Eyes In The Back Of His Head

I don't remember very much of this dream. In one part there was a guy who was going into a house. He had a face on the back of his head, like a cat's face or a tiger's face; maybe he was wearing one of those masks that the people in some countries wear; in some countries people wear faces on the backs of their heads to keep tigers from attacking them, so maybe that's what this was?

I'm not sure if it's the same dream, but I had the feeling that I had to take in some kind of endangered animal and it had a long tail, maybe like a red panda. I have some other things written down but they've got question marks next to them and I don't remember them, so maybe I didn't dream about them at all.

Let's Go To Wal-Mart!

I dreamed about comic books a lot last night.

In this dream, my brother Eric was home again. He was eating something from the fridge and I knew it was mine. I said, "That's mine! There's something else in there that's for you to eat, but don't eat my stuff!"

I think I got some comic books in the mail. The story had something to do with Scully from The X-Files; she was starting to remember what had happened to her during her abduction. She was freaking out, so she went and got drunk and was in a bad car accident. In the comic book there was a big bus crash and ghosts walking off the bus; somehow Scully was supposed to be one of them, but she wasn't dead, and she wasn't on a bus! o_o

We (my brother and I?) went out into the utility room, I think, and there were pennies on the floor; I picked them up and counted them because we were going to town and we could use them as money. We went downtown with Eric (so maybe this was my mom and me??) and I think I took off my sandals or shoes. I don't know what car this was; I was sitting in the backseat and the floor was kind of sticky. I said, "Ew, I don't want to touch that with bare feet!"

While I had been back at the house, or maybe it was in the car--it was like I was downtown but going the other way, out of town--I was pulling leaves out of my pillow. There was a vine with leaves attached to it and it was stuck in some kind of cottony stuff that was in my pillow. I was trying to pull it out with minimal damage to the pillow but it was very difficult. I remember hearing somewhere that somebody had managed to do this without destroying the pillow, so I thought, "I wish that person were here!"

Anyway...downtown, we went into a store that was kind of like Wal-Mart and kind of like Glen's. I think we were waiting for Ma. I found some comic books; there was one magazine with an article about Gillian Anderson and I looked at it, but there were no pictures of her! Just pictures of land and stuff, like where she grew up. I turned back to look through it again and then I found a picture of her, but she was really depressed looking. Then I found the X-Files comic again where Scully had gotten into an accident; Mulder had found her diary at the crash site. He was looking through it to see if he could find any details about why she'd gotten drunk.

I have written down "writing check out for Texas." I remember somehow Ma was writing out a check to buy something and she turned to me and asked, "How should I make this out?" because it was supposed to be a different monetary value.

I said something like, "Well, make it out for some kind of money" or something like that. It was really confusing, and kind of meant to be a joke, because I laughed.

The Cult Of The Dragon People

This is a long dream. -_- It seemed that I was one of a pair--there was a boy and a girl--and at times I could switch between them. We were running from this bad guy who was trying to kill us; I don't know, maybe we'd inherited something. We ran into some kind of building and ran around inside it, looking for a place to hide as this guy chased us. I think we came down this hallway. There were dorm beds set in the walls of the hallway. While we had been running we'd seen a newspaper clipping which said something about Hitler killing the Gypsies or something; I'm not sure. Anyway, there was a guy lying on one of these beds. I started talking to him all of a sudden, like I wasn't being chased. Now I was the boy character and he/I (myself or the man in the bed?) was like, "Oh, I'm tired!" I was going to climb into this bed and lie down, but I think we were caught.

We were taken to this place with these other people about our age. I don't know if I was the boy or the girl now, though I think I was the girl. I had a knife or something else like a nail file or a pair of fingernail clippers in my hand. I was trying to decide if I should use them like a weapon. The bad guy was coming toward the room--it was like we were standing in the dining room, only the table was cleaned. He came in through the arched doorway. I started turning around to stay in a circle, with my back away from him, but I kept my hands behind my back and thought, "Well, he's obviously going to see that I'm hiding something!" But I noticed that everybody ELSE had a pair of knives--it was like part of a ritual! The guy started passing around these pictures and talking about the ritual--it was something about a snake or a serpent or dragon, like a cult ritual or something. Not sure. He passed around these diagrams and drawings and such of this dragon; we all got the same copies. But then he handed out one where there were like only two copies and they were all different.

