. The river people made me think of the Kazon from Star Trek: Voyager, only they didn't have the bad hair. They were dark brown and cracked and really dry; if they spat, dust would probably come out of their mouths. :/ I think they had some cows and such and they were walking them through the water. The narrator was talking about how if the river dried up completely, they would probably disappear. I said something like I was proud of the river people, for some reason; like, "I hope the river doesn't disappear," then I added something to the equivalent of, "Go, river people!" only it wasn't so stupid sounding as that. >_<

It's like I scooped a pan of the muddy water from the river even though it was on TV, and started bringing it to my room! Ma kept talking to me about different poems and such where the poet mentioned, "I see the yellow face of the Sphinx" or something; when they said yellow, they meant the sun was shining on it and it was far away. It went like, "I see the yellow face of the Sphinx, and I see the yellow pyramids," or something like that. I said, "Yes, Ma. Yes, Ma. I've heard of it, Ma. I've heard of it! What else do you think we learned in classical literature?" By that I meant American Literature, in our reading of the poets. (I've never had a classical literature class.)

Ma gave me this look, like "Are you insulting me?" I mentioned three famous writers/poets--Tennyson, Thoreau, and somebody else whose name began with a T, but I have no idea who it was; I can't think of anybody else whose name begins with a T.

Anyway, I brought this bowl of water--or more like a long, nearly flat pan of it--to my room and tried to find a place to set it. There was something poking out of my room by/on my bookshelf--maybe it was my Ouija board--and it was flat, so I set the pan there, but then I looked at it and said, "I don't like the idea of it being there. When Dad comes in in the morning he'll probably knock it over." So I thought, "Well, what do I need this water for anyway? I can always get more!" So I took it and poured it out.

When they were showing the river people on TV, they did some kind of interview with some other people who lived near the river, other natives. They didn't like the river people, and one of them was talking in some different language. He said that the river people were stupid to live there, that they should move on where the terrain was more hospitable for humans.

I also have written down under the river people section, "bag of chips." But I don't know what that means; I must have been eating a bag of chips in this dream, maybe those Fritos Texas Grill chips or whatever, and I think I was bringing them to my room. That's the only thing I can think of. :/

This dream may have shifted into "I'm Woody-Woody For You!"

I'm Woody-Woody For You!

This dream may have shifted out of "The Plight Of The River People."

There was this lady--she makes me think of this lady who was on Simon & Simon once. On the show first she came in there asking for her lost dog, then she came in asking for a job; she was kind of overweight and talked really breathily. Well, the lady in my dream kind of reminded me of her, I think. She was in some kind of class and somebody was playing some kind of trick on her. I think maybe this was like Nightstand with Dick Dietrich, because it was so dirty, it was something that they wouldn't put on normal TV. The teacher was a handsome guy who was standing at the front of the room, kind of leaning against the desk or something. The lady was in this class and was reading these captions; she read one and it was dirty. She was like, "Oh! I mean--" and started to try to read it again, but it was the same. She said, "Oh, um, let's pass over that." So she moved to a page full of captions...I don't remember them; I just remember one that said, "I'm woody-woody for you," and that was obscene! O_o The woman said, "Oh," and passed over that caption. Now there were like drawings and cartoon captions and stuff. There was one where there was a superhero; he was kneeling or crouching, dressed in maybe red and white, and was saying something like, "One big _____." The only word I could think of was "flake"--I don't know. But it was supposed to be dirty for some reason, and the woman was looking at that.

The Perversions Of Lord F.

This dream is kind of embarrassing. I was looking at some kind of book. The first page of it was about some kind of Lord F-something; I can't remember the name. I remember it started with F-A-E, but I don't remember what it was...it had an L and a C in it, maybe an O-N, I don't know. But he had just taken a new wife and lived in some kind of castle tower or something. There was a drawing of his wedding, and there were a bunch of blue cloglike shoes raining from the sky. For some reason that was like the equivalent of throwing rice. ^_^ I don't know why they threw shoes; it seems like they would hurt somebody. Anyway, there were some other drawings in this book. This Lord F. was really, really mean; I think he was dirty minded too, because there was a picture of his wife lying on a table or something and she had a yoke over her neck; he found that exciting, I think. :/ There were some other drawings as well.

