Consuming The Sacred Symbol

I was in some kind of park; it seemed like maybe some kind of water park, I'm not sure. I was trying to get to this certain building or something. I was going up a waterslide, kind of; I was on a wet piece of cardboard and had some kind of stick or something and was pushing myself up so I could slide along faster. It was really sunny out, daytime. When I went up this hill, I finally got to this part where I had to turn right. So I dismounted. There were a couple of people standing outside talking to each other and I passed them and went inside this building; it was made of what seemed to be cement, but didn't have doors and such; it just had open doorways.

While I was looking around in here I think I saw some kind of symbol for one of the planets--maybe Pluto or Mercury. As I went along I saw this big gray cat sitting, kind of crouching, on a shelf; it looked somewhat frightened, so I petted it. I also seemed to be reading a book at the time, something about a girl who was in this place but also kind of diffused into several other places; it was really weird.

I went home and Ma had gotten some chocolate candy. She said, "What are these Satanic symbols on here?" I looked at the candy and there were two pieces that had strange symbols on them. They were both similar, but I can only kind of remember one; it had like two little yin-yang signs on top, and was like a half circle around another circle; I think it had two twining snakes of a caduceus around the base.

I told Ma, "That's not Satanic, it's some kind of spiritual symbol," or something like that. I told her about the yin-yangs and the snakes and everything, what the half circle circling the full circle meant. I ate one of the pieces of candy but paused and refrained from eating the other piece because Ma wanted to see what this symbol meant. These pieces of candy, if looked at from the top, were kind of rune shaped, like an ellipse; slightly cylindrical, flat on the top and bottom--like thick runes, let's say.

Available illustrations:

* The symbol of Pluto--
[symbol given]--"cross surmounted by a half circle cupping a full circle, to depict spirit being forged in the crucible of matter" (Cosmic Connections, pg. 47); cross = matter; circle = spirit; half circle = intellect. [down arrow] yin-yangs. [down arrows] (both were opposites) [left arrow] (One (or both?--combo?) of the symbols I saw was akin to this) [left arrow] caduceus. [up arrow] candy looked like this

[Note not included in dream: I would like to better describe this symbol as I feel it may have some special importance. Find an image of the old symbol of the planet Pluto and you will see the description given above, that of a half circle cradling a full circle, surmounted atop a cross. The image sketched in my dream sketchbook is of a half circle cradling a full circle; the "horns" of the half circle are both surmounted by yin-yangs. One yin-yang is the opposite of the other--that is, one has black on the left and white on the right, and the other one has black on the right and white on the left. The half circle rests upon the cross--but it's not a cross in my drawing. There is no crossbar; instead, the upright line is twined about by two snakes much like those in the caduceus symbol of Mercury (or the medical profession). I find it odd that this symbol recurs in both seemingly unrelated parts of the dream, if they are in fact the same symbol.]

Have You Seen This Mustached Man?

I don't remember this dream very well. I think it involved cops who were looking for somebody. All I remember is looking at a picture of a guy with a big huge white mustache, like from the Civil War era; I made a joke about this mustache, but can't remember exactly what I said. I have the feeling that cops were looking for this guy and there were some bodyguards or something, but that's all I remember of that one.

Killing Broderick

I was pretending playing out one of my stories--roleplaying. There was Trooper Broderick, being taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound. It wasn't very serious as far as I knew. This was like being watched from the point of view of his ex-wife, only in this she wasn't; she was a nurse. This really didn't happen before they met, but... [Note, in fact, later on I must have changed my plotline, because as I have it now she WAS a nurse and that was how she met him, after he had been shot.] This doctor took care of him, but they brought him in this room and some bad guys sprayed some kind of gas into it. The doctor realized when Broderick's heartbeat started going beepbeepbeepbeepbeep! that this was getting serious. He yelled, "NUTS!" and started swearing, then ran to the door and tried to push it open so the air could clear out before the people inside could pass out, but I think he and the other people in the room passed out after all. Broderick was in big trouble here, because here he was with a gunshot wound, getting poisoned by this gas, and his heart was beating really fast. It's like the nurse was watching this while it was happening and I acted it out (roleplayed) several times, trying to make it better, like it was one of my stories.

Melodrama (With Jonathan Taylor Thomas!)

There was something going on on TV, some kind of drama or something. There was this woman and her husband; the woman was going to go inside this big huge hotel-like building with fountains of water with lights underneath them out front. She was going to go inside because it was important, like maybe to help her find her child or something. Her husband didn't want her to go inside so he grabbed the other hand of the child (so, he wasn't lost??), and was saying, "No, no, no" over and over; she pulled the kid and they went inside anyway. The husband kept yelling, "Fine, I won't pay for it anymore; if you want alimony, I won't pay for it!"

