Getting Into Shape

I had a lot of dreams. This one I don't remember very well. I have written down "paper strips, wrap, gluing shut door for shape." I think I had some paper strips, maybe like the ones I use to make beads, or maybe like papier mache; I was wrapping them around the door, I think, and I was trying to glue the door shut to keep its shape. This might have had to do with last night in real life, when I accidentally put my water bottle in the freezer and left it in there too long; the water expanded so it kind of popped out the shape of my bottle so it couldn't stand upright. Maybe that's where this dream came from.

The Scales Of The Soul

I was in part of a class or something and I had to read from a book to the others in the class. So I stood up; the book seemed to be one of my Mysteries Of The Unknown series. This was in my living room and there was a guy sitting on the floor with everybody else sitting around on the couch and such. I started reading from the book and pacing back and forth across the room. At first when I started reading I was stuttering like I was having trouble reading it, but I think I started to get better along the way. The reading material was something about how the soul of the male and female are equal in this one deity or whatever; there was a picture of a goddess and she had scales for arms. It said how the deity was more female on the outside but more male on the inside or something like that; it was really weird and hard to understand.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "Room Cleaning Time!"

Available illustrations:

* The Egyptian female.
[left arrow] was this here? [up arrow] "soul" of male--in female (?)

Room Cleaning Time!

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "The Scales Of The Soul."

I was going through the stuff in my room and trying to clean it all up, so I was picking up things and trying to find others. I was reading off of different things while I was doing this.

I'm Irish & My Dad's A Gambler!

It seemed I was walking through Glen's, maybe with Desirae (an ex-friend), but I'm not sure. I was walking through several parts over near where the bread is. There was a bunch of red candy that was supposed to be like cherries; I was looking at it, and was tempted, but I didn't have any money or anything. Then I walked past another food item...it was supposed to be like brownies, but it was just chocolate or fudge or something, and it was fresh. As I started walking past it a bunch of people began crowding around it, saying, "Ohhh! Chocolate!"

While I was walking by there were these two little kids--maybe they were black--and one of them just kept swearing and swearing while they were going into the restaurant. I thought, "Jeez! Somebody wash his mouth out!"

I tried to get through to go to the bathrooms but this lady with a cart full of grapes nearly got in my way. So I had to work my way around her and make my way to the bathroom. I went inside it and there was a guy in here too, so I guess it was either like a guy in the girls' bathroom or it was unisex. For some reason Desirae had something to do with this; I had the feeling that somebody said that he (this guy?) was with her, but I didn't believe him or something. Anyway. I looked at the stalls for a minute before I went into one, because people were waiting in line but there were a lot of empty stalls. The guy went into one too, and it's like we were talking to each other while we were in there. He was talking about some kind of technique for going to the bathroom; I don't know. >_< I was nodding like he could see me--"Mm-hm. Mm-hm."

I looked at the toilet, then took some toilet paper and wiped off the seat like I sometimes do in real life, even though it wasn't wet. I think I went to the bathroom. The guy talked for a while, then whispered conspiratorially, "I'm Irish and my dad's a gambler!" or something like that. o_O I guess nobody was supposed to know that he was Irish?

I said, "You're Irish? I thought you were English," even though I didn't really know the guy.

"Well, it's closer to Europe," he said, meaning England, not Europe; but the gist of it was, he was supposed to be Irish.

I was trying to finish going to the bathroom, but I couldn't "perform," so I left. Then it's like I went home.

If they were not the same dream (which they could have been), this may have then shifted into "Mr. Inventor Will Help Us!"

Mr. Inventor Will Help Us!

If they were not the same dream (which they could have been), this may have then shifted out of "I'm Irish & My Dad's A Gambler!"

There was this kind of overweight black guy who lived next door, near where Mrs. Bednarz (our old neighbor) would live. He was walking around or jogging or something. I had a table set up outside, like a poker table, next to the woods. I was writing down my dreams in a journal, because I remember I kept writing and writing and writing on the last line of the page and then turned it. The black guy was walking by; I think I had some raspberries or something, from the ones that I picked in real life, and said, "Why don't you have a seat and sit down for a while?"

He smiled at me because it was a nice offer, and sat down. I think he ate some raspberries. I just kept writing and writing and writing! I was talking to him as I did this, and said, "It's so hot I could just flop over!"

