So I Dated A Rapist, AKA Movie Of The Week

I remember something about my character Anders Carlsson, and maybe about Puck Benteen and their alien abduction, but I'm not sure.

Then I was watching some kind of show on TV. There was this girl with curly blond hair; she wasn't really ditzy but she was kind of stupid. She was with her boyfriend. It looked like they were outside the front of the Family House Restaurant, inside of Glen's. (The restaurant had two entrances--one to the outside, one to the inside of the supermarket.) She was talking with her boyfriend and said she was going to be spending the day alone or something.

He said, suspiciously, "You're not going to be spending it with anybody else?"

"No, no, no," she said in a silly, high-pitched voice. So he kissed her goodbye or something; then the scene changed and she was taking a bath with another boyfriend. o_o I think they ended up sleeping together.

The scene then switched to her parents' house; her mom and her dad were going to work. Her mom was like a businessperson, but she went to work on a bicycle. The dad came out and another man came up and asked, "Do you know where your daughter is?" or something.

The father said, "I think she's with her boyfriend."

The stranger--or neighbor, I should say--was kind of overweight, with a mustache. He held up a pair of pants and said, "You know whose these are?" The father recognized them as his daughter's pants and started getting upset, because he had made those pants, and thought that the neighbor was insinuating that he'd done something to his daughter.

Then the mother came out and the neighbor showed the pants to her. First she tried to get on her bike, but dropped her suitcase or something, so he helped her pick it up. I thought to myself, "Uh-oh, she's gonna see the pants now." He showed her the pants and she recognized them too. She said, "Yeah, those are my daughter's pants, so where's my daughter?"

The guy said, "Don't you know?" Then, "She's in the apartment of a rapist" or something like that, because the second boyfriend had a criminal record or something.

At this point I turned to either Ma or Dad and said, "This comes off like a movie of the week!"

The person I was talking to went, "Shh!" because they wanted to see what would happen next.

Hello, Stone Kitty!

I was waiting for Ma to leave; this was like when I used to get up when she left, and I would wave at the window in the morning. Well, I was waiting at the window but it was the wrong one--I was waiting at the window to the right of the side window I usually wave out of, the one where all the dolls used to be (the northeast window). I was standing in front of it and I was naked o_o , so I had a pillow or something and was holding that in front of me so nobody could see anything. >_<; I just kept waiting and waiting. While I stood here, there was this big black cat statue in front of me; it was a lot like a statue of Bastet, the Egyptian cat goddess. I think I patted it on the head and said, "Hello!"

Still waiting for Ma to drive by, I think I went over to the other window and looked out, but then I came back to the first window and hoped nobody could see me, even though I had the pillow in front of me; it just wasn't much protection. I had the feeling that maybe it was winter in this dream, because I think I looked down and saw snow on the ground.

Was It Something I Ate?

I was at Black River, my old elementary school; it's like I was going there with Ma and was going to attend it for a while as a college student. I remember I got in line to get some food. As I got in the lineup there was this little kid who tried to take cuts but this person behind us in the line told him to get back. There were a couple of other kids who looked like they were trying to take cuts, but they didn't. I went in there and was surrounded by all these short little kids. >_< I thought to myself, "Jeez, next time I think I'm just gonna bring a bag lunch or something because I don't like waiting in this line!"

This was after something, because I think before this there had been some kind of Shakespearean play or we had been watching something on TV, though I believe it was the former. There had been a whole bunch of black princes and princesses. Once they were all on tiers, or levels; the ones on the top level were kind of like servants and such, then there was a second level, and a third level; I think the second or third level was mostly princesses, but there were a couple of princes; and the bottom level was all princes. This is kind of embarrassing...but their...um...penises were all sticking out...all of them...and this had something to do with the play, though I'm not sure what. Yike. >_<; Anyway, we clapped after that was over; maybe it was Othello or something, I don't know. I went out and walked past some people in the audience, and somebody said that since that was like a half hour, Such-And-Such had fifteen more minutes or something to go onstage. I said, "Yeah," but I was going to go to lunch first! So that was when I ended up going to lunch.

