Soothing Spanish

I don't remember this dream very well. I think it might have had something to do with paper strips like the ones I use for making beads. I have the feeling that I was bandaging some kind of hurt animal, and that I was talking Spanish; maybe I was talking to the animal in Spanish? I don't know. o_o

James Bond Redhead

I had the feeling this dream was a James Bond ad or something. There was a nerd, and some women, and they had different-colored hair. As I was waking up I was thinking of a woman with red or auburn hair. That's all I can remember of that dream.

Sleep Easier, & Dream Of Horses!

In this dream, I was sitting on my bed looking at a box of sleeping pills. I wondered if I should take some or something It said that these ones were good for falling asleep at night, and some other ones were good for falling asleep during the day; this one that I had was good for night. I just kept reading it over and over and over again--"Good for day," "Good for night," "Good for day," "Good for night"... It told the names of several other brands. It said that they were good for falling asleep during the day, but this one was good for falling asleep at night when the body naturally wants to go to sleep. It said something like, because it's dark out, it's easier to fall asleep when it's dark; "So you can get 2-3 extra hours of sleep and dream about horses." Or something like that. o_o

This dream may have continued in "The Real World: India."

The Real World: India

This dream may have been a continuation of "Sleep Easier, & Dream Of Horses!"

I was looking at a magazine like Entertainment Weekly, and it was talking about The Real World--it's a show on MTV, in which there's a group of people and they put them together in an apartment and then film every single second of their lives. Well, the article had a lot of pictures of people in it; it was supposed to be the people of The Real World and what they were doing, but first it started out like some kind of article on India. They were showing some pictures of these Real World people in India and such. There was one scene of this old woman and it said she was a horse worshipper or something, then it gave another term for this but I can't remember what it was. Then it showed a whole bunch of Indian women.

It started showing pictures of "the faces of India," so I thought, "Well, let's see how different they all look and if there's any pretty ones." But before I could get very far, I stopped on this picture of these two Indian women who were standing in a river or something; the one who was standing behind the other one, the bigger one, had her face turned in profile; but the one standing in front faced the camera. The one in profile was kind of fat; she wasn't ugly, but she wasn't pretty either. I don't think the one in front was very thin, but she had a pretty face. The magazine said something like how the first face--which was that of the woman standing on the left, behind the other one (they both faced the right)--was a welcoming, hard-worn, working face, and the second face, that of the woman in front, was a beautiful face, and how it was putting the best aspect on both of them. They were sisters. I thought, "Wow, they don't even look alike!"

I kept looking through this magazine. There was a picture of one of the Real World guys; he looked kind of like that David Yost guy who plays Billy the Blue Ranger on Mighty Morphin Power Rangers. It was a scene of him running across this street in the dark. It said that it was after recent rains in India and it was really humid, so he was trying to cool off. I thought, "If I wanted to cool off I wouldn't be running across the street! Maybe the wind is blowing in his face?" Then it went to a picture of all these people who were supposed to be on The Real World, sitting around the table in a restaurant. The David Yost-looking guy was with them, and there were a bunch of other people; then it had single pictures of each and information about them. In one of the pictures the guy (the nerd?) was getting a shirt thrown at his face. ^_^ It was really funny; he must have been being a dork or something. Then there was another picture of that nerdy guy, the David Yost-looking guy, and you could get his picture on a T-shirt. I said something like, "Well, that would be nice, having your picture on a T-shirt!"...then it's like I was talking to this guy in the utility room of my house or something, and he was telling me about what it was like, to have his picture on a T-shirt.

This dream may or may not have shifted into/been related to "Red Flowers, Red Days."

Red Flowers, Red Days

This dream may or may not have shifted out of/been related to "The Real World: India."

I went outside and started looking around. I think it was nearing nighttime and Pepper was out here. She meowed and came running toward me, because she'd been locked outside or something; she was supposed to be kind of like an outdoors cat in this dream. (In real life she was an indoors cat.) I think she was on Ma's car or something. I picked her up and carried her around.

