One-Girl Band

I was sitting on my bed, listening to some music tapes. This music was music that I had completely done; they were songs that I had written, and I had hummed and whistled and made all these funny noises. I was listening to it and it sounded like good, real music, kind of like Ace Of Base! :) I thought, "Wow, this is good. I can even send this to a radio station!" Then I wondered how I'd do a saxophone sound, where I would get that.

Dollhouse Of Mysteries

I think I was working on Indian crafts, some kind of necklace, and I'd already had it done. I showed it to this guy who might have been Indian or something, and he said, "That's nice." I wondered if I could sell it or something. So he gave me some kind of magazine on how to make Indian crafts. With this he gave me a sample necklace or something but it wasn't really a necklace...it was a big sheet of uncut material, not quite like leather, but soft, like doeskin; it had designs traced on it and such. I looked at the instructions; it had all these weird instructions like, "You must have a little house trinket attached," and "You must have this little kind of farm trinket attached," and that kind of thing. I thought, "Well, then mine won't apply"--the one that I had already made--it wasn't "authentic" because it didn't have the right decorations. :/ Then I thought, "But maybe I could make another one, though it'll be kind of hard."

There was like a wooden house that I was looking into too, like a dollhouse; it had been made by some of these people who had taken instructions from this man. While I was looking around in it, I found lots of letters--there would be a little piece of paper here, and it would have things written on it; they were like funny back-and-forth letters. I read them and was getting really interested. I think they were sent by three people. At least one of them was a girl, at least one of them was a guy, and the third one, I don't know. While I was looking through these letters I found the girl's address--I think she lived in Vermont. Her last name was weird; I can't remember her first name, but her last name was St.-Something-Something; it had hyphens in it and it was very odd. I kept trying to write it down but I kept spelling it wrong, which is the way in dreams. I was trying to write a letter to her because I thought, "Well, she sounds nice; I'd like to see if I can get in touch with her," because I was lonely. :/

Then it's like I had written the letter to her and she was visiting, only I was different somehow. It's like we were in some kind of show and were making it into a comedy. I think she showed up and I kind of looked at her, then ran and hid in the bushes before she could come and find me. She was acting like, "Yeah, right," so I think she went inside the house. When you face the bushes, I was hiding on the left side, in the opening underneath them. I think I moved to the middle. I was going to stay there until I heard her go upstairs; for some reason I would be able to hear that from outside--thump, thump, thump. I moved all the way to the right side of the bushes where the "tree" is. It's like I was coming out into the open again, instead of into the tree. I kind of spread my arms out to my sides in order to keep my balance or something, but then this lady, like Cruella De Vil or somebody, came out onto the porch, which was different. She was talking with somebody. She looked down and I don't know if she saw me or not, but I was frozen. I thought, "Well, I'm kind of in an open space; she can probably see me." I was trying to hide from her. I had heard her come thumping down the stairs.

Then, this might have had something to do with the wooden house; maybe I went back inside or something and found these in it. It was like two paper plates, glued together to resemble a flying saucer. There was a small plastic cup; a hole had been cut into one part of the top of the "flying saucer," and this plastic cup had been inserted, like a bubble on top. The plates were filled with things like beans or snacks and stuff, snack treats--pretzels maybe--to make them heavy. Inside them they had notes or letters or something. Dad was looking at one, and I was looking at one. I started trying to pull it open without ruining it and thought, "Well, these are kind of interesting. I'd be able to make one of these if I had some plastic cups." I have a feeling it was nighttime in this dream.

Available illustrations:

* [down arrows] 2 paper plates stuck together.
[left arrow] plastic cup. [left arrow] beans inside plate--visible thru cup

Hero Binti

One dream might have had to do with the video of that gorilla that rescued that little boy (Binti Jua the gorilla), because they played it yesterday in real life and only Dad and I were watching it, but in my dream I remember Ma too. It was on TV in real life. It's this home video and this boy falls into this ape pit. A female gorilla who's nursing her own infant goes over and picks him up and brings him over to the doorway where the zookeepers can get at him. The camera zoomed in on her and she was cradling him in her arms like an infant gorilla, and it said that she kept the other gorillas away. Well, in my dream they were showing this on TV, I believe, because I remember saying, "Hey Ma, it's on. C'mere and look at it," and I think she watched it. In real life that didn't happen, so it must have been a dream.