Out front of this building there was some kind of Latino guy; he was some kind of juggler or fire-eater or something. The father walked past and stopped by him and fumed, "Oohhhh!" The Latino guy smiled and said something to him--I can't remember what it was, but it was really dumb.

While we were watching this, Jonathan Taylor Thomas came on, out front of this hotel; there were reporters or some kind of therapists or something and they asked, "Okay, has anybody abused you?" or something.

Jonathan replied, "May I point at you?" and pointed at the father, I think. That might have happened earlier in the show, and might have been why the woman was taking the kid away.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "Here A Tape, There A Tape..."

Here A Tape, There A Tape...

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "Melodrama (With Jonathan Taylor Thomas!)"

It was nighttime. Eric was home. I went into the living room; Dad was lying down on the couch holding my big tape player. I said, "Dad, not to be snide or anything, but, does it comfort you?"

He said, "No, I'm going to be using it later on"--as if he was going to be going to sleep for a while, then was going to use my tape player.

I said, "Well, okay; I'm not going to use it, but I'm going to take my tapes." He had one of my tapes beside him; I picked it up, and he had one also, which seemed to be on his forehead. I picked that up and said, "Here a tape, there a tape, everywhere a tape tape" when I walked out of the room. *LMAO*

Eric was in the utility room during this time. I think he was eating or something, as he seemed to be throughout the rest of the dreams of this night. ^_^ I went to the VCR and was going to tape something, but I had to see where in the playback the tape was, then put the VCR on AUX to record. For some reason I had to see what the baseball scores were to know where the tape was, because there was a baseball game on. o_o So I took the remote and kept going through them. It didn't say the scores; it just said something like what inning it was or something. This was while I was pushing the display button--when it shows you things like "Picture, "Color," "Stereo," etc.; it was things like that, only there were little icons for different sports and stuff. I said, "Well, darn it!" I think I went to AUX power and pushed it so that the scores would show up and they finally did so, so I think I started to set my tape to record then.

The Cats' Prayer

I was getting ready to watch The Lion King with my mom. I said it was called Bible Story or something like that, as if that were the subtitle of the movie--The Lion King: Bible Story! o_O Ma said, "Come on, you're kidding me."

"No, that's it," I replied. Then I felt a little tiny bit of doubt; maybe this was reality creeping in? Later in the dream I was looking at a book and it talked about The Lion King. It said something like, "You don't even think about the Biblical story of...," and it said something like Cain and Abel, only it was two different brothers. So I knew for sure then that the movie was subtitled Bible Story. *whew*

While I was talking to Ma about this--I think we were in the utility room or kitchen or dining room or something--we were laughing. Dad pounded on the wall--he was in bed--and yelled. Ma took it cool, like she always does, but I started flipping out. I exclaimed, "Nneee-ee! He can't sleep while we're talking!" I think I got some candy or something and stomped to my room; I was complaining because we couldn't watch the movie.

Ma said, "Maybe you can read or something."

I fumed, "Yeah, turning the pages would probably wake him up!"

I went into my room. There were two black cats on my bed. I was near the foot of the bed, kind of, where that nylon bag is--my room looked different--and the other cat was on the bed. At first I thought one was Pepper, and I said, "Hi, Pepper," but then I realized that they were both wild cats or something. They were giving me this look; I knew I had to pray for them so they'd be safe in the wild. So I took out this book and read from it; I was trying to make it seem like I wasn't reading from it, but I didn't know the cat prayer by heart. I folded my hands and read this cat prayer. It said something like, "Protect us in the wild from lightning and wild animals" and such; I can't remember the whole thing. I had the feeling that when I was done the cats felt better, and maybe they left.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "Bad Faith Cake."

Bad Faith Cake

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "The Cats' Prayer."

I went out into the utility room and Ma had the fridge open; it was nearly empty. I started laughing. She put something in there and moved something aside and I said, "Yeah, you're trying to make it look full, aren't you?" because the way she was placing things, it looked like she was trying to make it look like there was more in the fridge than there actually was. There was some kind of cake sitting on the freezer, and a little tiny piece of it was gone; it looked kind of funny but I thought, "Gee, this looks good." I picked up the cake and showed it to Ma and said, "Are you going to have a piece of this?"

She looked at me and said, in a dull voice, something like "I don't have faith in it"--when she meant something like "I think the cake is bad." But I decided I'd cut a piece and eat it anyway. It tasted good, but it had some kind of weird aftertaste to it, like maybe some kind of chemical, so I ate most of it but then it was like I was squishing it in my hand so it turned into some kind of paste. I went into the bathroom and washed the rest down the drain, then went back to the fridge and drank some milk.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "Slaves Of The Spider-Blood Demons."