I don't know what that book was; at first it was like a book about Lord F., but later on I was thinking I wanted to draw these pictures, and I turned through the book later in the dream, but couldn't find that part of the story. I found the part where he married the woman, then it was like three books in one. The next two books were about trolls or goblins or something, some kind of history about them--it just gave all these weird names and such. I thought, "Well, what happened to that Lord Whatchamacallit?"

In this book, there was a picture of a man and a woman. It was talking about our bars, like Hooters and such, whether they were good or bad for women. The woman was wearing some kind of top and I think it had something over each breast. There were like ropes dangling from it which looked like feet or something, so maybe they were trying to make them look like they were some kind of living creatures, I'm not really sure. The top was red. The guy was wearing something, I don't know what it was; maybe some kind of male equivalent of Hooters? But below the waist they were both COMPLETELY NAKED!! Except...I hate to say this, but the woman didn't have any hair below the waist. I thought, "Isn't it dirty to be looking at this?" but then I thought, "Well, it's some kind of commentary or editorial, so it can't be dirty." I was rationalizing looking at this; this is something I wouldn't do in real life. :/

I think that was a dream within a dream, because then I was trying to write down Lord Whatsisname's name, and I spelled it F-A, then I spelled the rest of it. It's like I could look into my dream and see if I got the spelling right or not; I had his whole name spelled right except I left out the E. I thought, "Wow, I can't believe I remembered that from a dream!" I usually can't remember names, and this was no exception, because I still can't remember it!

When I was looking for Lord F.'s name in this dream outside the dream, I found another name that was the name of his castle; his name and his castle's name were supposed to have been the same, but then the castle name was different and he had his own name. The name of the castle was something like "Lummox." I'm not sure exactly what it was; I know it wasn't Lummox, but that's what it made me think of.

Then I was telling somebody something--I guess I was telling Dad about my Lord F. dream, though I really don't think I'd tell anybody about that one!

This dream may have shifted into or been related to "Captain Kirk's Bathroom."

Captain Kirk's Bathroom

This dream may have shifted out of or been related to "The Perversions Of Lord F."

I went and filled the tub--it was bigger--with kind of warm water, then sat down in it in my clothes. ^_^; Dad walked by in the hallway and it was plain that he could look in and see me, but I thought, "I don't mind, I'm fully dressed." That was weird for some reason; I don't know why I did that. I was wearing my blue shorts.

It's like I was watching Seinfeld on TV and Kramer was on. He had some kind of car and he insisted on driving on the shoulder of the road. There was this guy in another funny little car and he started chasing Kramer, I don't know why; maybe he didn't like him driving on the shoulder? But Kramer turned it around and started chasing him; he just kept chasing and chasing this guy and finally the guy yelled, "I give up! I give up!" Kramer got out and was acting all spazzy like he always does. He talked to the man, maybe asking why he was chasing him or something.

I think I got out of the tub and went out to go to the bathroom--a different one, I guess. Where the back bathroom is, there was now some kind of special Captain Kirk bathroom. *LOL* It was really funny...it had like some kind of number like a stardate on the door, and was really ultramodern and futuristic. A big man--maybe Dad dressed up like a Star Trek character, or an overweight Captain Kirk (William Shatner), or Scotty, I don't know--was out here. I think I asked if I could use the bathroom. He said yes. I went in and touched the number on the door and asked, "Does that really lock the door?" because it was supposed to seem like it did.

The man replied, "No, but there's a button on the handle you can push!" *LOL* Like a normal old door! ^_^ So I went in and closed the door and I guess I used the bathroom.

This dream may have shifted into "Bendy Crystal & Rachel's Rap Sheet."

Bendy Crystal & Rachel's Rap Sheet

This dream may have shifted out of "Captain Kirk's Bathroom."

