Carpet Girl & The Death Lion

I was outside in the Glen's parking lot with this guy standing beside his car. We were talking about something, maybe some kind of plan or something, but I'm not sure. I think I pulled the carpet out of his car; it was my carpet and I was going to take it with me! O_o It was blue carpet and had a bunch of bugs crawling around on it. I kept stomping on the bugs while I was talking to him. I don't know, maybe we were talking about Men In Black, but I'm not really sure. I picked up the carpet and shook it out. He got in the car and drove off. I folded up the carpet and put it on top of a stack of books I had to carry, and I went toward Glen's.

While I was on my way there I think Eric V. (see "Eric's Last Chance") was in the parking lot, and he made fun of me; it had something to do with the carpet, like he gave it to me or something, and I was like, "Yeah, right." I went up to the door of Glen's; there were lots of people selling crystals and jewelry and stuff like that. When they saw me with the carpet they started making fun of me too; for some reason I guess it was bad to carry a carpet, I don't know.

I went inside and there was this girl who had a big crystal and was standing where the lottery counter is now. This one lady went by and she said to the lady, "I know this looks like it should belong to you, but you're not the one who's supposed to have it," meaning, "You don't have enough money to buy it." Then another person came along and she said, "This, this is for you." I passed her and I think she made fun of me, too.

There was somebody who was like a cross between Scar from The Lion King and Jafar, maybe, from Aladdin, and somebody else, who had a plot to do something bad. He was walking around in this place--it was like a cross between Glen's and Wal-Mart, only it was really weird. It's like I was kind of listening to his plot and such while he was going through with it. I walked past these two water displays; I think they had like cats on them or something. One of them had some kind of burgundy-red velvet and the water was falling around it; it looked like mercury. The other one was white, I think. The guy who had the plan was trying to decide whose side he should be on or something like that--"Should I be on this side, should I be on that side? This side, that side? This side, that side...?"--he kept saying it over and over again.

Then it changed kind of and he was like Scar. There were a bunch of lions over where the McDonald's would be now. I was talking to somebody who was one of the officials or whatever in the store. He said that the animals were all asleep; they'd been given something to help them sleep. I said, "Ohhh." For some reason that was bad for Scar's plan, because now the bad guy, like I said, was Scar.

I went over to them; there were some older male lions and Scar was off to the left. I think Simba came up, the cub Simba, and he started to whisper something in one of the lion's ears. Another, older lion came up and pulled him away. Simba was like, "Oh, I was just going to sing a song."

The older lion said, "Oh, okay." So Simba started singing some kind of song. I can't remember what it was about, but the lions liked it--except for Scar; he wasn't really listening.

One of the lions came up and said, "Where have you been?" He (Scar?) was supposed to have migrated with them or something, but he hadn't been with them. I think Simba revealed the plot to them; they all turned toward Scar, because of course he was the bad guy.

Scar got really angry and started getting philosophical or something; it's like he had some powder in front of him, or maybe in an envelope or folder--I don't know what that had to do with anything, but he started saying things like, "You can't prove that I'm here and you can't prove that I'm not here!" He started saying something like that; it was really weird. One of the older male lions came over and started arguing with him, but then they stopped because they were chilled...because the death lion had come up behind them, and they were afraid to turn around.

The death lion was like some kind of deity or something to them. I envisioned him as a dark lion with glowing eyes and big claws. I think he put one of his paws on one of their shoulders or something; I think he offered to let Scar go to the lion paradise. Scar said, "Oh, yes! I'd love to go!" So the death lion took Scar with him. You could hear like a crunching of bone, and then this "Aaaaaaahhh!!"

We turned around--because I was with them now--and the door closed or whatever. There were two doors that were in the middle of the air. It was either me or the older lion who said, "Oh, yeah," because in their terms, the lion paradise really meant the lion HELL! Poor Scar. ^_^

It's like the male lion was a human now; we were walking around and we went over and picked up like a thighbone with meat on it, and a thighbone that was bare. I think that the one that Scar had taken was the bare thighbone. There were a bunch of skeletons hanging on the wall all of a sudden. I was going to put the bone on one of the skeletons but I decided not to. We were all talking to each other, like, "Yeah, that was pretty interesting. Yeah." And we just left.

I believe they were the same dream, but the plot of this then probably shifted into "Essential Dust."

Essential Dust

I believe they were the same dream, but the plot of this may have shifted out of "Carpet Girl & The Death Lion."

I was in a car and we (myself and the lions/people from "Carpet Girl & The Death Lion"?) were driving down Main Street. There were lots of vehicles--there was like a bus, and a trucker and stuff. I had the rug from the previous dream, I think, and was shaking dust out of it. One of the others said, "Where did you get that rug?" because for some reason the dust that was coming out of it was something essential for other cars. So they were spreading the dust through the air; I don't really know why.