Slaves Of The Spider-Blood Demons

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "Bad Faith Cake."

I left my mom in on the couch when she was lying down to go to sleep, but she watches TV at night, so I was trying to find a channel; this might have been related to the dream "The Cats' Prayer," when I was still mad at Dad. I just put the TV on this channel where there was some kind of western show like Lonesome Dove airing, and left it there. Ma was interested in it because sometimes even though it isn't a shopping channel she'll see something and want to watch it. The show had two girls, and they were either riding horses or in some kind of carriage--I think it was the former. Their hair was done up fancy but they were riding through a field and started taking their hair down so it wouldn't get messed up or anything.

Then it's like I was watching something on TV myself. It was some kind of weird show, and it's like I was in it, too. The utility room was where it took place. There were a bunch of humans; they were like slaves of Satan. They didn't want to be, of course, but he was using them as slaves. There were normal people, there were some angels, and then later on there were demons. I'll explain how they came about in a moment. We were all working around in the utility room and such; I think at one point I picked up some kind of instructions on how to warm milk in a can, and it said that you can only warm it in a can for so long, so many servings in a can, before the can would give out; it said something like, "If you're going to warm milk for eight cats"--I remember that part distinctly, eight cats--that the can would wear out. If you had eight cats over for dinner the can wouldn't last. o_o So it told you how you were supposed to mix in water with the milk, and it said this would give it a better odor, but it was really to also help keep the can intact.

I picked up a newspaper now and it was something about some guy...I think he had been killed in a hotel, and there was some kind of investigation, but that was at the bottom of the page. At the top or side of the page there was some kind of series on the supernatural; the author looked like David Jacobs, the author of the UFO abduction book Secret Life. He had the same curly white hair and mustache. This supernatural series was called something like just "Series"--only I had the feeling it began with a C, although that was the normal spelling in my dream. That was the whole title. I thought, "Well, that doesn't really tell you much about what's inside of it."

This part here may have been part of another dream. I had the feeling I was looking through a whole bunch of tabloid newspapers--this was near the footstool on the gerbil's side. There were four different issues that came out a week. I picked out two of them that I wanted to look at because they had some kind of feature in them, like a horoscope or something, that I wanted to read. I thought, "Man, this would cost a lot if we got all of them"--but then I realized, "Well wait a minute, I do have all of them. Oh well." I wanted to have all four of them, but there were two that I was most interested in.

Anyway, back to the other part of the dream...we were all working around in the utility room, and Satan or whoever was getting mad. There was a blond lady who was near the back; he was starting to lust after her or something, but she wasn't showing any interest and this made him angry. So he went over to her, or maybe someone else...but she had some kind of pin in her hand, and when he came near, she turned around and pretended she was going to hug him but instead stabbed him in the hand with this pin. For some reason this hurt him very badly and he yelled, "Aaaarrrgghhh!!"

Now it's like we were watching this on TV. Satan fell down on some kind of rock outcropping--the utility room suddenly wasn't our utility room anymore. The camera showed his hand fall down on the rock. The blood kept coming out of it, but it came out in "beads"--it beaded up really quickly, rather than gushed in a wave. It was red, but I knew that wasn't its true color, because he was wearing some kind of makeup or stain on his hand that made the first blood come out red. Finally the blood started coming out neon green and that was the real color of his blood, which meant that the dye had worn off. Most of these red blood drops landed on the rock. The beads formed the patterns of spiders; then they coagulated together and turned into demons, so these demons came from his blood. They stood up. I knew somehow that we were not supposed to understand what they were saying, but they talked and we could vaguely understand. It's like they were talking through some kind of radio and it was muffled, staticky, but we could comprehend it. One of them had fallen down and the other one said, "Excuse me," and helped it up.

They turned around and there was this man facing them with his hands on his hips. He was giving them this look. I knew that they would kill humans, but I didn't think that they would kill angels. They said something like, "Oh, we won't kill this guy." One demon started to turn away, but it was a trick--he whirled around and kicked this guy. Before he'd done this I'd noticed that there were white wings behind this man's back, and they were flapping a little bit. The demon said something like, "No, we won't attack guys with wings!" so I realized that they would attack angels too. Now when I say angels, I don't mean that they were servants of God or servants of the devil--it's like they were neutral, but the demons were bad guys, because the angels weren't really helping us escape either. This angel had sandy blond hair, shoulder length, parted in the middle--like a "classical" angel. I think that's how that dream ended, while we were watching this on TV.