"Well, I couldn't do that," he replied.

"Well, I probably could, except for the fact that there's cat hair all over the place!" o_o I believe I was joking with him and such, in my own stupid way.

While I was sitting here writing I'd heard something from the direction of the road, I think, and I looked; some kind of weird cart or something went by. There was a guy in it, and he was pulling something alongside it; it looked like a small model of something. It was making a weird noise as it went by. They just passed by the house. When I had been talking to the black guy I'd kept saying, "Weird!" and wiggling my finger at my temple; I turned to him now and tried not to say it but it was the only thing I could think of to say. So I said, "Weirrrrrd!"--as in, "Crazy!" He agreed with me this time because it was a pretty weird thing to see.

The dream seemed to change slightly. Now I was inside; I think my tape recorder was on my bed, and I was going to record my dreams or something. My brother Eric was there. There was some kind of investigation going on, because I think somebody was making threats on me. We'd found a message left on the answering machine; this might have been influenced by real life, as yesterday we watched The Net; Sandra Bullock called the bad guy and he kept saying, "If you don't say anything I'm gonna hang up"; the only thing Sandra Bullock could say then was, "Don't hang up." In my dream, I think the person in the message said, "Don't hang up." We were trying to ID the voice. There were two messages; I think the second one was supposed to be from my uncle Rocky. It sounded kind of like him but we knew it wasn't. His message said something like, "I want you to know that I'm not involved in this in any way, and there's no way that I can be, but I'll help you if I can." He was here too, with us; we kept listening to this message over and over again. I was getting kind of freaked out; I wanted to figure out who it was.

Then I think we heard a knock at the door or something, so we went out there and opened the door. It was the guy who had gone by earlier with the weird cart and the funny model. He had like brown curly hair that kind of dangled around his head. He said something like, "You wanted to see Eric?"

I was kind of mad at him at first because I didn't know who or what he was, but he said he wanted to help. He had a dog with him; the dog's fur was kind of like his hair. He said that this thing that he'd been dragging alongside him down the road was some kind of invention of his or something, so we let him in to help us.

I kept going outside and coming back in because I was trying to check for things. For some reason Dad and Eric had some kind of chest that had stuff in it, and this had something to do with the situation; maybe we were looking through that? I went out to the porch again to go outside but I noticed that it was getting dark and there was frost on the ground, like snow. I thought, "Jeez, it's starting to snow already!" so came back inside into the living room where everybody was trying to figure out what was going on.

While we had still been on/by the porch with the inventor guy, I was working on a drawing of a horse on a big sheet of paper. I think this horse had something to do with Greek mythology or with Hercules; Hercules is what I think of. While I was drawing it and talking to this guy, something got on the paper, some water or something. It stained the paper yellow down the side. I kind of tried to ignore it while I was drawing, but it kept dripping down. I finally tried to wipe it off and realized it had stained my nice picture, and I was angry. I had the feeling that the horse could talk.

Available illustrations:

* My horse drawing--
[up arrow] yellow stain. [left arrow] much better, more detailed than I can really draw--almost classical. ?? (can't remember details of back; perhaps drawing a chariot?)

Ray Walston's Attack Weasels

These bad guys were trying to take prisoners. I was in this large group of people; Ray Walston, the actor, was one of us, like his character from The Stand. We locked ourselves in this big room; it seemed like a big storage room or something, and there were two doors--one in the front, and one off to the side--with windows in them. The bad guys came up around the front door with their guns. They tried to knock on it and get us to open it. Ray Walston was standing in the back of the group; he'd taken a gun and lifted it up into the air so they could see it. It wasn't a revolver; I think it was a gun that takes a clip. He held it up really high. The lead bad guy might have looked kind of like Bruce Campbell from Briscoe County, Jr., but I'm not sure if he really did in the dream or if I'm just thinking that up now. We opened that door, and let out a whole bunch of...weasels...or something. Some kind of killer animals. o_o They started attacking these guys, I believe, because I think this one guy lost his hand to them. I think they were trying to shoot out the door or something.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "The Blood Of Fifty."

The Blood Of Fifty

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "Ray Walston's Attack Weasels."