I looked at the ground; near the woods there had been some red roselike flowers and their petals had certain patterns on them. Now there were some seedlings sprouting up on the other side of the driveway. These red flowers had been over near where that weird bush is, by that tree I used to walk behind in the mud patch. (There is an odd berry bush here; I don't know what it is.) Now the flowers were growing up on the other side of the driveway and they were really small. I looked at them and wondered, "Are these the same plants?" I went across the driveway and looked at them, then came back and looked at the little ones. I thought, "Yeah, they are the same ones! Oh, Dad'll be happy!" Because for some reason these roselike flowers were his!

I think I then realized that it was that time of the month or something, so I came inside; I went into my bedroom and sat down on the bed. I was doing something, I don't know what. The thing is, I was supposed to have a class, but it was earlier; it's like I was supposed to go to it but it was earlier, so it was really weird. I was listening to that song by Modern English, "I Melt With You"; I remember it was really going through my head or playing on the radio. I was kind of upset because it was that time of the month and I was uncomfortable. For some reason I wished that I had a class after this, at night, around seven o'clock. Dad came to the door when I said, "You know, I wish I had another class at a later time."

He said something like, "Well, yeah," and tried to comfort me or something; I don't know.

Star Trek: Saving The Starman

I think this dream started out with Dad and Eric and me--I'm not sure about Eric--watching Star Trek: Deep Space Nine on TV, but it had the characters of Star Trek: Voyager, except they were younger looking. They were on their ship, flying through space; I distinctly remember Captain Janeway. I think I remember Harry Kim, but I do know that Janeway, B'elanna Torres, and Tuvok showed up later on. They were flying through space, and the set of the ship they were on, they faced the left, looking out through this little window where there were stars and other ships and such; it looked really, really fake. The inside of the set was really crenellated, and gold. The characters just kept talking to each other and arguing about what they were doing. I'm like, "Man, this is a crappy set! With stupid special effects!" I turned to Dad and said, "They had better special effects on The Next Generation!" For some reason this was supposed to make it sound like these special effects were REALLY bad, though instead of TNG I probably meant the original Star Trek, because the effects on that weren't very good. I had meant to insinuate that the special effects on this show were even worse than that. These stars outside the window didn't even seem to move, and when they did move it was very slowly and they looked stupid. This window was really small and oval; outside the window there were these long gold spires coming off the ship...I don't know what they were, but they came out off of the window.

Then some kind of plot began to unfold on the show. They were coming down to Earth or something, because the scene changed in front of them, from stars to a street scene, and they were going along this street but it was really fuzzy and staticky and looked bad. Eric, behind me, said something like, "God!" because it was so awful.

I said, "Oh, now they're just cruising down the street, RRRRRRR!" I imagined this big spaceship going down the street. ^_^ This was still supposed to be DS9 (a show that, in reality, I never watched), only with the characters from Voyager, but it was like the lost years or the early years or something, because they might have just met. It was really weird. Then the scene started to clear up as they went down this street. I think it was kind of like Main Street in Cheboygan, just past Plaza 27 and everything. There were a bunch of little ice cream trucks behind them; most of them were for fast-food restaurants, except a couple which were for soft drink companies. I remember one for Coca-Cola, and one for McDonald's, which had a little ice cream cone on top. :/ That's how things were--it was like Earth of the future--but it was really strange.

I guess they got out of their ship, because I think now I was Captain Janeway! So I got out with Torres; she was younger and looked different. There was somebody else with me, I don't know; maybe it was Kim, but it might have been a character who isn't even on the show. We got out and walked up near the place where the little gas station is out front of Glen's. We were walking in the direction of the county building, I believe. There was an advertisement here for a napkin artist--a guy who makes his living by drawing on napkins. o_O That's what it said. We went up to this, some kind of stone or brick building; it was kind of classical in structure, but not quite. Now it was kind of like we were on the college campus near the science buildings and such.