The Unquiet American

This dream is really confusing. It started out with me on some kind of show, maybe a story I'd made up; I was with a bunch of people in Vietnam. We were standing in the woods beside the house, only all the bushes and stuff weren't there, so we could run through the woods and straight onto our property. There were a bunch of people standing facing my house--I was one of them--and there was this soldier; he was an American, but he went crazy and started shooting everybody, even all the Americans around him. He was just aiming everywhere with his gun--"Aaaahhhhh!!"--shooting everybody. I fell down--I don't think I was shot, but if I was shot it wasn't bad. I was trying to keep my eyes open throughout the whole thing, so it was hard lying here on the ground with my eyes open.

I think finally they gunned him down. I was just lying there. A couple of people were walking around talking. They came near me and accidentally my shirt flew over my eyes. But then they pulled it back down. I think they were trying to wake me up and finally I started coming to, acting like, "Ohhh, what happened?" Now I was female; I don't think I was female before. They helped me up and I started walking off, only I was walking funny like my leg hurt me, so I was kind of stumbling around.

After this part of the dream, I had been picking up some comic books that were on the couch and one of them was orange and was a Vietnam comic, I believe, because Dad (who is a Vietnam vet) said, "Hey, I'm trying to keep that in good condition!"

I said, "Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know that," and put it on his leg and then I think I left.

They might have been the same dream, but this then seemed to shift into "The Dream That Will Not Die, Part Deux!"

The Dream That Will Not Die, Part Deux!

This might have been the same dream as "The Unquiet American," but it seemed to shift here.

I think I was Sandra Bullock. O_o I was being hit on by some guy--he made me think of Dan Fielding, John Larroquette's character from Night Court, but I don't know who he was. He kept hitting on me so finally we went into the bathroom of my house.

I turned toward him and said something like, "You think I'm really sexy, huh?"

He was like, "Yeahhhhh!"

I don't know exactly what I was doing, but then I seemed to be the Disney version of Pocahontas... o_o; I don't know...I think I was trying to get this guy excited or something, so I could let him down; it's always been a sick fantasy of mine for a guy to be interested in me and for me to turn him down. *shrug* Anyway, I also seemed to be reading something in the bathroom garbage. Pocahontas was doing something like jiggling her breasts to get his attention.

(I thought of the movie Losing Isaiah in this part of the dream for some reason; I don't know why. I think the dream had something to do with that movie, although I've never seen it; it was on TV last night. All that I saw of it was a woman running down an alley, so I don't know what that has to do with anything.)

Finally Sandra Bullock (I really have no clue who was who and what was going on) held up this bottle of shampoo; it was like some kind of oil or something. It said "Anti-slippage" and had some kind of fruit smell like peach. I realized that this was some kind of shampoo or something that was used only by gay people! I don't really understand that, but...the guy looked at it and said, "Oh," in a disappointed way.

I didn't say "I'm sorry," but I kind of let him down easy, because there was another woman in there and I think maybe that I was in love with her or something--I, Sandra Bullock, was a lesbian. ^_^; So I think I left the room and the guy was like, "Man." (In an awed way, I think.)

I think maybe I went out to Ma. Then it's like I was myself. She was talking to me. I believe I said that Eric--my brother--was hitting on me, only in my dream that wasn't really as offensive for some reason; it wasn't incest or anything.

THEN I was crawling out of the water and onto this ship in a storm--there were two women, the one who was supposed to be Sandra Bullock, and another one who was some kind of star but I can't remember who she was--as well as the man, who now was kind of like Eddie Murphy. While we were climbing on the boat, he either said or thought, "I wonder if I'm the only one here who isn't gay!"