In the part where the blood was beading from the devil's hand, he had ten fingers, because I remember his hand folding out--it was like that scene in The Stand where Jamey Sheridan's hand folds over on itself, only his hand folded out and he had ten fingers.

Available illustrations:

* [down arrow] hand got 10 fingers later on.
[down arrow] green (true) blood. [left arrow] red (dyed) blood. [down arrow] spider (turned into demon)

"If You Touch Me ONE MORE TIME...!"

It seemed I was walking through the basement and looking through these old computer models. I was also reading something about how cheap they were, about how you could get some for about $400. It's like they were made out of bright neon-colored plastic.

Then I seemed to be walking through Glen's. First I was in an aisle, looking for a certain brand of card. I found a whole bunch of them, but for some reason I didn't get one. Some of them looked like Lisa Frank brand. I think some had the Coca-Cola polar bear on them. There were these little kids who started crowding around while I was looking so I felt uncomfortable. I thought, "Will you go away?" but they didn't, so I moved off and found the binders. They were transparent plastic, and also bright neon colored. There were only one or two of them. I think one was purple and one might have been turquoise. I picked up the turquoise one and opened it up to look through it. It had a special kind of clasp to hold papers. I looked at the thickness and thought, "Well, I don't know if this would hold my manuscript," but I started carrying it around anyway, because I was going to set it down somewhere.

I was looking for Ma. It was like Glen's, but I think it had the layout of the old B&C--what Glen's used to be before it was bought out. The aisles were turned the wrong way. I was walking down one aisle--like near the meat section or something--and there were some guys standing in a group near the aisle. One of them was this short guy, and I remembered him for some reason because he was really snotty and snide--I couldn't stand him. I tried to make a detour around him but he noticed me and started making fun of me. I snorted and kept walking. I think I got into a fight with them, maybe, but I'm not sure. I kept walking around looking for Ma. I looked at this binder and saw that it cost $18. O_O I wondered if I should get it or not. I walked into the area which is now the left side of Glen's when you're entering; it was kind of like a cross between Glen's and Wal-Mart now. If it was Wal-Mart, it was around where the shoes would be; if it was Glen's, it would be where the books and ice cream and such are now. There was some kind of restaurant here in the dream. I guess the front was kind of like the old Family House Restaurant on the other side of Glen's. There was a lady sitting there looking bored. Inside the restaurant there was a net hanging in the window. Beyond the net there were big dinosaur models. I knew that the theme of the restaurant was dinosaurs, for some reason. I could see the tail end of a plesiosaur and I felt like going in there and looking at it, but I was still looking for Ma. I was kind of dazed in this dream, and had only one thing in mind: To find Ma while avoiding those snotty guys.

While I was walking through here, I went by the video section--it was right next to the restaurant and had a bunch of weird videos in it, but most of them were like instructional videos. Then I found Ma. Now the snotty guy came over to us and stood nearby. He kept poking Ma and me and making these remarks. Ma was ignoring him; she was kind of out of it. But I was getting mad. I turned to him and said, "If you touch her or me one more time, I'm gonna smack you." He was pissing me off!

I don't remember what became of that; the dream just kind of changed somehow. If they were not the same dream, this then shifted into "Silver Statues."

Silver Statues

If they were not the same dream, this then shifted out of "'If You Touch Me ONE MORE TIME...!'"

It's like I was going to the bathroom to take a bath, and I was setting up these things on the tub edge, only it was bigger. It was some kind of backdrop, and there were two little statues. One of them was a small silver statue, maybe of an archer or something, but I remember it was very frail. It fell on the floor because the stand was wet and I picked it up. It was slightly bent, so I unbent it and put it back up there. I thought, "I have to be careful with that because it's fragile."

I had the feeling that Eric was here, eating a bunch of stuff like chips and candy, and I brought some of that into the bathroom with me. I was looking into the tub.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "Helicopter Man & The Laughing Rod Serling."

Helicopter Man & The Laughing Rod Serling

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "Silver Statues."

I was watching or was part of something on TV--it was like Tiny Toons. Plucky Duck and Hampton Pig were walking around in this studio and they wanted to become famous or something. This is like what happened in real life yesterday. I was watching an episode in which the same thing happened. They were walking around in this studio.

In part of this dream, before they showed up, Skinner from The X-Files was looking through some files and pictures and such; he was interested in solving some kind of supernatural case, but Scully came in and was hypnotized or something, with the way she acted--I don't know if she really WAS, but she acted as if she were. She told him that it was useless because the supernatural didn't exist, but somehow Skinner was the one who wanted to solve it, not Mulder. I think they left. It was dark when they were doing that.