I was going through the line, and I remember picking up a tray; I wondered if we were supposed to pick up the food or if they served it to us. We were going along and this one lady was going to put something on my plate, but I saw some unattended tater tots and some kind of sauce sitting in front of it, so I picked up a spoon and scooped some of those onto my plate. One of the ladies was saying something about sweet potatoes while I was doing this so I thought, "Oh. Maybe I won't like these...but it's too late now." Not like I could just put them back. :( We were just going along and these two lunch ladies kept yakking to each other. I went down the line getting food and stuff. None of it looked very appetizing. :/

I finally got to the end; it's like I walked around trying to figure out where to pay, and I almost walked out of the kitchen, until I saw a lady standing at a cash register. She seemed to be either doing something or talking with somebody, but I went over there and handed her $2, because it was always less than $2 when I paid for lunch at the high school. She looked at the money and said, "This isn't enough."

I was really embarrassed and so I said, "Oh. Do you mind if I just put my food here for a minute and call somebody?"

She just kind of shrugged. I left the kitchen and went out into some kind of other area where there were lots of people, and found Ma. She was talking with Michelle T. (an old friend). I said, "Ma!" and started waving for her to come here; she just looked at me and stayed where she was! I started waving and hissing between clenched teeth, "Ma! Come here!" She finally came over and I said, "The $2 for the lunch wasn't enough. I need some more." She looked kind of exasperated but went in the kitchen. She kept handing little coins to the cashier; I felt like just saying, "Well, why don't you just ask her how much it is and THEN give her the money?!" I think that's finally what she did. It turned out that it was almost $4! I thought, "Jeez, I'm really gonna bring a bag lunch next time I come here!" The same amount of food at this elementary school cost more than at the high school!

I think I went out to eat the food, but it's like I went into some kind of room. It would be where the hallway outside the gymnasium is, but it was completely different--it was like a room now, and it was also like we were at Grandma B.'s. I was talking with Ma and Michelle; or actually, Michelle was talking with Ma, I think, and I looked out the window. I saw this house way across this field with horses in it. It looked bright yellow and was really pretty, but then I realized that was because the sun was shining on it, and that made it look brighter yellow than it really was. I thought, "That's pretty." I was trying for some reason to appear kind of moody, quiet like, so I could make some kind of impression on Michelle, like she had never known me as being this way; I wanted to give her the impression that I'd changed since high school.

There were at least two horses in this field--one smaller one, and one big huge black one. The big black one came up to the window and put its hooves on the sill, sticking its head up and sniffing the window. I kind of patted at the window, like, "Hi! Hey, how ya doin'?" It snorted and I think it started thumping at the window with its nose, so I backed away because I knew something was going to happen. Then it swung its head forward and CRASHED through the window!! Everybody started panicking now. The horse backed up and ran forward and it jumped through the window. It started stampeding through the house; I knew we had to get out of there, because it was going to crush anything in its path! So we all ran outside. Everybody was getting in their cars and getting out of there. I think Uncle Jeff appeared now and he got in his car and drove away.

Ma and I were the only ones left, and I said, "C'mon!" and we ran toward her car. There were two other people who were going to go with us, and I thought one of them wanted to sit in the front seat, but when they got in the car they were both sitting in the backseat. *shrug* I was going to switch places, but thought, "Okay, I'll sit in the front seat because we don't really have time to switch!" That horse was coming down the dirt road by now, toward the house! I exclaimed, "That's the way we have to go!" but we really had no choice; we had to do something before it came over and crushed the car. It was a REALLY BIG horse!! I think that the smaller horse had started stampeding too, but we weren't very afraid of that one. We got in the car and I believe we started to drive away...but that's all of that dream that I can remember. :/

Hi, My Name is Santana. Or Not

This dream had to do with my character Trooper Broderick again! He was kind of resting on my couch. ^_^ Actually I was pretending to be him...and I was wondering if he'd ever had any alien abduction experiences. Cripes! I thought maybe he'd had one, but in my real-life writing, he has not had any. In my dream somehow his first name was supposed to be Santana; I was thinking of the name Santayana or whatever it is, but I thought, "Well, wait a minute, if his first name's Broderick, and his last name's Broderick...?" Maybe Santana was his middle name? Broderick Santana Broderick? ^_^ I don't know. I was thinking to myself, "Just as long as it isn't Satana."

Beware Room 111! (Really, I Mean It)

This dream is really convoluted and weird. o_o; I believe I was at the college, only it was completely different. I was looking for my next class. I had the feeling it was an algebra class. I had a book with several algebra assignments; I had missed a lot of them before. Maybe it had something to do with that dream the other night where I supposedly missed my class; I can't remember which one, exactly. I wondered if I should do the first assignment and then go to the teacher and ask which ones I missed, or if I should just do several assignments and then find out what I was supposed to do; I didn't really know. So I was walking around with my books and stuff, looking for Room 111.