I have written down "radio frequency," so maybe the dust had something to do with helping the truckers' radio frequency, and that's why they wanted more of it.

Which Way To The Array?

I was watching a Star Trek: Voyager episode on TV; it was called something like "Which Way Is The Array?" or "Which Way To The Array?" It was another Caretaker episode, because it started out with some kind of thing that was beaming pulses out into space; I knew that it was based on the original episode of Voyager. I thought, "Well, how can they base an episode of this show on an episode of this show? That doesn't make much sense; it's kinda roundabout." One of the writers was the guy who plays Harry Kim (Garrett Wang), I think.

This dream may or may not have been related to/continued in "A River Runs Through Michigan."

A River Runs Through Michigan

This dream may or may not have been related to/continued from "Which Way To The Array?"

I was looking through some National Geographics or dictionaries; for some reason I was looking for a map of Michigan's rivers, because I had like a picture in front of me of Michigan. I found one that was almost exactly like the one I had, but it had like an addition to the right; I started trying to draw it, but I kept screwing it up. I was getting kind of ticked off about that.

Rodent Safety First!

Dad came home with a special gerbil feeder for me. It looked like a cheese grater, only it was smaller. The package had some drawings about how hamsters and other small animals, when they feed from normal bowls, would hit their heads against them; that for some reason would boggle their brains or something, so it wasn't good to use normal bowls. But with this feeder, they weren't supposed to be able to hit their heads; I didn't understand how that could be, because it looked like they could hit their heads on it. *shrug*

I looked at the pictures and there was one of a hamster that was kind of rolling onto its side, but it was nudging its head against its food container; there was a picture of another rodent that seemed to be rooting underneath it. I thought, "Well, my gerbil does that on purpose," because he roots around in his food bowl in real life. On several occasions in real life it seemed like he had a bloody nose and I think it's either from doing that or from chewing on the wires of his cage.

Anyway, this looked like a little cheese grater, so I put some normal gerbil food in it, then I started looking around for some vegetable food for some reason, because I wanted to put some of that in there too. It wasn't tall, but it was thin, so I was wondering, "How's he gonna get inside it to eat the food, and how's he gonna get the stuff in the bottom?" But it just occurs to me, maybe that's what the little holes in it were for; maybe the food was supposed to be small enough to pass through them? I didn't think about that in the dream. Interesting.

This dream may have continued in "Friends At The Flea Market."

Available illustrations:

* The gerbil food container (actual size).
[right arrow] silver metallic. [left arrow] holes like a cheese grater

Friends At The Flea Market

This dream may have continued from "Rodent Safety First!"

I was driving with Ma or something. We went past some things; I was driving, I think, and I turned around in the road. There was this Texan-like guy in this car; it was like a convertible but I'm not sure. He was wearing a big hat, and there were bull horns on the front of his car, I think; he drove by, and I kept seeing him everywhere I went! I drove past this flea market and Dad was standing in the yard, so I pulled up by it and waved at him. I went down to see it, but then it's like I was with Ma and maybe Eric V. (see "Eric's Last Chance"); I don't know if he was with me in this part of the dream or not. But we said hi to Dad and he said, "Yeah, they've got this flea market going on."

At first it had been a little table covered with stuff outside, but now it was like inside this building. There was a group of black people over here--black kids, black women, black men, selling stuff; and over here there was a group of white people selling stuff--white women, white men, white kids. I thought to myself how funny that was. Ma went over to talk to one of the white women for information about the flea market. I said sarcastically, "Yeah, we're gonna go over and talk to the WHITE women!" because it seemed kind of...ironic, or something. *shrug*

We went inside the building and one of the first things I saw was there was this table with a woman behind it and some other people; and there were three coloring books. I think one was about white people, one was about black people, and one was about Jewish people. o_o I wondered, with all the black people, why wasn't there a Muslim coloring book? I started laughing because it was some kind of dumb joke.

We started looking around. At first there were a lot of books based on movies and stuff, and classic books; they had hardcovers and the pictures in them were in color. There were lots of them, I can't even describe how many nor what movies they represented. I went into a back area and there was one that was supposed to be Gremlins 2: The New Batch, but it had Jen the Gelfling from The Dark Crystal on the cover, and he seemed to be holding a light in his hand, like on the cover of The Indian In The Cupboard--that's the kind of look he had on his face. I noticed that there was also a Gremlins: TNB game; it had little figurines of Gremlins in it! Eric was standing beside me looking at something else; it's strange, I wasn't even mad at him in this dream. I said, "Huh!"

He said, "What?"

"There's a Gremlins game here."