Anyway, in the Toons part, Plucky and Hampton were going through this studio. They weren't in every scene but all kinds of weird things were going on. There was a scene of this helicopter that was flying through the air, but the guy inside lost his guts or something (I hope not literally? o_O ) so he bailed out of the helicopter. He was dressed like a helicopter, is what it was--a guy dressed as a helicopter! But then he bailed out! Then it wasn't only him, it was a bunch of other little guys who were pretending to be this big helicopter. Dad and I were watching this and I laughed, "Jeez, that guy's a coward."

Now I was in the show. I was with somebody and we were weaselly guys, bad, kind of. We looked out this back door of the studio and some funny cars pulled in. One of them looked kind of like a Stealth car--that's the only way I can describe it, it was like a triangle, sort of, wedge shaped, and dark. I remember there were some bomb cases--they looked like mesh, big and cylindrical, but there were no bombs, just cases. They had something to do with this. There was some kind of plot going on. Then there were bugs hidden in certain places of this studio or something, to pick up what people were saying. I think the plot was to kill somebody or take over something.

Then it was like Rod Serling was standing over in another part of the studio; he was reading something, and trying on some masks, I think. He was standing on a stage; the things behind him, the graphics on the stage, kept changing. He laughed raucously--"HA HA HA!!" These two people who were walking along--maybe I was one of them?--stopped and heard this "HA HA HA!!" and were like, "Well, uh, he likes it." I think the thing was to make people die of laughter or something, to make them laugh themselves to death. That might have been the plot. Damn, is it just me or does this dream make zero sense?? >_<

Black & White Makes Gray

This is a confusing dream. It's kind of like it was in real life. I was reading a book. This dream gets really weird...I think I was looking at my gerbil, but it's like I had four--two adults and two babies. One of the adults was black and one of the babies was black, and one of the adults was white and one of the babies was white. I was watching them crawl around and do their little things; I thought they were so cute. Then the two adults got up and faced each other and the two babies did the same, so they all looked at each other. Then they weren't gerbils or rats or whatever anymore. They were pigeons.

I looked at them and suddenly the black ones weren't so very black and the white ones weren't so very white anymore. I said to Ma, "Look at this--the black one doesn't look black anymore, it looks gray; and the white one doesn't look white anymore, it looks gray." They seemed almost equal in color now. They faced each other. The one on the right, which I think was supposed to be the white one, raised its tail feathers and started fluffing up its wings, and I knew this was some kind of mating ritual. The baby below it started doing the same thing and I said, "Oh, look! The baby's copying the adult!"

Ma was nearby. She said, "I thought they were supposed to start at that young an age."

"No, they're just copying."

The bird on the right got on top of the bird on the left, and the babies followed suit, only the babies weren't really doing anything, just playing. Then this had something to do with some birds in the wild; it was like a documentary. There was this guy walking down the sidewalk and he had a big pink nest. It looked like a pillbox hat. It was wrapped in plastic and he said that he was going to cut part of it off to make a hat for his wife, but he was going to leave the rest of it intact. He couldn't touch it with his hands or else the birds wouldn't come back to it. I was thinking to myself, "Well, you're really good; you're still tampering with the nest!" But it was this old guy and he was walking to his house with this nest. I knew that these birds were getting killed because they were thought to be pests, but they were actually rare.

This dream might have been related to "Teens Are Stupid. & Other Things."

Available illustrations:

* The "bird's nest"
(was wrapped in plastic) (dotted line indicates top part man was going to cut off for his wife's hat)

* [left arrow] this pigeon initiated the mating ritual (after turning gray/black)

Teens Are Stupid. & Other Things

This dream might have been related to "Black & White Makes Gray."

I was walking down the street and I had seen these two guys go by, holding these birds in their hands. They were hunting them, or something. I felt bad. While I was walking along I saw a little red bird on the sidewalk and picked it up. At first I thought it was a dead cardinal, but then I think it was fake. So I started walking along the street with this, and was thinking I was going to give it to my friend. In this, I was a guy and my friend was a girl, so I was trying to find her.

Somewhere earlier in the dream it seemed there was this guy who was like a doorman; he stood out front of this hotel or something. When these people had gone by and littered, he'd said, "Keep litter away from here! Keep litter away from here!" He was showing them off. For some reason, the killing of these birds had unleashed something in a whole bunch of teens and they were running by. I'm not sure; I think something else came before this. Before I go on with that part, let me continue where I left off.