I kept walking around the hallways and found it, but then I thought, "Okay, here it is, now I've got to go to the bathroom." >_< I looked at my schedule while I went along and it started at like three after the hour, whatever the hour was--maybe 11:03. I thought, "I've got like maybe five, six, seven minutes." So I started looking around for the bathrooms. It seemed I couldn't find one and then get back to the class. I finally found one and went inside. I think I only washed my hands or something, and then I went into a stall. There were two stalls, and the one I was in was so close to the hand dryer that it like pressed into my back.

I think I pulled something out of the toilet or out of the toilet paper dispenser; I had two metal things in my hand. One was like a rectangular box; the other was like a rectangular box with a sloped end (eraser shaped). I held these two pieces of metal, wondering what I should do with them--should I set them down? Should I keep them? I don't know--should I put them back? I went to the bathroom and it seemed I had to go a lot. I finally finished and got out.

There was a girl standing in the bathroom and I left and started looking for Room 111 again. I kept going down these side hallways and such; it was all crowded, full of people walking all over the place. I thought, "Where the heck is my room?" I saw a group of girls walking around in a doorway; one of them said something about the class I was trying to find, so I hurried over to her and tapped her on the shoulder. "Excuse me," I said, "do you know where--"

She looked at me and rudely said, "Get lost," and went into the classroom.

"Jeez," I thought, "the first time I try to talk to somebody and ask them a question, and they tell me to get lost! What a nice person THAT was!"

So I kept walking around looking for my room. First I found some kind of Storeroom 111 and it was in this sloping passageway, like when you open the door to our basement, the ceiling slopes down because it's built beneath the upstairs stairway--it was kind of like that only the walls were painted red and they were chipping. The door was like some kind of wooden trapdoor and it opened up. I pushed it open and looked inside. There were some plaster and papier mache models and such. I looked at this and thought, "Well, this is neat, but this isn't the classroom." So I closed the door and finally found my Room 111 and opened the door.

It was cramped inside. Ahead of me there was a little wooden track; it made me think kind of like a cross between those tracks that were in Indiana Jones & The Temple Of Doom, that the miners used the little carts on, and a wooden hanging bridge, because it was suspended in the air! I thought, "Well, to get in the room I'm going to have to go on this." So I started carefully inside. I went up this trail a little bit and stuck my head up. There were a couple more people up on a higher level in the classroom. They looked toward me as if to say, "Are you going to come in, or just stand there?" One of them was maybe an Asian guy; there was a girl, and some other people, but not very many; probably around two to four at the most. I couldn't see the teacher.

I had to get into some kind of little cart to pull myself up further; as I was going I saw another stairway to the right, but it went down and I needed to go up. I finally got up to the upper level; there was some kind of table that the people were sitting around, doing their things. The teacher was at the other side of the room. I have the feeling it was Matt Frewer, the actor, again. He looked at me. I was a lot more talkative than I'd be in real life; I said, "Hi, I'm sorry I'm late, but I had to--"

He wouldn't listen to my explanation. "Oh, welcome to the classroom," he said, and things like that. I knew somehow that he was RL Stine--the writer of those really stupid books like The Cuckoo Clock Of Doom and Egg Monsters From Mars; I've never read them, but just the titles turn me off and there are so many; they're like pulp fiction novels or something. Hack writing.

Anyway, I was looking at all these weird things in the room, thinking, "This is cool!" I had just been going to an algebra class, but now it was some kind of creative writing class or something. The teacher told us to sit down so I did so; we weren't given any instructions, so I decided, "I guess we're supposed to do whatever we want!" I sat at the table watching the other people and they were working on little things. I just sat for a long time watching them; I wondered if I should get out something and start writing, because I had been looking in my backpack earlier and I'd found some paper, but not enough; so I started looking around the room to see if there was any more paper. On the far wall to my left there were lots of books and art supplies like big reams of paper and such. I looked at these, almost drooling over them and thinking, "Wow, that looks good; I'd like to go over there and see if I can use any of that!"