There was something about these tribal people, like African tribesmen or something, and I think they were taking prisoners. There was something that said that each tribesman must have the blood of fifty different people in him. By that I don't mean real blood, but ancestral blood, like by heredity--like how when someone says they have their parents' blood, they don't actually have it, but that's their way of saying they're related. Like these tribesmen had to have fifty ancestors' blood.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "Pictures By Dinner."

Pictures By Dinner

If they were not the same dream, this may have shifted out of "The Blood Of Fifty."

Mya and I were at a store that was like Glen's, but it had different things in it. We were over near the bread section looking through some books and she picked up this kids' book; it had illustrations that were done by the same person who illustrates the Ranger Rick & Friends stories in Ranger Rick Magazine. I was trying to tell her this. I said, "Oh, that's the person who does the drawings for Ranger Rick Magazine and she has a really weird name." I don't know how I knew that; I read her name before in real life and I don't remember it as being weird, but that's how it was in the dream. We looked at the front cover and I gave two examples of what I thought her name might be, but her name ended up being Dinner. That was her FIRST name--Dinner! I thought, "Well, that is a weird name! It's not what I thought it was, but it's still weird."

Mya was looking through this magazine, and each page (or different magazine?) had a really good illustration on it. I can't remember what the story was about, but there was a boy, and some kind of tribesboy, and some kind of animal. In one scene the boy was flying/floating up into the air. Mya tore out like the second page and I exclaimed, "Mya! Why are you tearing out that page? People will notice that you're doing that!"

She said, "Doing what? When they find this on the plane they won't be able to trace it to me."

I guess she was going on a plane flight or something; she was acting weird about it. So I thought, "Okay, she's my friend; I won't tattle on her. It's just a kids' book anyway."

I started going through some of the other books that were there. They were all used. One of them was like a paperback copy of Fire In The Sky (based on the movie). I looked at it but then thought, "No, I could probably get that somewhere else. Besides, I don't really care about it." Another one was a hardcover; at first it was about science and such, but then it was some kind of literature book and had a picture of a person's face on the front; it was turned up toward the sky and smiling. It was like artwork, but it was strange.

Not Porn, Mom!

In one dream, my mom wanted to watch TV; this is also kind of like in real life yesterday. There was a movie on called Indecent Exposure 3 or something like that and it had an "SSC" warning, which means strong sexual content. I was saying, "You don't wanna watch it." Which really means, I don't wanna watch it, or have to be here and see it! Anyway, in the dream (if that wasn't the dream itself--sorry, I can't remember by now! >_< ), Ma wanted to watch something on TV but it was really raunchy. I was trying to tell her why I didn't want to see it. I said, "I don't want to have to be sitting in here with this show on TV, and keep having to turn my head away while they're having sex!" But she couldn't understand what I was talking about. Aagghh!!

Two By Two

I was on my bed, and I had a whole bunch of metal and ceramic figurines, like charms and such. I was trying to put them all together, to pair them up by twos; for example there was a cupid and I put a heart with it, but there was also a heart with an arrow going through it, and something else, so I was wondering, "Well, which one should this go with?" There weren't enough to go with each one. There was a cow so I paired it with a moon, like the cow jumping over the moon. I was trying to put all these things together but having trouble choosing, because there was also cheese, and cheese goes with a cow and stuff like that.

I remember I picked up a bag of beads or something. I had a small bird charm and for some reason this bag had a parrot on it or something. I put this metal bird charm on top of it, because I thought, "Well, that's one less choice; I may as well just put it there, because it's a bird." *shrug*

Available illustrations:

* [up arrow] bag of beads.
[down arrow] plastic bag. [down arrow] small metal parrot charm

MIBs Of The County

I was sitting in my room with Mya and it was daytime. In real life, right before this dream, I believe, I had been woken up by this noise outside and there was an orange county truck which kept going backwards and forwards down the side of the road, and each time it backed up its air brakes would come on and it would go Beep! Beep! Beep! Beep! It was really loud and just kept going back and forth; I don't know what it was doing, maybe pouring gravel, because I can't see anything different out there. I couldn't sleep with it doing that so I turned the static on the radio really really high, and even that couldn't block it out; as a result I nearly missed my alarm clock when it went off. That really bugged me, so perhaps it worked its way into my dream. Anyway, in the dream, I was talking to Mya about this truck that had been out there. I pushed aside the cardboard covering my window to show her and there were now two county trucks parked outside. One was parked parallel to the road, and the other was parked perpendicular, sticking out into the road. I started telling her how I thought the people inside were Men In Black, because they just kept going back and forth like they were watching me. o_O I was ticked off about this.