I was walking down a hallway inside some kind of school building now. I walked behind some people; maybe one of them was Minty V. (a girl from high school) but I'm not sure. There were like booths on the left side of the wall where people were eating. As I walked by I saw Eric V. (see "Eric's Last Chance") sitting in one of them and he raised his eyebrows and kind of grinned at me. I turned away and picked up my pace. I thought, "Darn, I shouldn't have done that; he probably thinks I'm trying to get past him," but the real reason I picked up my pace was because the people in front of me were now very nearly running to get to where they were going. So I ran after them.

We came into this classroom where there were a bunch of little kids. It was darkened in here because they were watching some kind of film. I sat down near the back with two other people who were around my age and who had come with us--maybe one was Chris M. (a kid from high school). I remember thinking, "I hope I'm not sitting too close among the little kids," because for some reason that would make me be thought of as a little kid myself. The thing they were watching on the screen was some kind of cartoon about Indians. At first I thought it was the Disney Pocahontas, but then it was a different version, at least. I remember there was the Indian maiden, some kind of English guy, and a horse; the horse could talk and had a name but I can't remember what it was. It said something like, "Well, I'm going to lie down now!" with a British accent, then it lay down and its tail moved out. It was really stupid for some reason; I don't remember why.

The Indian lady sighed and said something like, "What a strange long dog." I know that "dog" was her word for "horse," because the Indians didn't know what horses were.

Then the movie changed and there was this guy--maybe it was Matt Frewer, the actor who played Max Headroom and was in The Stand as Trashcan Man. He was the main character and was feeding something--some kind of bugs or something on the road. He was throwing them some handfuls of green slime and the bugs or whatever they were looked at it and said, "You know, maybe if you gave us something healthier to eat--?"

So he threw them a green slimy fish head and said, "Here, have this." He didn't have very much good stuff to eat. :/

Near the alley he was in, this big fancy white convertible or whatever pulled up. At first there were two teens in it and Frewer(?) went up to the car. He smiled and the teens smiled back. At first it's like he started to walk away, but then he opened the door and asked if he could get in and the teens let him. Off to my left, this kid who was watching this said, "Man, those teenagers are stupid, letting this guy in their car." I knew that this statement was correct but I thought this kid was kind of annoying, saying it out loud like that. I looked over and he had red hair cut short and in a ponytail; he looked kind of like Shawn E. (an old friend from elementary school) and sounded like him so I thought, "He's too young; he must be a younger relative I've never heard of."

Anyway, I turned back to the show. The guy got in the car and all of a sudden there were like a whole bunch of teens in it and they were all flailing their arms and yelling, "Whoooooo!" They went down the street near that hotel and were throwing lots of litter out the window. The doorman yelled, "Keep your litter away from here! Keep your litter away from here!" but he couldn't keep control of it because there was so much litter and this whole place was going all to hell.

I believe the plot shifted and this may have continued in "The Dragon Of Paradise."

The Dragon Of Paradise

I believe the plot of this shifted out of/continued from "Teens Are Stupid. & Other Things."

(Warning--this is a VERY WEIRD dream, even by my standards!)

It's like I was going through this building again. I was in some kind of show now. At first I think I was a woman--I think of the characters The Badger and Caitlin in the book The Spellkey Trilogy--and I was going through these rooms and down this hallway. When I was walking back, it seems, I went through this one room where there were signs on the left that said things...kind of like Burma Shave signs that the kids had made, and they were funny. One of the kids tried to stop me and made me look at his sign, but I shoved him off really rudely so the rest of them just kind of stepped aside as I walked through. I was under some kind of spell, I believe. I can't explain this whole dream because it's confusing!! I kept switching between the man and the woman.

Then I was the man and something had gone wrong with the woman, so I thought, "Well, I'm going back to that paradise." There had been this kind of paradise place that he'd come from before he met the woman; he could either stay with the woman or stay in this paradise. I had kept going back and forth. I thought, "Well, the guy in this paradise will be kind of annoyed." The guy who ran the paradise, I believe, was this dragon. To get through this paradise, first I had to get through this realm that was run by a bad guy. I went through that quickly and went up these steps and into the paradise. I think of some kind of black basketball player like Dennis Rodman or something o_o ; I don't know, maybe the dragon was supposed to be like him, or have his voice? There were mannequins in this place too, but they were the bad guys. I went into the paradise and escaped to the big room there. But something was going on. The bad guy was going to claim somebody--me, the woman, or something else. So the dragon went up and stood before him and said, "Take me instead."