One was a diagram of a face. It was shown from the front and it looked like it had ribs in the face, going down the forehead and in the cheeks. The man was talking about how you could tell a dragon person from a normal person. They were supposed to have a high forehead, something else that I can't quite describe. Also they should have reddish hair and certain characteristics like this. And all of a sudden I noticed that everybody was turning--and looking at me.

I looked at the drawing and said, "Well, yeah, I have the high forehead, and this, and that, but my hair's not red, and this isn't this, and that isn't that..." But the guy was coming toward me, so I guess I was selected as a dragon person! Now it's as if I were looking at myself in a mirror--I was blond, I think. What looked like my left cheek--so maybe it was my right cheek?--was bluish-purple, like a bruise. I decided to play along--"Okay, okay, I'll do this." But I was still trying to defeat the bad guy.

Then it's like we were with this group. I was looking at a picture of me and riding a bike down a road; there was a whole group of these people following me. I was wearing a whole bunch of capes or dresses and stuff; they trailed in the mud, and the bottoms of them were muddy. There was a caption of some sort...was I in a book or on TV?...it said that I was riding with my head and my neck bare--I wasn't wearing anything on my head, and I guess I wasn't wearing a necklace or anything. I think we tried to run from this guy again. We escaped from this college dormitory or whatever it was. I think maybe we left some kind of note behind.

When we were at the table, earlier, the man had asked me something like, "How was the dragon to Adam?"

I was going to reply, "Well, it made him sin," but then I found out that the answer was "Eve" or something like that, so it was really strange.

I think they might have been the same dream, but there was a big shift in the plot here, so I think this then merged into "Chickenhead!"

Available illustrations:

* The "dragon girl."
[down arrow] reddish hair. [right arrow] "ribs" in face (not as pronounced below eyes)


This dream may have been part of "The Cult Of The Dragon People." If not, it then shifted out of it.

It's like I was going to Wal-Mart, only it was kind of like the Kmart parking lot. I was going there with Ma, I think. While I was walking through the lot there was this boy and this girl following me--and they were real brats. They kept saying snotty things and I felt like killing them. >_< There was a plastic bag that I kicked or dropped or something; it ballooned out. I thought that one of them was going to say something like, "Nya-nya-nya-nya-littering!" but I don't think they did.

I went inside the store and there was a rack of magazines and comics; I looked at it. While I was looking at it there were these two other guys doing the same. I waited for them to finish so I wouldn't turn the rack while they were looking at something. And now it was like Simon & Simon all of a sudden--Simon and Simon were investigating this place and they were trying to figure out what was going on, so they were hanging out by the book rack, but then I think they were gone. And there were two kids looking at these things with me. They were funny, because they were making jokes about some of the things on the rack. I was looking at some of the items with them. There were comics, and there were some kind of recipe books. This one kid said something like, "Chicken on his head," and he put a roast chicken on top of the book rack. I thought this was really funny for some reason. o_O

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "Confusing Comics."

Confusing Comics

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "Chickenhead!"

There was a three-part X-Files storyline in comic books. I was having lots of trouble getting this. First I bought the first part and it was a normal-sized comic book, because they didn't have the second and third part; it had something to do with the Scully storyline. But then I went back later and found the same comic, only it was really small--like a Globe Digest book--and they not only had part one, but they had parts two and three. So I got those. I thought, "Well, what am I going to do with the big one now?"

I started looking through them, only it was like I was looking through normal-sized comics--for where the normal storyline ended, a Ray Bradbury story began. These comics were supposed to have Ray Bradbury story comics in the backs, like in a comics digest. *shrug* I had to keep turning pages and turning pages. I was turning them backwards, and I kept seeing all kinds of comic strips drawn in all different styles. Some of them looked like things out of the Sunday comics. It took me forever to finally get to the X-Files storyline; "How many pages are in this thing, anyway?" I thought. I had to pick it up several times to see that I wasn't at the beginning, because I was flipping through it backwards. I think I only managed to look through one or two. In the story there were some inline skates, I remember; I was reading something about the brand or something like that, or what they could do.