"Oh, yeah, it has fifteen pieces of Gremlins from The New Batch." He said something else which I can't remember and I responded.

"I know, I saw the movie; one of them's a bat, and one of them's this..."

In the box the Gremlins looked like they'd been purple. I continued looking around, wondering if they had any books that were based on anything but movies. There was like a game on dinosaurs or something; I don't know, I think it was educational, but it had different dinosaur models. There were numerous smaller ones, but there were two big ones--a brontosaurus and a triceratops. I picked up the triceratops and set it on its legs; it stood kind of crooked like its legs were curved in, kind of. I said something like, "Oh, I'm working for a good pimple or two," because I think I was getting one. What that had to do with the dinosaur, I have no idea. o_o;

Eric came up and tapped my cheek and said, "Here's a good spot" or "a good start" or "Here's a good one right here." I wondered if he was talking about a pimple or not, because I didn't have one there as far as I knew!

Somebody mentioned something about one on my chin; I said, "No, that's not a pimple, that's a bruise, and I don't know how I got it!" because in real life I have a little red bruise under my chin and I don't know how it got there.

Anyway, in the dream, Ma said, "It's from brushing your teeth." I don't know what THAT meant; I have no idea!

Now there were some books that were based on TV shows; I don't remember which ones. Ma said, "Hey Eric, would you like to come over with me and look at the men's clothes? Because this is just women's clothes over here."

He said, "Uh, no, I won't go over there and look at them because..." And he gave some reasons that it would seem like she was his mom helping him to look for clothes, and he found that embarrassing.

So she said, "Okay," and went off to look at clothes again.

I walked past like a cash register; there were some big thick hardcover books back there. One of them said "Prophecies" or something like that. I felt like Michelle T. (an old friend) was with me at that point; I was going to say, "Hey look, Michelle, 'Prophecies,'" because as a religious person, she doesn't like people who can tell the future; she thinks they're Satanic. We walked to another bookshelf on another side of the room. Here I found some pretty weird books. There was one called Ghost Response Times or something like that; I thought it was so funny I pulled it out and started laughing, but the front cover was torn off and inside, the subtitle that was printed on the page said "On Ghosts..." and that wasn't very funny. :/ I showed whoever was with me--Michelle and Eric--the spine anyway, because I thought it was funny. There was another one called something like Was George Washington A Sorcerer?...these books were really weird. There were also a couple of thin, kids'-style UFO books; one was like The Skeptical UFO Book, and things like that. I just kept looking at these, seeing if there was anything I liked. The other books had been new, but these ones were used, as with the one that had the cover torn off.

This dream may have been related to or continued in "Chicken Done Wrung."

Chicken Done Wrung

This dream may have been related to or continued from "Friends At The Flea Market."

I don't know if this dream came before or after "Friends At The Flea Market." We(?) were driving again; it's like we were in a minivan, and I was in the backseat on the left or the right; my brother Eric (not the same Eric as before) was with me now. I'm not sure who was driving, but we drove past this place where there was a lady with a couple of chickens. It's like I was looking at them very closely as we went by. For some reason this interested me, I don't know. We were talking about chickens for some reason. There was this one chicken sitting in the yard; it was red, and was like a rooster, but its neck was funny looking. I said, "That one looks like it's had its neck wrung already, and it's still alive."

It's like we had a chicken in the car with us now, too; its behind was wet or something, and I think Eric reached underneath it, trying to find an egg, but there wasn't one so he said, "Huh."

We also went past this cow that was in this really small enclosure; I mean, this enclosure was like one and a half cow lengths. This cow's tail was in the air and it was urinating or defecating on a tree that was also in the enclosure, and it was eating. :/

This dream may have been related to or continued in "Triple X Marks The Spot."

Available illustrations:

* The "wrung-necked" chicken.

Triple X Marks The Spot

This dream may have been related to or continued from "Chicken Done Wrung."

I'm not sure if this happened while I was in the car (see "Chicken Done Wrung"), or in a separate dream when I was on a bus, but I'll say that we(?) were on a bus. I have written down "show episode," and I don't know what that has to do with anything. I'm not sure. Anyway, while we were on this bus, I was drinking some kind of chocolate malt/shake or something, only it was thin like it was getting warm. Somebody had bottles of strawberry pop and I kept taking them and pouring a little bit of strawberry pop in this--it was really gross--and I kept mixing it together!

There was a guy sitting near me and he was talking about Satanism or something, only it was funny for some reason. I thought to myself, "Satan's alive and well in San Francisco!" or something like that; I was trying to think of which California city to put him in. I don't know why I chose California. o_o

While we were driving--I don't know if it was in the bus with these people, or if it was in the minivan with my family (see previous dream)--but we slowed down at this one point; it was like near Alverno, near the Cracker Barrel store when you're facing the church. There was a road, and along the road there were three X's; there was like a sign with an X on it, there was something in the natural terrain that looked like an X, and then there was something else. They lined up and it was really funny, but then the car moved to the side and they overlapped each other.