I looked outside and noticed that there were two people, a man and a woman, sitting in the front seat of one of the trucks. I said, "Well, they're pretty normal-looking MIBs." I tried to cover my window with the cardboard again, but it seemed like it wasn't big enough. I did fit it but then I must have taken it off again, because I was looking out the window. The man got out; the woman didn't. Then three young boys went with the guy; two of them were little and one of them was older. I said, "Wow! They've got three boys in that thing!" But then three more boys got out and I was like, "Holy cow! How did they fit all those people in there?" I knew that these boys were going to go on this ride that was located across the road, but I turned back to Mya and started talking for a while. I looked out the window and said, "Well, if we want to go for a bike ride, we better go now." Then I noticed it was raining and the road was wet. "Darn!" >:/

I have written down "sci-fi bks." I don't know, maybe we were looking at some sci-fi books. I'm not sure; I can't remember very well.

Then it's like we were outside, standing in line to go on this ride. Mya wasn't Mya anymore; she was a thin blond. When I say thin I don't mean "thin," but I mean thinner than Mya and myself. She was wearing a blue shirt; I think of Dianne B. (an old friend), but it wasn't her. She was a friend like Dianne was, though. We were waiting to go on this ride that the boys had gone on. I think the person who was taking tickets was Josh H. (a bully I knew in junior high), or else Joseph Q. (a sorta friend from elementary school). There were lots of people getting on this ride, and only a certain number of people could get on it at a time, so he cut it off ahead of us although there were still a bunch of people waiting. I think I was looking at science-fiction books here. I said to the girl with me, "I don't know if there's gonna be enough room for both of us to get on at the same time," but she didn't seem to be listening to me. I thought, "Well, Jeez, this is nice."

Finally the line started moving again and we were all getting on the ride. I was trying to catch up with my friend because she went ahead and was trying to get the attention of another girl who was with another girl; she kept calling her name, but this other girl couldn't hear her. Finally we came up to the ride and I thought, "I just know this guy's gonna cut it off right in front of me!" But I think he cut it off behind me because he kept waving us on. I went on and tried to catch up with my "friend." She had caught up with the other girls and was still trying to get the other one's attention but couldn't seem to. Served her right for just leaving me there like that! >:/

Belly Zodiac

This dream is kind of confusing. In one part of it Dad and I were watching TV. We kept coming across soap operas!! On one of them was that Vicki woman from One Life To Live; I don't know her real name, but she was being melodramatic as always. In another one there was this lady who went to the door to deliver these suits and stuff that were hanging by the door to these two guys who were coming. There was a lady kind of off to the other side of the screen, who was whispering, "No no no no no!" because there was a guy hiding in the suits. o_o But the first lady didn't know; she picked up the suits and handed them out the door. I thought, "Well, how could she pick up that heavy guy hiding in the suit without noticing?"

Another program was something like Baywatch or Land's End, because I remember water. Then we came across QVC. They had these different zodiac things. I exclaimed, "Oh! Hold it a minute! Oh, those are beautiful!" They were showing different ones, but they didn't show Libra!! (My sign.) Then all of a sudden it's like these zodiac things were pictures that were tattooed on the belly of our cat. o_O; I'm not sure; it was really weird. I looked at them but still couldn't see Libra. I started throwing a fit.

Ma came in and asked, "What? What's wrong?"

I snapped, "Well, I can't find Libra! Look!" I started reading the signs. "Aquarius, Sagittarius..."...and the next one was Libra. "Wait a minute, that wasn't there before! I must have missed it"--because earlier I hadn't read the names, I had instead looked at the pictures and couldn't see scales, but here they were, right on the top. I had noticed, when I'd counted them before, that there were only eleven of them and there was an empty space on the bottom. So I looked down at where the empty space had been but now it was filled in by Leo. A bit of the dream weirdness creeps in here. I realized that something was odd. I thought, "I looked there before, and it was blank! Leo wasn't there! Libra wasn't there, either!" I tried to rationalize it; I didn't know it was a dream, and thought, "Well, maybe I just didn't look hard enough or I just overlooked it." But I grabbed up the cat and showed Ma these things on her belly, and said, "See, here's Aquarius, here's Sagittarius..." It was really weird.