At some point, I went to my brother Eric because I wanted to buy these comics; he said something like, "What will you pay me back for?" But I managed to get them, finally.

I don't know if they were the same dream or not; if not, this may have then shifted into "Mall Pony & The Swimming Bee."

Mall Pony & The Swimming Bee

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "Confusing Comics."

I was walking through some kind of mall. There were these statues in cases. They were like figurines. There were three in one room, I think; one, maybe two, were birds, and one was some kind of other animal. They were good. I realized they were from fairytales, like "Mother Bird" and such. Then I moved on to the next room where there was an old janitor cleaning around, and three more statues. These ones were like tricksters. There was a trickster bird, and a fox stealing eggs, or something like that. I knew that somehow the janitor had something to do with these statues--maybe he was telling me something about them?

I walked out into the normal part of the mall, now accompanied by Ma, I think, and maybe Dad--and we stepped into this aisle and noticed what seemed to be a guy on a pony behind us!

It looked like a gray pony with black stripes on its face. I turned to Dad and said, "Look! This guy's got a horse or a pony in the mall!" I turned around and then it was different--it was like a cross between a llama, a zebra, and a pony--I can't quite describe it. It had a long neck and a kind of llamalike head, but the guy had been riding it and it had looked like a pony earlier. It was gray and had some zebralike stripes on its head.

The guy said, "No, it's not that," and started telling us about what it was. We walked toward the back of the store where they had some other animals. He said that we could feed the bee. There was a bee submerged in a bowl of water. So I took a capful of honey and poured a little bit onto the surface. The bee came up to the surface as the honey diluted--it gave an oily sheen to the top of the water, but it was diluting, like ink does in water. The bee was drinking this; I remember it was like it was magnified. Ma and I were looking down into the bowl, and Ma poked at it.

I said, "Don't do that, Ma; he's got a stinger." He had something big sticking out of him, but I don't know if it was a stinger or not; it looked kind of like a prong. He just kept drinking this honey, and I poured in some more. I was thinking, "Jeez! I wonder why he doesn't drown? He's submerged in this water." It never occurred to me to ask why this bee was drinking honey, as bees really drink nectar.

This may or may not have been related to "The Masonic Compass."

Available illustrations:

* This is like the animal I saw in Wal-Mart.
[down arrow] Darker & grayer than this. [left arrow] stripes like a zebra

* The bee at Wal-Mart. [left arrow] honey fed to bee. [left arrow] double-pronged stinger

The Masonic Compass

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "Mall Pony & The Swimming Bee."

It's like I was standing in my dining room again and it was nighttime. I had several of my characters around with me and they kept holding up certain implements. Some of them were like normal but they were supposed to hold some kind of significance. Then they held up a golden compass. I looked out of the room, out the picture window, and there was a giant golden compass there. I thought of the Freemasons, how they have a compass in their rituals. I tried to make the Masonic symbol with the implements I had but we didn't have a square; we had only a compass and something else. I thought, "Well, this won't make the symbol right." It was very detailed and had a lot of different things on it, this compass.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into/been related to "Trooper Broderick To The Rescue."

Trooper Broderick To The Rescue

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "The Masonic Compass."

I was my character Trooper Broderick, but I seemed to have several different points of view at once. I was trying to save this kid. In my dream it said that Trooper Broderick's daughter and wife had died in an alcohol-related car accident, but that's not how it happened in my fiction; in my fiction they were murdered, and after that Broderick became alcoholic and kicked the habit a while later. So the details were mixed up in my dream, but somehow that held some significance. Anyway, Broderick was trying to save this kid from these bad guys. I think my character Detective Mulroy was watching while this was happening, and he may have been narrating and such. Broderick got to his patrol vehicle--it's a Chevy Blazer--and drove off down this hill. The location was kind of like the place around where Betina M.'s (an ex-friend) house used to be in real life, on the way to Aloha. Broderick drove down this hill and was driving like a maniac. For some reason this had something to do with the car accident, too. I think in my dream I was mixing Broderick up with my unrelated character Camo Rat, who was involved in an alcohol-related car accident, where a drunk driver rammed into his car and killed his wife and daughter. (I'm depressing, I know.) But, Broderick was trying to help this kid, then it's like he was walking in the rain and this kid was in the rain too. This had some significance, as the bad guys in some of my stories belong to this cult called Scorpio and they're afraid of water. I think Broderick grabbed the kid and ran.