We were walking around and it's like we were looking for somebody. The people (what people?--I'm not sure; it must have been the locals) had said that something like a starman--that was what they called him, Starman--had visited them. We didn't associate this with any extraterrestrials, but we were looking for this Starman because he could help us for some reason. We walked around inside this structure now. The people here lived some kind of medieval existence, and they whispered about us as we walked around. We found this woman; it's like she was at the bottom of a hill far away from us, down below this building. She was really, really sick for some reason. I don't know how, but we knew that she was the Starman's wife. We wondered if we could meet the Starman, because maybe we could help her or him. Then this guy showed up and they were helping to walk this other guy. It was Tuvok, only it was like in that episode "Tulix," where he was combined with Neelix. He had like a star on his uniform, and we realized why they called him Starman; a second reason was because he was extraterrestrial. We helped lay him down on the ground and realized that that was his wife below. He was really sick too; he wouldn't talk. He wasn't rational or anything like Tuvok is on the show. We were trying to figure out how to help him, but one of the guys, perhaps one of those who helped us, was in disguise; he came out of his disguise and was an older guy, kind of like the clown in the episode "The Thaw"--it was an episode I saw recently. He was supposed to be funny, but he was a bad guy. He said that we couldn't take the Starman away from the planet or anything, and we couldn't leave, either. But we kind of ignored him--"We're going to go anyway."

Perhaps there was a scene shift here? We were now in this room with a bunch of people and they were dancing and such. There was this princess who came in and she had long blond hair. She was acting ditzy. She did some things that I can't remember. Then she pulled out a violin and started playing. We realized then that this princess was the bad guy in disguise. Two kids came up beside him and they started trying to play the violin. It's like I was controlling their actions because I was feeling the bow going over the strings--and it really sucked! The kids were making these shrieking sounds, when they could get any sound out of the violin at all. >_< The guy said, "No, no, you people are terrible!" and started trying to do it. It didn't sound very good at first, but then it started to sound all right, and now there were three people playing the violin. Then it's like I was one of these townspeople or whatever they were. We started dancing around in the middle of the room. There were like two women and a little girl dancing. The other people were playing violins or standing around. On one side of the room were the people with the violins and on the other side were some steps going up into a place without a roof, with trees and such. We were dancing and the bad guy didn't like us dancing for some reason, but we didn't really stop.

Janeway and Torres--Kim wasn't with them now and I was wondering where he was, before realizing we'd made two trips and he was back on the ship--grabbed Tuvok and went to the steps and out onto this patio. On this patio were certain tiles; when you stepped on them they would glow. The bad guy was trying to come after us and we all squatted down on these glowing tiles. We were safe as long as we stayed on them. I remember scuttling around and making sure everybody was on the tiles right, because some villagers were coming with us too. We sat down on the tiles; some people curled up on them like they were going to sleep, but it's like I was beside Captain Janeway now. She was crouching and I was thinking, "Yeah, I wouldn't want to show up on the ship curled up on my side," because these tiles also functioned as transporters.

I looked down at the tiles and the way they glowed, they looked like scenes from Disney movies! They were supposed to be scenes from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame, but some of them were from Pocahontas and stuff, though they were all supposed to be from the same movie. I pressed my hand down on a couple, trying to make them glow more. I did this to the one in front of me; first it was something like a picture of Judge Frollo, then it was like somebody commanding these animals. One of them was supposed to be the goat from The Hunchback but it was really a ram, because I remember looking at it. It was upside-down. One of the animals was hanging upside-down so I could see it well. The scene had a bunch of forest animals chasing this guy. I started thinking to myself about Beauty & The Beast, and of the bad guy from Pocahontas (John Ratcliffe); in this part of the dream I couldn't remember his name, I just remembered that big fat guy. ^_^;

I believe they were the same dream, but the plot then shifted into "Whatever Happened To Beauty & The Beast?"