At the table in front of me one of the people was Jeff L. (a guy from high school) all of a sudden. First we had gum or something like that; I picked up a small piece of gum that was beside me, and it said something like it could cause cancer in lab animals. I looked at it and sure enough it said NutraSweet, but it seemed I already had a little piece in my mouth, so I took it out and chewed the rest. It had some kind of shape to it, but part of it had been bitten off even though I didn't remember eating any. The other people were also chewing gum. All of a sudden the gum that they had in front of them was like animal figurines--gum shaped like animals! They had all kinds of them--camels, goats, sheep--all kinds. They started trading them around; like somebody would give somebody else a yellow goat, and take a blue cow back in return. Somebody passed one toward me but I didn't do anything with it because I didn't really have anything to trade :/ , so I just sat there and watched. Jeff finally had like a male goat and a female goat, and a male sheep and a female sheep; for some reason he was supposed to make them mate now or something so he could get a third animal ^_^ , even though he had a big group.

There was some kind of package of these little things that were like these plastic meltable crystal things...they were orange. Jeff said, "Hey," and took them--they were supposed to be used for something else, but he was using them for this purpose. He put one in a strategic spot on the male goat--I needn't say more--and a couple of the other people, like the Asian guy, plus myself, looked at him like, "Yeah, Jeff, whatever!"

While we were doing this, it's like we were watching TV, because I remember I looked at the TV and Johnny Carson was on. He was at some kind of circus. He was in a ring and there was a dog--it looked like a Schipperke, a breed of little black dog--but in this it was really huge--when it stood on its hind legs it was as tall as he was! I thought, "Jeez, I thought those dogs were a lot smaller in real life!" Johnny was standing in the center ring and he put his nose forward to touch noses with the dog, but because it was doing that it was wagging its nose at him; he probably thought that was what it meant to do, but it opened its mouth and kind of growled so he backed away and said, "Oo! That's quite a dog!" or something. o_O The dog opened its mouth and now it was REALLY HUGE and wide. I thought, "Wow, that's funny." Then the dog immediately went over to some other animal and started bobbing its head up and down like it wanted to do that again. Then they showed a camel and it was...yodeling. o_o It wasn't really yodeling, but it was moving its mouth right in tune with this yodeler, like, "Yodel-ay-ee-yodel-ay-ee-yodel-ay-ee!" It was really amusing, but for some reason I was thinking, "I think I'd like to see that dog again! It was funny."

Also, when we were in here there were kittens sitting around in different parts of the room. I was petting one kitten and somebody said, "You should leave it alone."

I retorted, "Well, it's purring!" I had some kind of bond with the kittens or something; I don't know what it was, can't remember exactly. *shrug*

The teacher came over and asked why I'd taken this class. I said, "Oh, you know..." and looked around at the books and stuff. I said, "I like fiction and fantasy." I didn't say fables; I remembered thinking that that was the name of a class I'd had before (in real life, that's true--I had a high school course called "Fiction, Fantasy, & Fables"), so I wasn't going to say that. I instead said, "Horror," because a lot of the stuff in here seemed to have to do with horror.

When I had been looking at Jeff doing this weird thing with the animals, I had thought, "Well, you've got a male sheep and a female sheep; why don't you do something there?"

In part of this, too, the chair I had been sitting on was like an inverted turtle shell-like thing; it was suspended by some kind of rope pulley system. I was rocking back and forth in it and I felt like I was on the water; he (Jeff?--the teacher?) said something like, "You can feel like you can fly."

I said, "Well, I feel like I'm on the water." I grabbed hold of the rope pulley system and started pulling on it; it brought me further into the air and I was swinging all around. I was trying to control it so I wouldn't run into anything. I think the Asian guy was doing it too only he was higher, I believe. It was fun and even though I was afraid of falling out I thought, "No, I can't fall out; I'm perfectly safe, though I do wish they'd put in some kind of seatbelt."

I think finally I came down to Earth again; I went over toward the books to look at them because it seemed nobody else in the class was really doing anything of any importance. I thought, "If he wants us to do an assignment, he'll tell us." When I got over there, there weren't any art supplies anymore, just books. A lot of them were paperbacks. At first it looked like most of them were normal old Westerns and romances >:/ , but then they started changing and there were hardcovers. Some were horror books; a lot of them were huge and thick; one had like a skull on the spine. On one of the higher shelves there were three big red ones; one said Book Of The Dead 3, so I thought, "Well, I'd rather read the first parts." Then there was one that said Book Of The Dead 2; and another which had a different title, like Death-something, but then it was Book Of The Dead 1. I thought, "I'd like to read these, but they're kind of big and I can't reach them." So I kept looking around at all these novels and stuff. There was a shelf of wildlife books below that and I thought, "Maybe I can look at one with birds in it," because in real life my grandpa wants a book with birds. But one was entitled something like How To Watch For Bluebirds; "That's only one kind of bird," I thought. Another one had cougars and such on the spine. Then I looked down and saw some paperbacks in front of me. One of them had a Man In Black on the cover. I gasped in surprise and picked it up. I thought it was just some kind of MIBs book that I'd been looking for in real life, but I can't remember what it could be. I looked at it, but it was a different one--it had a different title but it was one that I'd never read before! "Oh, I wanna read this!" I exclaimed.