All In The Werewolf Family

It's like I was going to Aunt Carol's, only it was like going to Grandma's and spending the weekend; my Grandma B., in real life, wanted me to spend the weekend at her place but I said, "I'd get homesick."

She said, "How old are you? Nineteen? And you'd get homesick?" But I really would; like age has anything to do with phobia. My Grandma B. has never been very understanding of me. >:/

But anyway, I think I was looking around for a bathroom in Carol's house; I was looking upstairs and stuff, wondering where I could go because I had to use the toilet. Then there were a lot of people here, like relatives and such, and I was sitting on the floor sorting through these little plastic crystal thingies. I was crying; I tried not to let the others see it. My uncle Rocky (other side of the family) was there and he was much more sensitive than he is in real life. He looked at me and said to somebody, "I think there's something wrong with her." He asked me if I was okay. I was trying not to let the tears show, but I nodded because I was homesick. I think I had my blanket and that Simba toy with me, but I'm not sure.

I just kept sorting through these little plastic crystals. It's like I couldn't figure out which ones I wanted to sort. I accidentally put some red ones or blue ones in with some other ones and whispered, "Aw, nuts," so I started reaching in to pull them back out of the mixture, but I was having trouble doing it.

Then it's like I was inside, but it's like I looked up out the window or something and I saw the full moon. It was clear and for some reason that was okay or something; I didn't want clouds to keep passing over it or something, because somehow I knew that the people in the house were werewolves. If the clouds kept passing over the moon then they'd change to normal, then to werewolves, then to normal, then to werewolves or something, and that bugged me! I think they were starting to change, so some kind of smell filled the house, and I thought if I could evacuate the smell from the house, then they would turn back to normal. So I ran to the sliding door or something and hurled it open, only it was on the other side of the house in my dream, I think. I ran and hurled open another door and then ran outside and hid. I crept along the side of the house and looked through one of the doors to see if I could get back to it, but I saw a shadow moving around inside and thought, "Oh nuts, they're coming out!"

Then a guy came running out--I don't know if it was Rocky or some other guy. At first I thought that he would be a werewolf, but he was trying to get away from the werewolves too, so not everybody in the house was a werewolf. I started running for this patch of ivy or something on the side of the house; he kind of looked at me and I whispered, "Come on!" There was a dip, like a sandpit, that went down; we went over to that and scrambled down into it. Then we were trying to figure out where to go, because there was thick ivy on all sides. There were several other people coming out of the house, and in total there were probably about five or six of us. One of them was an Asian guy; he makes me think of Kevin M. (a student from school). He was the last one to come out. We all went down into this sandpit, like; we were looking for a way to get away.

I said, "Follow me," and started going through the ivy. There were wires around, like power lines that were in the ivy. For some reason we couldn't touch them. I was creeping around things through this ivy, grabbing onto things; then there was a big fence of wires that went by me. There was no way I could get around it. It went up to the top of the hill where there was a tree with wires around it. Kevin or whoever he was hadn't followed us down into the sandpit. So he came over and grabbed the tree and pulled himself around the fence onto the other side so he was safe and could go running further if he wanted to. I found myself looking at the fence of wires and wondering if it would shock me if I held it, because it didn't look very dangerous, but then again...I was wondering what we could do, because there was no way we'd get through! I looked up at him and wondered if he'd pull us up.

But then it seemed like the danger was past, so we all climbed up out of the sandpit and over the hill and went back inside. I think everybody was back to normal, but they were acting like nothing had happened. I think Ma had been one of them. I think I was drawing a picture of a dog for some reason, and it had something to do with the werewolves. It had some kind of weird outline in its tail, some kind of inside structure like bones or something, and I was drawing the tail around that. It had a big eye that I colored yellow and it was like a smiling dog. I think that Dad came and I was trying to tell him about the werewolves, but he wouldn't believe me, so he drove me home, I think. I can't remember this part of the dream very well.

This dream may have continued in or been related to "Another Reason To Hate Country Music."

Available illustrations:

* "Kevin M." swung himself from here [down arrow] to here [left arrow] around tree to avoid touching fence.
[down arrow] "ivy." [down arrow] I was down here

Another Reason To Hate Country Music

This dream may have continued from or been related to "All In The Werewolf Family."

I don't know if this dream was on the drive home from "All In The Werewolf Family" or not. I think we(?) stopped at a store or something; there was a guy on the radio, I think, saying that country music could be bad for you--it could turn you into a werewolf or make you think you were a werewolf. We were looking at some different country albums on cassette tape.

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