I was going into some kind of mine with Ma, only it was like a feature--maybe like a display/ride/something near the Cheboygan County Fairgrounds. When we first went inside, either the miners were pigs, or they had pig heads. O_o But it wasn't repulsive to me--that's the way they were. They were mining the walls, but they stopped and moved aside just as some stuff crumbled down, because there was some kind of alarm. Perhaps there was asbestos in the mine; that's the only thing I can think of. I thought, "How can they tell when that stuff is going to fall? I wouldn't even go back to work!" For some reason they knew whenever it was going to fall--there was like some kind of silent alarm or something.

We met this guy with glasses, and he talked with us for a while, then held up a handful of BIG crystals! They were of all shapes. He gave all of them to Ma, except one, which he gave to me. It was a long one. I thought of the crystal from The Dark Crystal; it wasn't perfectly formed like that, but that's what it made me think of. I started to count to see if it had six sides. It had more than six. For some reason I thought that a crystal was supposed to have exactly six sides; maybe I got it mixed up with a snowflake? ^_^; I looked at this crystal; it was so clear! "Wow," I thought with awe. However, later on in the dream I was bending this crystal; I would bend it one way, then I'd think, "Well, I'd better bend it back," so I'd do so. I kept doing this and it had bend marks on it, so I wondered if I could get another one. :/ I don't know why I did that; it was stupid. Plus you just can't bend a crystal!

Then Ma and I were in some kind of restaurant that was inside or near the mine. We were talking about something and somebody else started talking about Rachel P.--she was a student at the high school, a year younger than I am, so when I was a senior she was a junior. Maybe it was her dad talking about her. I said to Ma, "Oh yeah, Rachel P.! I knew her!" and started trying to talk to her without this other guy hearing but it's like I couldn't do it--I had to talk louder or something. It seemed now that there was a picture of her above us--a picture set on the wall, with her in it, as well as some other people and such. Her dad(?) was saying something like she had some kind of criminal record, like she'd held up a store or something; I thought, "Rachel P.?? She seemed a little snobby, but I didn't think she would do something like that!" o_o

Available illustrations:

* My crystal (approximate)

Richard The Jew & Jon The Thief

It seemed like there were a bunch of people at our house--relatives, friends, etc. I was having a bad day because I guess I was arguing with people. First, I went into my room to get some tapes, I think, and Pepper, my cat, came in. I had like little pairs of stones sitting on my bed, like a pair of amethysts here, and a pair of this kind of stone there--they were small, like little crystals. Pepper entered the room and I reached up my hand to scoop the stones up but that only caused several of them to fall down behind the bed and I got really ticked off. I yelled, "You knocked the stones off my bed!!"

Dad came in and I had something like some ceramic plates and stuff--they weren't really plates, but I think they were meant to be fat sand dollars--sitting over near where my bookshelf is. I think he was trying to see if there was something (fruit?) in my room, and he started trying to step on those. I said, "Dad, you'd better not step on those."

He tested them a couple of times and then said, "No, I don't think I should," and I think he left.

I started looking for a tape. I think I put one in and was playing it; it was Michael Jackson, but he started singing a Richard Marx song! o_O I think it was "Hold On To The Nights." I thought, "Wait a minute, I thought Richard Marx sang that song!" I have two Richard Marx albums, so I pulled them out and started looking at them to see if "Hold On To The Nights" was on either one of them. It's on his first album, I believe, but I couldn't find it on either of them in my dream. BUT, on one of Richard Marx's tapes in my dream, there was a song called "Jew, I." I believe it had a comma in it, but the meaning of the title was "I'm a Jew." I thought, "That's strange, that reminds me of that Michael Jackson song!" *LOL* So I decided to look at the lyrics to the song, because Richard Marx's albums include the words. I opened the tape jacket up and it was some kind of song a lot like Michael Jackson's one, "They Don't Care About Us"--the one where he got a lot of flak for singing, "Jew me, sue me, kick me, Kike me"; when they play it on the radio now they blurt those parts out with static, so all you hear is "Ffft me, sue me, kick me, ffft me." (They don't blurt it out well enough, if you ask me.) Anyway I think Richard Marx's song was a lot like that one, but I don't know if it was from the point of view of the Jew or from the people who didn't like him. I thought, "Richard Marx is Jewish??" ^_^; That's what I was thinking of! Like I didn't know he was Jewish and I never would have thought it.