All the mannequins that were in this room turned and looked at him. Everybody was hushed and awed because that was a really brave thing to do. The bad guy was thinking about the offer. All the mannequins in the room again reminded me of that episode of Star Trek (Voyager?), "The Thaw"; it's like I was controlling them somehow. They all jumped up and down and said, "Take him! Take him!" Then they started chanting something else, but I don't remember what it was. So finally the bad guy decided he would take the dragon instead of the human.

Then it's like all of a sudden, I was reading this in a book. There was another dragon, and it was older than this one and was asleep. I remember while I was reading the book I was tracing the contours of the dragon's body on the page. While it was asleep it had gotten an itch on its chest and it wanted to scratch it, but there was a crystal embedded there--the book said "paste," but I mean embedded. It wanted to scratch, but it didn't want to scratch the surface of this jewel and mar it. It woke up and had the urge to write something down, so it started writing down the names of the characters--the man and woman and the other dragon who was like a younger relative. It was a really weird name that began with an S--I can't remember what it was. The dragon started writing this down, and it also wrote down something like "The First Winter"...it had some kind of weird names. It said the snow in one part of the country is golden and the snow in another part of the country is bluish-white, and this had something to do with the plot for some reason. While he was writing this down he stopped and looked at what was written and realized that his younger relative was in trouble. It's like he was either drawing it or looking at pictures in a book or I was looking at pictures in a book; I'm not sure. There were snakes in his dream, dream snakes, and they had wings and were writhing around. He knew he had to go rescue these people. So he stood on a hilltop and turned himself into a huge tree.

I was flipping through this book and looking at the illustrations. In one, it was like Pinocchio chained to a tree; in another it was the dragon turning into a tree; in yet another it was like from up on top of the hill; below you could see these four tiny specks coming. I closed in on them and looked at them. One was the woman, one was the man, one was a character like a guardian similar to the character Elric from The Spellkey Trilogy, and one was a dog. They were coming up toward the tree. The dragon knew that he had to save them from the bad guy. While I was looking at one of these pictures, in the picture there were hidden animals--like in the contours of the drawing, you could see a big cat, and a bear, and some others hidden in the picture. I was trying to look for these hidden animals. But to get on with the story...these four went up to the tree and I think the tree dragon encased them and they went down a watery tunnel, but the dragon kept them safe because the bad guy was coming after them now. He was going to help save the other, younger dragon from the bad guy too.

Was I on drugs or something when I dreamed this?? o_O;;;

This may have shifted into or continued in "Battleships & Golden Bugs."

Battleships & Golden Bugs

This dream might have continued from the end of "The Dragon Of Paradise," or it might have been unrelated.

Dad was watching some kind of military movie on TV. He started to watch the beginning when they showed the title and he said, "Oh, darn."

"What?" I asked.

"This is the one that I ordered a long time ago," he said. He'd ordered it on tape a long time ago and it hadn't come in yet, but now he was seeing it on TV and it was going to ruin the surprise. It was about these people; I think they were on a ship or something, but they were going to get bombed from above, so they had to hide below. They said in the bunkers, but it's like they were beneath the water. They were swimming around in some kind of sinkhole in the ocean. They had really weird ships. One had a curved prow, and the other one stuck out straight.

In part of the dream, the boat with the curved prow was on one side and the straight-prowed ship was on the other, but then it switched; I said to Dad, "These ships keep switching places. This is dumb. The continuity should be kept up." There were more ships than that but those are the only ones I remember. They were staying beneath the water for protection from the bad guys, but the bad guys released a bunch of piranhas in there and the fish attacked them.

One of these people was a woman. I think this was supposed to be a World War II movie, so a woman being here surprised me. She mentioned to the others that she had seen a bridge above. One of the guys said something like, "Yeah, right, a bridge above this sinkhole!" She was kind of subdued when she talked about this because she knew they wouldn't believe her, but finally I think somehow they got out of there and escaped from the bad guys.

In this dream, Eric was on the couch or something and he was eating food again; I was eating a pear, and wondering if I would like it or not. It was really soft, almost insubstantial. I went into the bathroom, still eating; there were some kind of bugs flying around, but one of them looked like a golden-orange raindrop and kept coming at me. I kept swinging at it and missing. I could never hit it. I kept swinging at it with a book, trying to hit it, because I didn't want it to bite me. It's like I went into my bedroom while I was fighting it--it just kept coming at me and I kept swatting at it. Finally I put down the book and waited until it landed or something and then smacked it and it disappeared. I think that's how that dream ended.

Available illustrations:

* [up arrows] the two prowed battleships were sort of like this (or subs?); under a dark blue sinkhole.
[up arrows] other ships

* The "bug" that I couldn't hit; until I dropped all resistance & used my hand--I struck it to the floor & it disappeared. It was smaller than this, like a flying orangish drop of honey.