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* Star Trek viewscreen--
[down arrow] galaxies kept coagulating, dispersing, & shifting. [up arrow] all gold

Whatever Happened To Beauty & The Beast?

I believe they were the same dream, but the plot of this shifted out of "Star Trek: Saving The Starman."

Now I was watching Beauty & The Beast; first I was thinking that this guy died at the end of the movie. They were in some kind of palace, using these envelopes or something--white envelopes with pink trim. Beauty was looking at one and she said something like, "My wedding stationery." They were using this for some kind of special occasion. Then I realized, "No, wait a minute! The Beast didn't die, he lived at the end of the movie and was turned into a prince!" So I changed the dream--he was alive, and I was wondering what their kids would look like. I thought, "Well, I think they'll have three children-- two sons and a daughter." In my dream Belle had darker hair than the prince, the way I think it really was in the movie. I thought, "Well, why don't we have the boys have the dark hair, and the girl have the light hair?"

I also wondered if they'd turn into beasts or anything on the full moon. Damn, this is a weird dream. o_O

I believe they were the same dream, but this then shifted substantially, into "The Irish Chair."

The Irish Chair

I believe they were the same dream, but the plot of this shifted out of "Whatever Happened To Beauty & The Beast?"

It's like I was looking over this huge Disney landscape and speeding through it really fast. I remember seeing these little characters walking around really quickly on the bottom. I wanted to rewind it and see who they were--one looked like John Ratcliffe, from Pocahontas--but he wasn't supposed to be there.

Then I was inside this big fancy library. It was like the college library, only bigger. Somebody like Judge Frollo from The Hunchback Of Notre Dame was here, but he wasn't a bad guy; he was leading Ratcliffe around, showing him the library. Ratcliffe was acting all fawning, like, "Oh, yes! Yes!"

There were certain posts to be held in the library, and the holder of the most boring and menial one had to sit in a certain chair along one wall of the library--that was the job, to just sit there and watch the library all day. Frollo stopped at this one point and said, "You can have this section along the northeast wall," and pointed to this big green velvet chair.

Ratcliffe said, "Oh, yes! This is wonderful! The northeast wall!" He went up to the chair, which said something like "Irish" or "Ireland" on it, and exclaimed, "It's the Irish chair! Oh, this is wonderful!" I knew he was really thinking, "Oh, this is terrible! This sucks!" but he was fawning instead. I remember the air was kind of dusty, because the dust was floating on the sunbeams coming in. I think that I was now pretending to be Ratcliffe, and I sat on the chair.

This dream then shifted into "Bleeding In Public."

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* The "Irish" chair--
(can't remember specific details (like back, legs, etc.); big & green). [up arrow] bottom bigger

Bleeding In Public

This dream continued out of "The Irish Chair."

I believe I was just my normal old self. I was in the college library. This is where the nightmare begins. I had finished my first and second classes and my next class was like algebra, and then creative writing. I was going to lie down and take a little nap like I sometimes did in real life. So I lay down. I remember sometime during this I woke up or something and had a yellow flier in my hand. I wrote down in red "Ratcliffe" on it, because I was writing down my dreams and I suddenly remembered his name (see "Star Trek: Saving The Starman" and "The Irish Chair"). I think I might have gone back to sleep. Then I woke up again; I think I brushed myself and realized I had blood on my hand. o_o I thought, "Oh, no." I sat up and noticed it was that time of the month, BIG time! I had worn a pad, but I guess it really mega-failed because I had blood all over me!! :( I thought, "Oh Lord, I've gotta get out of here without anybody noticing me! I've gotta get to a bathroom!"