Well, I started trying to find his song "Hold On To The Nights" because I didn't like Michael Jackson's version of it--it wasn't natural! But I couldn't find it because it wasn't listed; all I could find was "Jew, I." ^_^

Then it was like Desirae (an ex-friend) and a couple of other people were in my room. I didn't want them in there because I'm not on very good terms with Des; I don't remember who the other people were, but they were like ex-friends too, people I didn't really like. I was like, "I wish you guys would get out of here!"

I then seemed to be out in the kitchen and here I saw my cousin Jonathan. He kind of looked in, and I followed him when he went down the hallway. He looked around and then went into Dad's room. Dad doesn't like people going in his room at all, especially people who aren't immediate family. So I went to Ma and said, "Ma, Jonathan went in Dad's room." She didn't think it was a very big deal, but followed me into the hallway. Jonathan came out of the room and he had money in his hand and was counting it. I just went OFF! I went ballistic! I launched myself at him, screaming all sorts of obscenities--"YOU SON OF A BITCH! You stinking heap of shit!!" I said the S word, the B word...things I don't do in real life! People were looking around like, "What in the world is wrong with her??" At first, I literally grabbed him by the collar and was pulling and shaking him and trying to beat him up; he just acted neutral, still trying to count the money, but I finally wrenched it from his hand and said to Ma, "You see that? He went right into Dad's room and tried to steal his money!" I was pissed off!

For some reason during this I had the feeling I wished that Michelle T. (a school friend) was there to see me swearing ^_^ because it was something that would probably send her into shock! Of course, it would probably send ANYBODY who knows me well into shock! *LOL*

Well, I went back into my room, and Desirae was still in there. >_< I have the feeling that maybe Jonathan had gone in there too, and there were a couple of other people. I was now so mad at him that I said, "I don't care if anybody else stays in here, but you, you've gotta get out!" Even Desirae--I wasn't even yelling at her. They all just stood around looking at me like, "What's wrong with her?"

I think sometime in this dream I was looking for one of my Analog magazines, but I'm not sure.

Damien On The Run!

My character Damien was in this dream! :D There was him, and a couple of women and a kid and a bunch of other people. They were inside a store that was like the old Other Place, next to what used to be the B&C, though now it's all just Glen's. They were looking around at the stuff in there. Damien went up to the counter; he knew the person who worked there. I remember there was a fat black guy walking around too; I don't know if he was the bad guy or just somebody standing by. Damien was talking to the counter person; he needed bacon bits or something, but they were below the counter. It's like I was plotting this out as it happened. So Damien was like, "Doo-dee-doo-dee-doo," and he walked behind the counter; it was like an octagon or something, filling up this space, and he had to go in through a door or something. He wedged himself beneath the space. It's like I knew what was coming, but I was scared nonetheless. I was now pretending to look for the bacon bits--I became Damien and started roleplaying from his point of view.

All of a sudden--BANG BANG BANG! I pretended to be scared (roleplaying), thinking, "What in the world's going on??" It's like I was acting for a show. There was a slot in the bottom of the counter where I could see out, and I saw a couple of people fall down beside me. The counter person was hit, as well as a couple of others--they'd all been shot by somebody! Now everybody was dead! "Holy crap!" I thought.

I turned around and there was a kid who had fallen behind the counter; he was looking at me. He started freaking out; I hissed, "Shh! Shh! I'm a good guy! I'm a good guy!" I was trying to calm him down. I think he'd been shot in the leg. I asked him, "Can you walk?" He nodded. He was a young kid, like in his early teens. I said, "We've gotta get outta here."

We waited for a couple of minutes, until it had been quiet a while. I said, "Well, the guy has to be gone now; we've gotta get out of here and see if we can get help." We knew that if the guy saw us he'd recognize us, even though we'd been hiding under the counter.