The teacher came up to me and looked at me and said, "What are you doing?" in a pressing voice, as if to say, "You shouldn't be over here."

I turned to him and asked, "Can I borrow this book?"

"If you want to borrow that book you're going to have to write a thesis on it!"

I thought, "How can I write a thesis on a book that I haven't even read yet?" but I guess he meant I had to write something on the subject matter. I gave him this shrewd look and said, "Thesis?"

"It says so in the rules." He pointed at something written on some kind of piece of paper stuck to the cover. I didn't look at what he was pointing at, but kind of stuck up my chin and stared him in the eye; then he did the same thing. I stood on my tiptoes so I could look at him at eye level, and he followed suit. ^_^ We kept doing this, so we kept getting higher than the other, challenging each other.

I finally said, "What kind of thesis?"

He said it was going to have to be book length or something like that. I thought, "Book length?? I've gotta think of some way to fool him here if I want to get to read this book!" Then he said ten pages. I said, "Ten pages? That's the only condition?" He replied that it had to have like so many words a page, so it would come out to the number 62 or something. I know 62 had something to do with it, but I'm not sure how; it MUST have been more than 62 words! Maybe like 620 words a page? I said, "Exactly that many words, or on the average?" He seemed kind of puzzled or confused here, like, "Ah, gee, I don't know the answer to that..." He said something and I said, "Those are the only conditions? As soon as I write that, I get to read this book?" He said yes and I said, "All right," and put the book back.

I thought, "Well, I'll write it on tiny pieces of paper, and I'll do ten really teeny-tiny pages and that'll fool him!" because he hadn't clarified any other conditions. Then I thought, "Ten pages? That's not very much." I remembered my real-life term paper that I did on alien abductions and the MIBs; I think it was like sixteen pages, written, in real life, but in my dream it was eight. I thought, "If I could just lengthen that a little bit more, then I can hand that in!" He didn't know I had written a paper on the subject already. I thought, "I do have more sources than I did back in ninth grade." So I went back to the table and I think I was petting the kittens then.

An awful lot of devious thinking just to get to read a book! o_O

Then it's like I was at home and Dad got the mail and came in with it; it was some kind of late reminder notice. >_< I looked at it and it had like a grid with several different dates. The first one was recent; the second one was like September 29th, and it kept going on in like periods of three to four months. I was on the second date, the September one, when I realized that the teacher had wanted me to write my thesis paper by that certain date; the next chance I had to hand it in was the next date, and the next date, and such like that. I said to Dad, "Oh, I didn't know there was supposed to be any certain due date. I'll get to work on it right away."

I believe it was after the part where I was in the classroom, when I was leaving; I was walking across some ice and it looked like the ice that would be in front of our garage. I walked across it carefully, and thought, "I'm walking stiffly, the way a MIB probably would." Then I thought, "Maybe my teacher is a MIB," because he was kind of thin and pale looking...but I was just joking to myself.

In the part where I was trying to get to my class, I was following this other group of people who I thought might be going to the same class; they went right across this production of some kind of play that was going on. It had something to do with Christopher Columbus, I think, because everybody was dressed in these red and black clothes and it looked like it had to do with 1492 or something. That was really rude of them to walk across it like that; I started following them through, but then thought, "No, these guys will probably catch me." So I started going around another way. I just went back around them in the end. I remember a couple of people from the play were lying on the floor like they'd been knocked over. They looked kind of indignant.

Available illustrations:

* The 2 pieces of metal I found in the bathroom.

* The "storeroom."
[down arrow] sloping walls [sign on door] ROOM 111 STORAGE

* The "swinging chair" [down arrow] ropes attached thru a pulley in ceiling; could raise or lower seat at will

Why Did You Bring Me Here, Dad?