Anyway, we climbed onto this boat in the storm. I don't know, it might have been while we were on it, I'm not sure; but I looked at this book of decorations and they were made by a whole bunch of people. One of the people who'd made some of the decorations in the book was Sandra Bullock. All the people who made decorations in this book either had some kind of mental disorder or were gay or something, I don't know. (For the record, I do not equate homosexuality with mental disease; I believe it's simply inborn.) At the beginning of each thing (decoration description?) it had a little bit of info about the person who had made it, like their name, when they were born, what had made them the way they were and what was supposedly wrong with them. (Also for the record, I do not see homosexuality as something that is "wrong" or "right"--it just is. *shrug* I'm also not lesbian, but...whatever. O_o ) There were several things in the book; it was like Christmas decorations, or country decorations. One of them was made by this old man; I can't remember his name, but in a different part of the dream I was looking at a decoration that he'd made that was supposed to look like him. It looked like Santa and it was on a little tree in front of our TV. I turned it on. I said that his name sounded like some kind of sound somebody would make, like a screech, so maybe his name was like Squawk or something, because I remember saying, "It sounds like a noise you make--AAAGGGHH!!" and made a funny noise.

My mother was like, "That's not funny." :/

One of the names of the people in the book was the nickname of a girl. Here, the book suddenly turned into some kind of newspaper or something. This girl was a girl who had gone to college, and she suddenly knew that she had to go talk with Tom Brokaw, who was some kind of teacher there or something. O_o She went to talk with him and she took up archery. I thought, "Archery. Aw, I would SUCK at that!" because I've tried archery before in junior high and I was really bad at it. >_< The paper showed her and some younger people who looked even younger than me; I thought, "What are they doing in college?" There were bunches of people shooting arrows. The little girl didn't shoot the arrow correctly; she seemed to throw it at its target. This girl had gotten the nickname Table Leg, only it was spelled TABL LEG. I don't remember her real name. I thought, "That's a weird nickname," but somehow it had something to do with the sport, or with pool or something, I don't know, because I think she played pool also.

When it had still been a book of decorations I remember I'd turned the page in one part and there was like a two-page spread with three dolls. One was big, one was bigger, and one was biggest. It looked like they had pompoms for eyes. The littlest one had little pompoms, and the medium-sized one and the big one had the same size pompoms. So the eyes on the medium one looked bigger than the eyes on the big one, even though they were the same size (an optical illusion!). It said, "How To Make Big Even Bigger" or something, and had instructions on how to make this doll and how to increase the size.

In part of this dream while I had been leaving the house I'd turned off the TV but Ma had turned it back on to watch what was on. It's like we were watching it, and then it was back into the movie again. I had gone outside after that.

I believe they were the same dream, but the plot of this then shifted into "Crogg's End."

Crogg's End

I believe this was the same dream as "The Dream That Will Not Die, Part Deux!" but the plot shifted here.

The boat from "The Dream That Will Not Die, Part Deux!" was going around in the water. The camera kept panning to the right, and panning and panning. I remember looking into the sky on the show (it's like this was on TV, I think) and it was cloudy but you could see bits of stars and it slowly cleared up. It was like some kind of river in China. There were a bunch of huge junks (ships) traveling up and down this river. The camera just kept panning and panning. It was playing this Linda Ronstadt song, "Long Long Time." I remember I was trying to sing it to myself in the dream, but I kept getting some of the words wrong. The camera continued to pan; finally there were some smaller boats that came into view. One of these little boats was one of the boats that we were on. When I say "we," I think I meant Sandra Bullock, the other woman, and the man from the earlier dream, but it changed to my mom and me.

The boat started coming toward the camera, turning to its right and then going in like a circle, and suddenly it was a car traveling on a paved road in London. Ma and I were in this car. Then I think we were out of it and walking around.

Everywhere we walked it was gray, but that's because it was London. ^_^ There were lots of steps everywhere; it seemed we kept going down steps, and going down steps and going down steps, and there would be a stairway over there, and a big church with a big stairway out front, and the steps were all made of cement or stone. There was one big set of stairs that was beside this big gray building that I think was some kind of church. I remember we went down some steps, I think they were red--and they were big so I was grabbing onto the side of the wall and lowering myself down. I thought, "Man, I hate big steps!"

As we went along we kept passing these alleys that led down to a subway or something; they were really dark and had a roof over them. Ma pointed out one of the alleys and said, "There's Something End" (I can't remember the name she used).

I said, "Do you know where Crogg (Crogg's?) End is?" I think that was the name I used.

She said, "What End?"

"Crogg (Crogg's?) End! Duh! It's supposed to be haunted." I gave this evil grin and started telling her about it.