Earlier in the dream, the cat had come walking into the room and was limping or walking funny, like she had something wrong with her. I think this might have been influenced by real life; before I had this dream, I squirted her away from my room and heard a Bang! like she'd run into the grate in the side of the wall, but she seemed all right afterward. In the dream, she had flopped down on the floor in the hallway and I said, "Oh, Dad, look at that! Y'know, those people come and step on her!" (People? I don't know what I meant by that.) I think that's when I went to look at the zodiac signs on her belly.

They may have been the same dream; whether they were or not, this then shifted into "Where's My Damn Bowl?!"

Available illustrations:

* The Zodiac.
[in boxes] Aquarius, (Sagittarius?)], Libra, blank--Leo. (first was jewelry on TV, then on the cat's belly--in color & detailed)

Where's My Damn Bowl?!

They may have been the same dream; whether they were or not, this shifted out of "Belly Zodiac."

I was sitting in the living room eating a bowl of something that was supposed to be tuna, but it was mushier; although I liked it, for some reason. Ma was going to bingo. She went out and then I heard her talking to herself, like, "Well, why don't you just back out and then I'll be able to get out too!" Then I noticed that Grandma B. (her mother) was there; she had come to pick Ma up.

Not too long ago in real life Ma and Dad were really mad because these people had stopped by and said that they were going to turn off the power if we didn't make a payment. Well, in the dream Grandma whispered something to Ma, like, "Are you and Rick (my dad) doing okay?" I thought, "Jeez, I hope Dad didn't hear that!" But I could hear it, so he could probably hear it too as he was about as far away from them as I was.

I think I went out to see them but I set down my bowl of tuna and then when I came back I couldn't find it! I was looking all over for this tuna! I started freaking out--I don't know why I was freaking out so much, but I was getting really mad. I looked in my room, in the utility room, on the counters; Dad was starting to get mad and yell at me because I was freaking out so much. Finally I went into my room and started tearing things apart, looking for this bowl of tuna. >_<; I kept seeing bowls that were similar to the bowl it was in, these white round bowls, but I couldn't find my bowl. I think, just in case Dad was going to come in and look, I took my underwear and shoved them into my bookcase so he wouldn't be able to see them. I was looking at some of my papers, too, that I had some of my stuff written down on for my characters. Somehow that had something to do with this, because I couldn't find a certain thing that I had written down or something. I was mad so I tore a paper in half.

I then grabbed my clothes--my shirt, my bra, my shorts--and went into the bathroom to take a bath, thinking, "Oh man, I just wish I could find that bowl!" I was still angry but was trying to calm down. I knew that Dad would yell at me if I went back out there so I was going to go into the bathroom where he couldn't yell at me. I went inside and there were two big buckets in the tub. One was full of clean water, and the other one was full of dirty water. I thought of some kind of Masonic ritual, why they put these buckets in here, but I can't remember what the heck the ritual was. I pulled out the one full of dirty water and set it on the floor. One of the garbages (I think we had two garbage containers) was missing so I could fit the bucket in there better. Then I pulled out the other one and set it on the floor. There was a bowl and a fork here as well, a lot like the bowl that I'd had the tuna in; I pulled those out of the tub, and tossed them into the clean bucket. They had left some yellow stuff in the tub. I turned on the hot water and let it wash out some of the stuff. There was a lot of scum in the tub, too. I turned off the water and watched it go down the drain but not all of it went out. That was how my dream ended, with me watching this scum go down the drain in the tub. o_o

Star Trek Match-'Em-Ups

In this dream we were watching TV. It had something to do with Star Trek. We were flipping through the channels and Star Trek: The Next Generation came on. I was sitting there trying to compare TNG characters to the ST: Voyager characters. While we were watching this, there was some kind of Asian character who was one of the main characters. I remember he had black hair with a white streak in it, but he was young. I said, "He reminds me of Harry Kim on Voyager," even though there's no Asian cast member on TNG. I continued, "Tom Paris reminds me of Riker." I started naming these other characters, trying to figure out how they went together, but I was having some trouble because some of the characters didn't really fit. I was like, "Well, Picard doesn't seem to remind me of Janeway, because one is a man and one's a woman," although they were both captains. I remember the show had something to do with Riker, like maybe he thought he was going crazy or something.

1996 Dreams