Angel Tokens

This dream is confusing. It seemed I was upstairs in my brother Eric's room and I was digging through a chest, looking for something. But I couldn't seem to remember what I was looking for. I kept finding different sci-fi books like the magazine Analog or Asimov's Science Fiction. I pulled them out and dropped them beside me because I thought maybe I'd like to read them later on. I was kind of afraid of digging further because I thought there might be bug crap and dead things and crawling bugs down there. That doesn't appeal to me very much. :P I kept finding silver coins all over the floor--all kinds of coins, but I only picked up the silver ones for some reason. Some had angels on them and I knew that they were like tokens; not meant to be spent, but I liked them. So I picked up only those coins. There were pennies and such too, but I wasn't interested in them.

While I was digging through this box I found more than just these magazines; I can't remember what it was though. In one part of this it seemed I was looking through a magazine--the author or editor of it was well known--and somebody had written in and complained because they never had anything about black people in it. The editor had written back something like, "But I am brown and I am" something, because he was brown in color, but I didn't know if he was black in race. It seemed that in this magazine they had something about dead singers--musicians, I mean--and some punks, but I can't remember it very well. Helen Hunt had something to do with it too; I think she was in it, and may have been a singer or something though in real life she's an actress. I don't get it.

This dream may have been continued in/related to "Lookin' For Babies!"

Lookin' For Babies!

This dream may have been continued from/related to "Angel Tokens."

I was in some kind of room, looking for some babies. o_O It was kind of like a nursery and was lit up, like the sun was shining through the windows through curtains. I was looking for babies for some reason. Yep.

This dream may have been continued in or shifted into "A Shrink On Every Floor."

A Shrink On Every Floor

This dream may have been continued from or shifted out of "Lookin' For Babies!"

I was in some kind of hospital or apartment building. I think it had thirteen stories. I had to get to the thirteenth floor and contact a psychiatrist or something on each floor. For some reason Mrs. R. (my old psychologist) had given me the name of the first psychiatrist, on the first floor, and I would go find that one and have him tell me the name of the one on the second floor and so on until I got to the top. I got into an elevator and it might have gone to the side instead of up. I'm not sure.

I was writing down some stuff on the wall about the Three Stooges. It talked about their real names; they didn't end with Howard. I remember I was writing down Larry's name but it was really Simon or something like that--Simon Peter, I think. I thought, "That's kind of weird, because that was in the Bible." Then his name was something like Sie'emon--spelled oddly. I was trying to tell somebody about the apostrophe but I couldn't remember what the apostrophe was called so I said "dash" or "colon" instead.

Anyway, I was writing this on the wall of the elevator. I'm not sure what happened in between these parts, but I got to like the ninth floor and started looking for another elevator. First I was trying to find the psychiatrist, but I couldn't locate him. I saw this thing on the wall like at the Burns Clinic (where I used to see my psychiatrist in real life) where it has the names of the different doctors on that level and the different departments. I looked at it but didn't see anything about a psychiatrist. >_< So I thought, "Well, maybe I'll just go to the elevator and go to the tenth floor and try to find the psychiatrist up there, because there doesn't seem to be one on this floor."

So I went around looking for an elevator but it seemed all the ones that I saw were being used, weren't available, or were too crowded. I just kept walking all over this building, past Coke machines, people lounging around, and the elevators were open and the lights were on, but it seemed like people were busy doing something to them.

Finally I found Ma. We were still looking for elevators; she found one and started running for it to catch it because it was ready to go. I ran behind her and yelled, "Maybe we should just give up!" I didn't think I'd get there in time. But I got to it; when I did, I realized that it was very crowded, and was going to say to Ma, "I don't think we should get on it; it's crowded," but she was going to the back. So I got in. Grandpa B. (Ma's dad--a big man) and a sumo wrestler, along with all these other people, were inside. o_o The doors closed and it started going up. I looked at the maximum weight capacity; it was 181lbs. I thought, "Oh Lord, there's all these people! How much do I weigh? How much does Grandpa weigh? And then there's this SUMO WRESTLER--!!"

(Looking back on it, yes, this is more humorous than anything.)

It's kind of like I was trying to change the course of the dream; I got outside of the elevator and was kind of freaking out, like, "Oh Lord, I hope I'll be okay! Is it gonna crash?" But I was also in the elevator, and I remember we stopped off at the next floor. Now we seemed to be in this room with big glass windows, a glass office or something, that looked outside. We got off the elevator and I sighed and thought, "I thought it was gonna crash!" because it was WAY over 181lbs maximum capacity! >_<

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