We left the place and now it's like we were running down a street...I was still Damien, but now I was with two women instead of the boy. One was black, kind of like Janet Jackson, I think; the other was blond. While we were walking along it's like all of a sudden we were on the college campus and there was a building where a couple of big music groups were supposed to be playing, like at the Cheboygan County Fairgrounds--REO Speedwagon played there once. Here it was like two big Seventies groups; I didn't recognize their names. o_o Then we were on this downtown street again. We saw some kind of concert thing going on inside(?). We had the feeling that the bad guy, the shooter, would see us, so we ducked inside there. I think it was like a Janet Jackson concert (no idea what all the Janet Jackson references are about!) or something, only the people were all sitting down and dressed up like it was an opera! There was a black woman onstage, singing, and a bunch of other people dancing and stuff.

I sat down and the two women sat down as well; I was still Damien, but I was rather detached from my role. While the woman onstage sang, all the other people onstage sang as well. The black lady with me in the audience started singing too. Again I seemed to be plotting this part out. Everybody's voices faded out onstage, like they stopped singing as they heard the voice in the audience, thinking, "What in the world is that?" Finally the last person who had been singing stopped and you could hear only this one voice in the audience singing, and it was a really wonderful voice. It was the black woman who was with me.

There was some kind of MC on the stage and he said, "Hey, why don't you come up here and sing with us?" So the black woman got up and went up onstage to sing with them. I remember she passed these two dancers who were still dancing. I thought, "If she goes up there, then that bad guy, if he's here, will see her and our cover will be blown!" >_<

I think it was the same dream, but this then shifted somewhat into "Vikings Are Such A Drag."

Vikings Are Such A Drag

I think this was the same dream, but this shifted somewhat out of "Damien On The Run!"

I think we (the two women from "Damien On The Run!" and myself) were still being chased by the same bad guy, but now there were more bad guys and I wasn't my character Damien anymore. :/ I ran into this room in this house to hide--I think I was naked or something--and I heard the bad guys. I think they were Vikings. ^_^; I heard them come around outside the window, so I pretended I was a dead person. They looked in the window and saw me, but they said, "This one's dead," and turned and ran.

Then it's like we were down in some kind of basement. I don't know if the people who were on the tables were dead or only wounded, but there were a bunch of tables with like canvas covering them, and some ropes along the sides; they were like autopsy tables kind of, only they didn't have drains. If anything, fluids would spill right over the sides. There was a woman warrior walking around helping us or something. Somebody was ready to cut into somebody, I think. The woman said, "You only get one chance because these aren't regular autopsy tables; when you cut into it, all those fluids are going to go spilling over the side. So you'd better do it right the first time."

This one guy said, "Well, what about the smell?" There was supposed to be some kind of bad smell associated with this.

The woman replied, "Well, what do you think these little ropes alongside the sides are for?" These ropes were supposed to help get rid of the smell, somehow. Hm.

I was in this room; I turned and saw these two men dressed in drag! O_o They were trying to pass themselves off as women. They were kind of looking around; they went over toward this payphone and started trying to use it to call somebody, but they weren't allowed to do that. So I went over and told somebody and she stopped them. I said, "Look at this. This is the first incidence of men in drag that I can think of." Because this was supposed to be Viking times. Even though there was a phone here! It was kind of comedic; when the men were caught they were acting like, "Oh my, we're caught!" ^_^

This may have shifted into "I Pledge Allegiance To The Laundry Detergent..."

I Pledge Allegiance To The Laundry Detergent...

This may have shifted out of "Vikings Are Such A Drag."

There was some kind of court session going on; when I say court, I don't mean court with a judge, but one with courtly people--barons and lords and stuff. I was with them--it seemed like we were in some kind of home or classroom or something. We were sitting on what seemed to be stools, facing the front of the room, where the king and queen or whatever were standing. They weren't a real king and queen, but for some reason we were playing this out like they were. He (the king?) said that we had to pledge allegiance to something at the back of the room...and it was a bottle of laundry detergent!! O_o; *LMAO* It said that it doesn't stand up--meaning, it wasn't a very good laundry detergent, it kind of sucked, but that's what we were going to pledge allegiance to. So...we all did that, while I thought, "Isn't this kind of pagan?" ^_^;

He (the king?) had a basket of clothes that were to be washed in this detergent. Each piece of clothing had a piece of paper with it, some kind of message stuck to it, about how much detergent was supposed to be used on it. This detergent would kind of get rid of the smell, maybe, but it wouldn't get rid of the whole stain. I wondered why the hell we were pledging allegiance to such a lowly laundry detergent!