Now I don't know where I got this idea. I read a story by Stephen King once; it had a location called Crouch End and was based on the works of HP Lovecraft. In the story there was supposed to be a monster that lived under the subway, and there was a newspaper article that said something like, "60 Lost In Subway Accident." A woman in the story, who had been reading this, had thought, "Sixty lost?" She hadn't liked the way it was phrased; she'd thought, "Why didn't they say sixty killed?"

Anyway, in the dream, I was telling Ma about Crogg (Crogg's?) End. I was saying stuff like it was supposed to have some kind of monster in it that killed people and just sucked them in. Ma said, "Oh, yeah. That's a rumor."

While she said this we were going down another stairway. I said, "I heard a rumah!" It was meant to be a pun, because in real life there's a book of misheard lyrics and the song "I Heard A Rumor" by Bananarama was misheard as "I heard aroma." I was just kind of making fun of that.

Available illustrations:

* Chinese junks on a river; on TV, panning to right -->; seemed brown tinted--like a picture on pg. 8 of {u}Eastern Mysteries{/u} (a book of mine)

* "Croggs End" or an equivalent.
[down arrow] back of alley above roof. [right arrow] dingy reddish top. [left arrow] buildings on both sides (?). [left arrow] alley leading underground. [down arrow] sidewalk. street

Perhaps I Should Just Switch To CDs

This dream is confusing. I think it started out with me getting ready to dance. But my tape player was playing funny, so I wondered what was going on. I took the tape out and put something through it to get beads out, because there were beads in my tape player! o_O There was a little bag I was holding in there for some reason; when I played the tape, the little beads would fall into the bag. But the more I did this, the more screwed up it seemed to get; the bag was getting full so the beads were falling out of it and back into the tape player. Finally I exclaimed, "UGH! This is ticking me off!" and turned it off. I pulled out the bag, got some tweezers, and started pulling the beads out manually. I knew that if I touched this certain area in there it would make a loud noise so I was being careful. I think the beads were blue but there was like one in the back that was yellow or amber.

Then it's like I was picking through the cabinet in the living room, instead. I started to reach for the amber bead only to realize it was big and didn't have a hole in it; it was like a cylinder, kind of, and there were several more of them. I thought, "Oh, I don't want those; those aren't beads." So I started poking around at the other stuff in there and found what at first looked like a normal dime, but I picked it up and then it increased in size so it was big; it probably had the diameter of an orange. I was going to take it with me but I thought it might be dirty so I put it back in.

The Bloody Writing On The Wall

This was kind of like on TV and in real life at the same time. There were these women who were going on some kind of wagon ride, only it was a sport, too. They would have to push this wagon a certain distance and then get on it. Well, they did this, but the wagon ran into something and they were knocked off. One of them was maybe wearing glasses; perhaps she looked like Jamie Lee Curtis from True Lies, I don't know.

As I watched this it's like I was watching it from above, and the ground was muddy and it was overcast.

Then the thing on TV changed. I'm not exactly sure how; it's like it was these teenagers or college students spending some time at this house. While they'd been walking through it, weird things had been happening, like they'd see some blood here or something; it was some kind of horror movie. Finally there was this stairway leading down into the lower level--it was an open stairway, maybe without railings or walls--only one wall on the left when you would come down. Painted all along the wall, down the stairway, were these weird symbols, and it's like they were in two or three different languages. There were these blood splatters or something, and there were these symbols, and then there was some kind of interpretation, but it wasn't in English. We were looking at it; while I was watching this I said to Ma, "It looks like something out of--" and I was trying to think of the name, trying to think of the name, trying to think of the name, and finally said, "--Lovecraft!" because I couldn't remember his name in my dream. Which is unusual, because he's only my favorite author! ^_^;

Several of the people who had been staying at this house had disappeared, I think, and one of the girls was standing on the staircase talking to a new person they'd called in. The new person said something like, "Was this (the writing) here at first?"

The girl replied, "No, the first things we saw were like some little things with blood, not all this; this is new!"

I think something happened now, like maybe they started getting killed or something, I don't know. But then I turned to Ma and scoffed, "They're probably only dreaming or reading some kind of novel."

The scene on TV changed again and it was now a bunch of people lounging around on couches reading comic books. One of the people looked kind of like a gargoyle or something, but it was a cute gargoyle. *shrug* They were all reading these horror comic books and I said to Ma, "See? They're reading these pulp horror comics!" My theory was they were all imagining this whole scenario with the blood and such.