Then it's like they were on these docks on a lakeshore. The bad guys were coming around them and the only safe way out was across to the other shore. The bad guys were taunting them and stuff. Broderick and the kid ran toward this one dock, but the closer they got to it, the more it sank slowly into the water, and then it went under completely. It was supposed to be like a bridge but it didn't go all the way across. We (remember I was one of them) didn't want to sink into the water for some reason because it frightened us, and because I can't swim. (In real life, that is; I'm pretty sure Broderick can swim!)

So we backed up. The bad guys were still surrounding us. We saw another dock and ran out to that but I looked at it, and I looked at the next one, and they ended in the middle. But further away, way off to the right, I could see this really crooked bridge rising up over the water and going back down to the other side. I thought, "We have to get to that." But these bad guys were coming around closer and closer! I think I/Broderick put the kid aside; there was a whole bunch of stuff, like scaffolding, rising off to my side. I kind of moved around it and partly climbed up it. These bad guys started coming around. I turned around and gave one this karate kick which knocked him into the water! The other bad guys surrounded me and I started smacking and kicking at them as well. I think I managed to get a few of them away. The kid was safe somehow. That's the reason the bad guys were attacking me--they really wanted HIM.

It's like I jumped into the water but I was also above it, watching this happen like I was controlling it, because I'm afraid of water in real life. The bad guys started looking around. The water was really muddy and dirty brown so you couldn't see what was beneath the surface. I think a couple of the bad guys got in the water and were looking around. Then all of a sudden the "camera" (point of view) panned so you could see this shape moving beneath the water--and it was Broderick! He came up beneath this guy and PULLED him under! Really abruptly, just like that. He scared the bad guys. I think he grabbed the kid, and maybe managed to get to the other side, because I remember I jumped out of the water.

Later on in this dream I was thinking, "Jeez, I never would have done that in real life." So maybe I knew somehow it was a dream? It's like I was controlling it, roleplaying, even though it wasn't lucid. I controlled Broderick but I myself hadn't really gone under the water. I had a measure of control over it but not completely because I wouldn't have gone under the water if I'd known it was a dream. So, we beat the bad guys there.

Available illustrations:

* The lake scene:
[down arrow] crooked bridge to other side. [left arrow] partly submerged dock. [right arrow] "scaffolding" this way

Which Way To The Nanta Room?

This dream is confusing because I didn't write everything down, and I'm starting to remember some new stuff. It's like I was getting some things out of my locker. I'd been working on my beads (in real life for a time I had a habit of making paper beads), but I'd also been working on some other things. I was trying to get this stuff out of my locker, separate it, and put it in my bag. It was like, at school, I could leave some stuff behind because I was going to come back, but some other stuff I had to bring home with me. So as I took this stuff out I thought, "Well, book. I have to put that in there. Shoes, well, I'm going to have to need those," because I remember at one point I found one of my shoes in the locker and was like, "Well, I can't leave just one behind! What will I wear tomorrow morning?" There was somebody standing beside me as I did this, some kind of friend. I kept pulling out all these things and trying to fit them in my bag; I had so much stuff I couldn't fit it in. I thought, "Well, if I hurry, I'll be able to get to the bus." The buses had pulled up outside.

This friend with me, I had the feeling he was this guy who was on The X-Files--maybe he was the actor Brad Dourif, maybe he was a younger version, or somebody related to him or something. In real life I don't really like Brad Dourif--I think he looks evil--but my friend had something to do with him somehow. He was standing beside me and watching out the window, looking at the buses. I just kept putting stuff in my bag and shifting it around; I thought, "I'm going to make it." But then I looked out and realized that the buses were gone! "Well, I'm not going to make it. But I can call Rivertown Cargo (where my mom used to work) or home or something and leave a message." But THEN I realized, "I don't have any quarters so I can't make a call! Well...I guess I'm going to have to walk to Rivertown Cargo!" (This wasn't such a weird thing to think, at least if I had been in junior high in the dream; sometimes I would walk from there to Rivertown Cargo if I missed the bus.)