We turned around to the front again but everybody started resituating their stools because we were supposed to have them in a certain position; like there were two people in front of me, one who was supposed to be on one side, one who was supposed to be on the other--and I was supposed to be in a certain position between and behind them. They started moving their stools but everybody started getting so crowded, so I finally moved behind them where I could see, only my view was kind of blocked. :/

I can't remember exactly what was going on, but this guy came in with a bunch of balloons. He was trying to discreetly blow one up--he had this balloon over his thumb, and he would kind of put his hand to his mouth and go "Wwwhhhhh" into it. He managed to fill it up about halfway, but he couldn't fill it up the rest of the way without obviously having a balloon and attracting attention.

Now it's like we were in the wood room in our basement. I went over to this guy to see what he was doing. He was trying to deliver some kind of message to the king--maybe it was about an assassination attempt. I think whatever it was, we prevented it, thanks to the guy with the balloons. He had a blue balloon on his thumb, but I don't remember exactly how the dream went. o_o

I Gotta Go NOW!

I think Ma and I had gone eating somewhere. We got home and I got out of the car. Ma said, "Oh Rach, d'you wanna go to Dairy Queen?"

I didn't care--I had to go to the bathroom right THEN! This was really weird of me; I usually want to go out anyway. :/

This dream may have shifted into or been related to "This Bus Don't Stop For Rats."

This Bus Don't Stop For Rats

This dream may have shifted out of or been related to "I Gotta Go NOW!"

I was on some kind of class trip or something, because I was with people I know, I think--Jason E. and a bunch of other people. We were trying to find a certain spot to camp in the middle of this city. ^_^ I remember there was some kind of vehicle parked outside this spot that said "No Parking Here"--it was parked just before it, so it wasn't literally parked in front of it. I wondered why no parking was allowed there.

There was some kind of little platform here, and somebody--maybe Ryan P. (a high school classmate), a funny guy from art class--tried to step up onto it, but as soon as he did it tilted forward and he had to jump off. It was some kind of delivery platform. So that was why no parking was allowed here.

While I was watching this, I went and stood in the door of the bus--and the bus started up! For a while as it drove around I stood in the doorway watching. :) We had left a bunch of people behind! They were supposed to get on the bus but they were late. So the bus just kept going without them. *LOL* All these students were chasing after it--there must've been like a dozen of them. It's like I had different points of view here even though I myself was on the bus; these people just kept chasing us while we kept driving around. I have the feeling that maybe it was winter but it wasn't fully snowy. And while the bus was being chased by these guys, several of them were my Trench Rat characters, I think, one of them being Turquoise Rat. He just kept running and running and running after this bus! Finally he accidentally sprawled into somebody's yard and crashed through a plate glass window and into their house. *LMAO*

Well, I went further into the bus--maybe it was a different one now--and started looking for something of mine, maybe two tapes. One of them would be a Michael Jackson album and the other one I think was Rhythm Of The Pridelands, but then I started looking for the other Lion King tape, the original soundtrack. I wanted to hurry up because I had to get to my seat. I got my tapes out of the box that was covered with stuff in one of the seats and sat down. Then I thought, "Well...I don't have anywhere to play them!" So that had been really worthwhile. >:/

We finally found a spot to stop and got off. The other people were going to have to catch up. ^_^ It was on the corner of two or three streets; two, I think. The guy who was leading us thought that we were near water, but we weren't; we were just on the corner of two streets, so that was okay. He looked at a map and found this out. But then we seemed to be standing on a balcony overlooking the water, even though there was no water there! I went up to him and said that Turquoise Rat had probably nearly killed himself, crashing through that window. He replied, "ALL the Trench Rats have nearly killed themselves!"

To which I said, "True, I have to agree with that"...because all of my Trench Rat characters really do seem to have nearly killed themselves at one time or another, somehow. *LMAO*

I think they were the same dream, but this then seemed to shift into "Keeping An Eye Out."