While I was sitting up I remember seeing some FBI books, part of a series on crime and criminals. One of them was the FBI's Most Wanted manual and I was going to pick it up and look at it. I saw another book that had like a viewscreen or something, a peephole, on the front; I don't know how to describe it. But that was before I realized what was wrong. I peered out from between the aisles and there were some people sitting at tables. At first it wasn't very many. One of them was Molly K. (someone I knew in high school). Russell E. (an old friend) walked by and I was thinking of whispering to one of them, "Hey! Come here!" because I was going to tell one of these people to go call my mom or something because I was having an emergency, and I didn't want to walk out in front of them.

I thought, "Well, there aren't very many people. I'll creep out to the bathroom." But as soon as I started to, MORE people were suddenly standing around, and it looked like they were all staring at me!! Even though I had my back to them! <:( It was so terrible. So I went back into the aisle and I think I started to cry now.

Then I saw Ma on the other side of the room, looking around. I tried to whisper to her--"Ma!" She didn't hear me. So I tried to say it louder--but it was like I lost my voice!! I seemed to have a cold, and a little croak was all I could get out. But she finally saw me or heard me, and came over. I went to her and said, "Ma, I've got blood all over me!"

She said, "Oh Lord, we've gotta get you to the bathroom."

So she held up something behind me, like a big piece of paper or something, and we went to the bathroom. It was crowded and there were a couple of people in line. I was crying. There was this blond lady talking with Ma in here; I thought, "Lady, why don't you go away, we're having an emergency now!!" But I didn't say anything to her. Finally this one bathroom was open and Ma and I both went in. It's like there were two bathroom monitors in here and they looked like cops. They were black. They looked at us and I thought, "Why don't you two get out of here!!" But they disappeared somewhere along the way. I guess I went to the bathroom and the pad was out of place, somehow. Ma must have washed off my pants because when I tried them on again they were wet but not bloody. I remember I was trying to look at my backside in a mirror. I held the mirror over my head and everything, trying to get a good look.

I just thought of a better name for those two men who had been in there, crouching behind the toilet--toilet monitors, because that was what they were. But they disappeared somewhere along the line.

I walked out of the bathroom and it's like the bathroom was empty now, and maybe I was in my bedroom at home instead. I picked up my mirror and tried to hold it behind me, but I couldn't get a good look. So I held it way over my head. If I held it far enough I could see behind me that there seemed to be like a spot or two that Ma had missed, but they were really small and just looked like dirt. They were set and they were like a couple of holes in the back of my pants--these were the blue pants I used to wear a long time ago. I think I was wearing a long white shirt, so I wondered if there was any blood on that. It was wet too, so I pulled it down over my pants just in case.

Now I know I was in my room, because Ma came down the hallway and said, "Rachel, your schedule won't work out." She was using different words but I can't remember what.

Before this, I had asked her what time it was and she wouldn't answer. I had said, "What time is it? What times is it?!" She had said it was 4:30 and I was like, "Oh, Lord!" because I was supposed to get up around 2:30 to go to my class. I missed my first creative writing class. I thought, "I wanted to go there and see what it was like and get the schedule! And I don't know what we were doing in algebra..." My algebra teacher was Mrs. Bach (my high school geometry teacher) for some reason. I was really, really upset about missing the first day. I had slept completely through my classes! That's something I never did. I guess we rode home. I'd wanted Ma to take me home anyway, but I also wanted to have my class and I couldn't believe I'd slept through it.

But anyway, Ma said that my class schedule wouldn't work out because it cost too much. She said something like, "These classes look good on paper, but in real life we've ruled out all the choices." She said it would cost too much to go with the schedule I had now.

I said, "Well, what am I supposed to do? Because I already have the schedule and everything!" So I wasn't sure how that was going to work out.

Available illustrations:

* The library book.
[down arrow] cream colored, like flesh. [down arrow] concave "lens," grayish tinted brown. [up arrow] can't remember title

Dogs In Gray

I believe that I might have had a dream in which there were some dogs standing inside this gray store, all gray-looking inside, but I'm not sure if I did or not. *shrug*

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