I believe they were the same dream, but the plot of this then seemed to shift into "Maze Of The Damned."

Maze Of The Damned

I believe they were the same dream, but the plot of this seemed to shift out of "The Bloody Writing On The Wall."

I don't know if it was part of this same thing, if I entered the story or if this happened before or after. I found out these people (from "The Bloody Writing On The Wall") were reading comic books, but it's like I was with some people in the woods and we were trying to get to safety. There was me--I don't know if I was a boy or a girl, though I might have been a boy--and there was a man, and a girl, and I think there was another boy. We were going through the woods. The girl hurt her foot--when I say "girl" I mean younger than me but not little, either--so the guy did something, put something on her foot maybe, and said, "You go ahead; we'll catch up with you. Always turn to the left!"

Either the girl or I said, "If we always turn to the left, we'll be going in circles!" But we decided to follow his instructions, because he was the one in charge. So we started running down these trails, and they were slippery and muddy, but I never fell down. I kept going left. Even if I saw a path going to the right and I was tempted, I kept going left. Whenever I got to one I'd yell, "LEFT!" triumphantly because there was a left!

I turned and saw that the girl was running along with us and thought, "How could she be running?" But she had some kind of weird contraptions on her feet, and when we came to a stop the guy bent down and started pulling them off; they were like some kind of mechanical shoes or something--and the girl exclaimed, "OH, these things are annoying."

We kept running through the woods. Then it's kind of like the scene changed, but it was the same dream. We had been running through some kind of maze in the woods, but it was like in an alternate dimension, because there was a gymnasium with a big dance floor, and we were running over that, too. I was another character now. The thing is, the dimension that the other people--the ones running through the woods--were in couldn't be seen by normal people on this dance floor. That was the area they were occupying, but it was in some kind of other dimension so people on the outside who saw the dance floor couldn't see them. I was a freshman or something now and I was trying to figure out a way to help these people get out of the maze, because I knew they were in there, even if I'm not sure if I could see them myself. I saw the dance floor, but I don't know if I saw them walking through it. To anybody who could see them, it would just look like a bunch of people walking around in circles on a dance floor, not through the woods! Like I said, it was an alternate dimension thing, like two dimensions occupying the same space.

Up to my left, on a higher level down a stairway, like maybe in a poolroom, came marching a whole bunch of guys wearing these sweaters with like little animals on the front, and shorts and stuff, and maybe they had tennis racquets. I thought, "Preppies!" *LOL* Then I realized that they were the seniors or something, and they didn't like freshmen; but I knew that they were the only ones there who could help me now. So I went running toward them. The one in the lead had dark, maybe black hair that was combed back. He saw me--I think I was male, too--and was like, "Ah, look at the FRESHIE!" ^_^ I started trying to tell them how those people were trapped in the maze on the dance floor. He couldn't see them, but one of the other preppies behind him, who had blond hair, looked onto the dance floor and said that they were walking around a path or something. And so at least one of them could see them!

The preppie with the dark hair looked at the blond one and said, "Huh? What do you see?" The others were kind of incredulous but they weren't making fun of me anymore. But they couldn't really help. :/

Time shifted a bit, and then it was like the man in the maze got killed, and something that had to do with a mother got killed. I believe I was a survivor, and maybe the two other kids, or just one of them, were survivors also. I think I was a boy, but I have the feeling the other survivor was a boy yet was the opposite sex from me, so I'm not sure. I was standing or sitting in the corner of my living room, over near where we used to put Christmas trees. I was picking things off the shelf and sniffling, trying not to cry, because of the man who had been lost or killed in the woods. For some reason that wasn't so bad, but my mother had also been killed, and every time I thought about that I started crying really hard. I was looking through the trinkets on the shelf here, trying to come up with several that the father liked, and several that the mother liked; I was going to put them in something, and maybe bury them, as some kind of memorial. I can't remember what the father liked, but I reached into this bag of gemstones that was lying on its side and pulled out this one. It was green or blue, maybe greenish-blue, oval shaped, and nearly flat, but faceted. It said something like, "This is the color of my son's eyes--he was the son I had who died shortly before you were born." He (the father?) had had two sons who had died shortly before I was born. This thing said one son's eyes were like those of the other one who had died shortly before I was born; and I thought he would like this to go with him. So I took that down. This was the area where the watercolor painting is in real life; there was a shelf there.