I'm not quite sure when and where this dream took place, but I think I was with Dad and we were driving downtown. He had to drop me off in some kind of place to change or something. It was like an asylum, sort of, downtown; I think of Dave's Place (a local store), but it was closer to Plaza 27--everything was completely different. I went inside and this lady showed me to this room where there were some other girls who were sitting on cots or something. They were cleaning themselves and such. I think I washed my hair, only I didn't quite wash it; I just got it all wet. Then I think I went to one of the bunks; on the bunk that was supposed to be mine, there was like an orange coat somebody had left behind, and I kind of laughed because I thought it was funny--"This person left their coat behind. Did they leave it here on purpose or no?"

I could hear talking behind the wall beside my bed; I realized the other side was supposed to be Mrs. Barron's (my high school algebra teacher) algebra class. For some reason I remembered there being lots of noise behind the wall when I was in that class and I thought, "Well, I'm on the noisy side of the wall, now!" ^_^ We were noisier than they were; even though this didn't happen in my algebra class in real life, it did happen in my geometry class--the noisy class on the other side of the wall, I mean.

Anyway, I think I kind of lay down for a while. Then the room filled with smoke; somebody had tried to smoke a cigarette or something. I got out of there and opened the door so that the air would clear out. It was really stupid and dangerous for some reason to light a cigarette, and that was one of the reasons why I think I left there and went out to Dad and got in the vehicle. My hair was all wet. I thought, "I need a brush to brush my hair, because I look really stupid." I was really worried about this at first, but then I think I did have a brush because I think I was leaning forward and brushing my hair out that way, then I flipped it back over and brushed it that way.

The Case Of The Beast Man

I was on the program Mystery Science Theater 3000, only it was kind of like a cross between that and The X-Files. It had the robots, and I think Joel was around somewhere, but I was one of the stars too and I was kind of like Scully. The whole point of MST3K in my dream was they were supposed to solve some kind of files; they had solved all of them so far, so they thought. I was watching this kid coloring, and the kid's crayons were all of a certain brand except for a couple; I saw one that looked kind of strange. I started looking through the crayons...I can't remember what particular brand it was, but I'll say "Crayola" for the sake of clarity...I kept saying, "Crayola, Crayola, Crayola, Crayola, Crayola..." and I finally found one that said something else--it was the name of our show, and it had like a file on the crayon wrapper. o_O It said something like a file number; it gave a couple of statistics on the case, like who was involved and when it had happened; and it had a quote that had to do with the file. Then it said something like, "Unsolved."

I thought, "This is outrageous! We were supposed to have solved all of the cases!" I looked around and found another crayon but it was broken and the wrapper was ripped, so I could only see part of it; yet I knew it was another unsolved case. So I went to the other people--I think Tom Servo was with them, and some others--and said, "Take a look at these and tell me what you see!" They looked at them but didn't quite understand. I started ranting and raving. "We were supposed to have solved EVERY crime and EVERY file we've come across, and now THESE say that we haven't, and there might be even MORE than these!"

So we decided to go work on the full (unbroken?) crayon. It had something to do with some kind of beast man or something. While we were working on this, this old lady came in and said something like, "Promise you'll leave my cousin alone."

We realized that the beast man was her cousin. She was very old and stood in front of this big pile of laundry or something. The guy with me decided to trick her, because he could see people hiding in the laundry. He said, "And which would be your cousin--the one standing straight behind you, or the one hiding under the laundry?"

She kind of hung her head. The person hiding under the laundry came out and it was some kind of beast man. He looked kind of ashamed for having hidden under there. We decided that we were going to feed him, so I warmed up something in the microwave--beans or something. I kept trying to pull it out of the microwave, but it was hot and I didn't want to burn myself. So I got some tweezers and held them up to the bowl. But whenever I put the tweezers near the bowl they got hot too! I finally managed to pull it out; I started blowing on the food and mixed it a little, then brought it out to the utility room to feed the beast man. He stood there and I knew somehow he was supposed to take the first bite, go "Aaaaarrrgghhh!!" and get really mad, then start breaking things because he had burned his tongue. Then I was supposed to calm him down and blow on the next bite before giving it to him. But for some reason I blew on the first bite and hesitated with it, then gave it to him and he kind of liked it. We knew he had something to do with the solving of this case, like he'd been abused or something, and we had to solve this case somehow. We knew that after we'd solved his case we'd work on the other one, then try to find records of the other cases that we supposedly hadn't solved even though we were supposed to have solved them.

1996 Dreams