Keeping An Eye Out

I think they were the same dream, but this seemed to shift out of "This Bus Don't Stop For Rats."

We--the people from "This Bus Don't Stop For Rats," I believe, and myself--were looking through little pieces of paper, like maybe three or four inches square. We were looking for a certain project to do for our parents. We kept browsing through these; there were a whole bunch of them; maybe if they were in a stack it would be about six or seven inches high. I found a couple of things that looked interesting, but upon further examination I thought, "No." Some of these pieces were not exactly copies, but they had the same project listed on them more than once, because there were several projects on each one. One of them was some kind of barrette with a flower on it. I thought it looked like it would be easy enough. On a lot of them there were silverware things--knives, forks, spoons. I said to the guy leading us, "These silverware things--do you just get them and give them to your parents as they are, or can you decorate them?"

He answered my question indirectly--"You get them from this one guy--" and he named somebody "--but they're really cheap," or something like that.

I thought, "Well, why the heck are they listed here? I'll just ignore that."

I continued looking for a project to do. On one piece of paper, I saw a jeweled eye and thought, "I could do that! I could do it with those little plastic crystal things I've got!" But I put the piece of paper in with the other ones. The guy was up above me a little bit with stacks of paper he was trying to tamp into order. I said, "Here, let me look at those," and I took them from him and started looking through them. As I was setting them down they'd get messed up, but I said, "I'll take care of them; I'll make sure that they're straightened out."

Bunches of people were coming up and putting their pieces of paper back and saying what projects they were going to do. Right now I was trying to find that eye again because I had put it back with the rest of the papers! I thought, "Nuts! I think I want to do that one!" So I just kept looking through this pile; there were these big stacks and people were coming up and giving me more. Finally I thought in disappointment, "Ohhh, Jeez, I'll just pick something EASY and do it." :( I started putting these pieces of paper in order, tamping them down on the sides and making sure they were all right side up, and putting them in the stack. Then I picked up a stack and pulled part of it apart, and right there was the one I was looking for, with the eye! I thought, "Oh, well it was right here where I first looked!" So I went to the guy and said that I was going to do that project, and he agreed.

I took these papers and tamped them all into order and now, instead of just these papers, there were scraps of longer paper and such too. So I put these papers in a spot and put some of the better scraps of paper in with them. I put some of the other scraps into another pile and I still had some scraps in front of me. The teacher or whoever he was came up and I said, "All those instructions, I put them over there with some of the scraps, and I put some of the scraps over here." The scraps in front of me were really dinky and I thought maybe I should throw them away, but he picked them all up and put them in the second pile so I thought, "Oh, okay." *shrug*

This dream seemed to be part of or related to "Grab Friendship By The Horn!"

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* The instructions were either slightly colored or on pastel paper, or maybe both.
[left arrow] The one I was looking for. [writing on instructions] Jeweled Eye. Hair Barette [sic]

Grab Friendship By The Horn!

This dream seemed to be part of or related to "Keeping An Eye Out."

This seemed to be going on while I was sorting through the papers in the previous dream. There was a kind of hilly region, like in the plains, beside us (myself and the people from "Keeping An Eye Out"), and there were two cowboys or something. They had been friends but they weren't, anymore. I think one may have been Kurt Russell. One of them said something to the other one; the second looked toward him. The first cowboy had some kind of horn or fang or something that the second cowboy had given him as a present, and it was supposed to still belong to the second cowboy, but the first cowboy took it and PITCHED it as far as he could! That was supposed to mean something like, "Here, here goes your friendship!"

There was this old Indian chief just sitting there in the middle of nowhere, and he heard the horn fall. He looked at the two cowboys, then got up and got on his horse or something and started going up the hill until he found it--"If they don't want that horn, then I want it!" Then he left. ^_^

It's like the horn that had been thrown away had also been something of mine that I'd signed out from class, and somebody had taken it from me, because I was holding a box in my hands, and it had my signature on it. It was like a stapler or something that had been taken. I thought, "Man! I'm supposed to turn that back in! Now that they've thrown it away, I can't!" But for some reason I had the feeling that the teachers would understand. O_o

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