Then I turned to my right and started looking through other trinkets, and there were some little crystal figurines. There was a little crystal unicorn, a little crystal house, and a little crystal something else. I knew that the house was the one that the mother had liked the most; I felt like taking the unicorn, but I knew that she had liked the house more. I picked it up and started looking through some other things. I picked up a couple more things, then a necklace--it was a tiny little locket. I opened it up and there was a picture of maybe a brother and a sister inside. I think it was my brother Eric and me, even though those were not the characters we were in the dream. On seeing this, I started just CRYING so hard; I was trying not to, but I couldn't help it. I was going to take the locket with me too.

This dream may have shifted into "Don't Choke The Libra!" and may have also been related to "Pomp & Horse Stance."

Don't Choke The Libra!

This dream may have shifted out of "Maze Of The Damned."

I had a necklace, like a choker, and I put it on. I liked it, even though in real life I don't like chokers. It was a gold band and had a Libra sign on it, but I took the Libra off and I think I dropped it in this box that I had, only it's like I was dropping a pen in the box too. This box was full of magazines like my National Geographics box.

I think I was riding the bus. I went downtown and it was like Main Street, Cheboygan, but it also wasn't. I saw Michelle T. and Dianne B.; they crossed to the other side of the street. I started going further down the street, but then I crossed, thinking, "Wow, no cars hit me!" I came up to Michelle and Dianne and started talking.

Michelle saw the band around my neck and exclaimed, "Ooo! What is that?" and started pulling on it!

"Aak--!" I gasped. "Don't--it's a choker!" She was really, actually choking me! ^_^; I added, "It had a Libra sign on it but I took it off."

Michelle gave me this look, like "You WHAT?" I guess she was being sarcastic, because I really like zodiac signs and astrology. I don't know. I think we were going somewhere or something. I'm not really sure what all of that was about.

It seemed that, when I was trying to describe the necklace to Michelle, I was trying to trace the Libra sign in the air, but I kept getting it wrong for some reason.

This dream may have shifted into "Pomp & Horse Stance."

Available illustrations:

* [down arrow] Libra band choker.
[up arrow] detachable Libra pendant

Pomp & Horse Stance

This dream may have shifted out of "Don't Choke The Libra!" and may be related to "Maze Of The Damned."

I think in this dream there was the freshman guy who had tried to get the preppies' help for the people trapped in the maze (see "Maze Of The Damned"). He and some other people were graduating or something, and part of the graduation ceremony required their hands to be cuffed or tied to these poles which were bedecked with flowers. It's like we(?) were watching this on TV. The camera panned across them to the left, I think; they were just standing there with these flowers wrapped around their hands and stuff. Somebody came up and started either giving or taking something from each of them.

One of the things that was tied to the pole was a horse! There was a big horse tied up; I don't know if it was brown or gray, but it was one or the other. Now suddenly it was another horse that was coming along, taking or giving things from the graduates. The tied-up horse had a feed bag around its neck. The horse that came up and was taking things was brown or gray too, but they were opposites--so one was brown, and one was gray. I'm not sure which. Anyway, this horse took a little bit of food from the feed bag of the tied-up horse, and the tied-up horse gave it this look, and then just kind of...smiled. O_o Then the horse or the person or WHATEVER kept walking along and taking or giving something to each person as the graduation ceremony continued.

Yield To The Mailbox!

I went out to the mailbox and there was a road sign next to it on the right, and a road sign lying beside the mailbox itself. I knew that it was supposed to be up, kind of above the mailbox, so I picked it up and tried to put it back in place but it wouldn't stay. Besides, if I kept it up, it would be in the way of the mailbox, and I thought that that must be why they had taken it down--I knew it had been taken down on purpose. It said something like "Slow (Keep?) To 31mph." I thought of finding a way to put it back up, but number one, it would block our mailbox, so we wouldn't be able to open it, and number two, maybe they didn't want it to stand up--maybe they didn't WANT people to go 31mph down this road anymore? :/

1996 Dreams