Now I had my backpack and a plastic bag full of stuff. I was trying to put the backpack on; the plastic bag was very heavy. I said, "Come on," to the guy with me, because he was to accompany me. I started walking around over to a certain side of the school; it was like, if I walked out this side, I'd have to walk through the water; all of a sudden the school seemed to be on the beachfront, like in my dream with Broderick on the lakeshore (see "Trooper Broderick To The Rescue"). So I walked all the way back through the school and around the side. I was trying to come out on the front left side, where it would have looked a lot like Black River (my old elementary school).

I think while I was walking around I met this lady who was looking for a room that was called the "Nanta Room" or something like that. I said, "Well, that's not it, I can tell you with certainty," and pointed out this one room that I'd been working on cleaning--it was a bathroom, as she had been looking for the Nanta bathroom. Whatever that is. o_O

Suddenly the scene shifted, and this was the dormitory from my dream where I had been chased (see "The Cult Of The Dragon People"). I said, "I can tell you that's not it; maybe it's over there." I saw this sign that said "Nanta" over the hallway, and added, "Yeah, that must be it! Because it says 'Nanta' right there, see?" There was supposed to be another bathroom in there. But then I looked over at the one that I'd cleaned and I think it said Nanta-something too. >_< "Well wait a minute!" I exclaimed. "Maybe that is it!" So, I was kind of confused and said, "I don't know; maybe you should go over and look because I'm not really sure."

Cat & Carpet

This dream is confusing; there are just some fragments I remember. I seem to remember something about colored carpeting; I think in one part I was riding in the car and looking at different colors of carpeting. There were lots of different colors. One of them, I can't remember what it was called, but it was like a bluish-green color and had a name like Leaf or Wave or something, though neither of those was it; it was a color that more signified blue than green. I was looking at these snippets of carpet and then at real carpeting. I sarcastically said something like, "This one goes wonderfully with Pepper!"...my cat...because Pepper was with us and I was hugging her and acting weird. This was part of a larger dream but I can't remember how the rest of it went.

Dirty Water

In one dream I was in the bathroom; I'd been doing something in here that involved water. There was a lot of water all over the floor, so I took a towel and was trying to wipe it up, but some of the water was brownish. I thought, "I'd better leave that behind for a paper towel because I don't know what might be in that." I tried to dry up some of this water, because I know how annoying it is to go walking in and get your feet wet in the bathroom--it's kind of gross. There was a lot of water in my dreams last night for some reason! o_O

Star Trek: Planet Of The Lizards

Here's a dream that I didn't note down. It's like I was looking through some Star Trek: Voyager books. They were ones that weren't based on episodes on TV; however, I was looking for photos in them. I did find some--I remember looking at Tom Paris and Harry Kim. Then it's like I was on a Voyager mission myself! Either we were stopping off or we crashed on this planet. I don't think the inhabitants there had gone into space yet; so we weren't supposed to interfere with them. But we had to get some information from them. They were kind of hostile, however. They were reptilian--they looked a lot like lizards. They wouldn't communicate with us unless we disguised ourselves. I think I was either Paris or Kim. We handed the leader a hologram card; it was a picture of one of us, but he (I?) said something like, "Look, this is your niece."

The lizard man looked at the card; we had put something over it, and it shifted and looked a lot like one of his own race. He was staring at it as if thinking, "Wow!" He felt kind of sentimental, I guess. I think we were then welcomed among them because we were disguised, but we'd find out from them that they were distrustful of any other species. We were trying to think of a way to talk to them and get them to help us out of there, but couldn't come up with any ideas. Then we heard some of them talking to themselves about something; I think somehow they'd seen Harry Kim--the way he really looked. They said things such as, "He's so cute!" as in puppy-dog cute, because he had a round face and for some reason they thought that was cute.

We wondered if we should keep our disguises or discard them and try to talk to these people, because it was really difficult. I think at some point maybe our disguises started to falter, but I don't really know if we escaped or not. This planet of the lizard men, it was like a jungle, steamy and full of plants.

1996 Dreams