Medicine Bearer

It seemed like I was in an episode of The X-Files or something. I was going to some kind of hospital. This hospital had something to do with some kind of secret project that was going on. We weren't supposed to go in there. It was my dad and me, but for some reason I was the one in charge; he was kind of like, "Okay, whatever you say, boss!" We got out of the car or whatever we were in and walked up to the front of this building. There was a guard there. I handed him a piece of paper; for some reason I knew it was supposed to have something written on it that would make the guard let us in, some kind of authority or something. I think the guard was confused about it for a moment so I had to talk to him; finally we were let in. I turned to the guard and I think I said, "Which way!" in an authoritative voice. He said to keep going straight, because I was trying to find this old woman who knew something.

I kept walking straight and I think I passed rooms and such where there were lots of people--I think there was a circle of people in therapy or something. A couple of times I asked, "Which way?" I was pointed to side paths like on the right or the left. I think I came into one room and there was a sick kid. Something was wrong with his head, like he had no hair or something, and there was something sick about him. I climbed up on top of some kind of leveled/tiered box and there was a little door atop the highest level of it. I went up there and knew that I had to bring the little kid up here in order to cure him. There were other people gathering on the lower levels below me, because it was some kind of ritual. Somebody handed the little kid up to me and I put him up there. I think the sunlight had something to do with it too, because I have the feeling that sunlight was shining in. Maybe that cured him.

Then I was walking around this place again and I think I had some packets of medication that I was trying to give out to people. I had the feeling a pirate ship was involved but I'm not really sure where that would have fit in. :/ Then I came to a sort of dead end and thought, "Okay, I've gotta find out where that lady is."

I saw another room that I hadn't gone in, so I went in and it led me into a room that was a lot like our basement. I had the feeling that my Trench Rats (some fictional "furry" characters of mine) used this place. I walked around in these dank rooms for a while. Then I came to this thing that looked like a maze. I started to go through it; it was something more than a maze. I can't remember exactly what; it was painted black and red and such. I went through it and came to a dead end. So I think I climbed up on top of it (atop the maze wall, I mean) and started looking around to see what I was supposed to find. I climbed up to another level. One of these times that I climbed up, it was a house that I climbed up to; and another time it was a little door set in the wall. I'm not sure which was which. So I climbed up to either a house or a door. Ma came in at that one point and she was looking for therapy or something, too.

Available illustrations:

* I have the feeling the med. I was trying to deliver was in a packet attached to a folder/piece of paper (?).
[down arrow] [left arrow] medicine pack

No Buffet For You!

In this dream, somewhere I procured an eggshell and a snakeskin. o_O Ma and I got into her car and we drove downtown. It seemed like it was past the area where the Lincoln Bridge is, out by Kmart, around in that area. She was driving like a maniac! She was going really fast. I remember I had the eggshell in my pocket, and I was scared that it was going to get crushed. I don't know what happened to the snakeskin at this point.

We went over this river and there was a boat with people on it. I had the feeling that if they noticed my snakeskin they'd think it was some kind of voodoo thing, because they seemed to be some kind of voodoo practitioners. We zoomed all over. Then I think we went to some kind of restaurant.

We went inside and ordered the buffet. There was a black waitress who was serving us. I remember distinctly that we both said, "Buffet," so she left. We went up to the buffet and I started eating directly from the buffet line!! I was picking up pieces of chicken and eating them! The waitress came up and stood beside me and watched me eat for a little while. I was acting like I was really tired.

She said something like, "I don't think you ordered the buffet. I thought you ordered something else."

I replied, "No, I think we ordered the buffet."

So we went back to the table to argue about it. Ma was there, and the waitress said, "Um, I really don't remember you ordering the buffet, so I'm going to have to check this out."

I said, "I clearly remember her (Ma) saying buffet."

"No, no, you didn't say buffet."

We just kept saying that over and over again--"Yes, we did," "No, you didn't," "Yes, we did," "No, you didn't." The waitress went off to check, I guess. And I think we left this place. ^_^

While we were walking out there was some kind of jewelry display nearby. It had some necklaces, but some of the things were also like little people. Each of them had a different kind of headdress on, like one from Texas had things like a big hat and stars, and one had something like a rocket. Their hats were all different, pertaining to some kind of different subject. I was trying to get a closer look at these but there were these ladies in the way. >:/ Each of them (the figurines/little people, I believe) was on a piece of cardboard to tell what it was about. Ma was over on my left, looking at something else. I turned to her and started to say out of the corner of my mouth, in irritation, "I wish I could get a look at these!" I wanted those ladies to MOVE already!

I kept looking around at things. There was something like a questionnaire. It was about Freud, but it was also about some kind of cleric, or priest or something. I can't remember who; it had questions like, "Where was he born?" and "Where was he raised?"...what about this, what about that...I had tried to answer this questionnaire in parts sometime in the past, because in the first question I had checkmarks and such next to certain answers. But I didn't understand my answering system here, so I couldn't understand if I was right or wrong, because there were lines drawn all over the page and I was trying to figure out where the lines went and what they meant.

There was also something about the Nazis burning books; that might have been in this booklet or it might have been on a TV that was there, because when we went by a TV, it was playing a cartoon series, which included The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. Quasimodo looked exactly like the one in the Disney version; the thing is, the animation style was slightly different--like how the Aladdin cartoon series on TV differed from the movie, because the animation wasn't as high a quality as it was just a TV series and not a movie put out for millions to see. In the cartoon, Quasimodo was cheerful and had a servant named James or something. I turned it on and was like, "Hey, they've got The Hunchback on TV!" I knew this series wasn't spawned by the movie; I had a feeling that the movie and the series were on at the same time. I thought that was kind of strange, considering they looked alike.

I remember earlier, when we got out of the car, I think it was, that I had my eggshell and I pulled it out of my pocket. It was slightly flattened. Earlier in my dream I had put it in some kind of liquid but I'd then pulled it out because that had softened it, and I didn't want it to get soft. Now I was thinking, "Well, I think I will put it in some kind of liquid to soften it so I can push it back into shape, because now it's nearly crushed!" I also thought that those people in the boat would have thought I was in my unwritten story Familiars.

In the part where we had been looking at the jewelry, I think there were also some people painting on the wall--it was either wall paintings or statues--and they were painting or making the headdresses for these statues. They were Egyptian style; I remember the color gold. But no two of them could have the same headdress. They all had to be different.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "Cats On The Prowl."

Cats On The Prowl

If they were not the same dream, this may have shifted out of "No Buffet For You!"

In part of this, it's like I was at Grandma B.'s and she had a whole bunch of cats. They were crawling around. I think they were kind of shy because I was trying to pet them and they sometimes ran away. I have written down "guy painted gold, criminal crawling across floor." I'm not really sure what that means. I think some guy was painted gold and he thought it would disguise him, and he was crawling across the floor. He was trying to steal something but one of the cats alerted me or something so this guy couldn't get away with it.

If they were not the same dream, this may have been related to "Stubborn Chicken."

Stubborn Chicken

If they were not the same dream, this may have been related to "Cats On The Prowl." I think it took place after or before that. There was something about some farmer's chickens, which were laying eggs; I remember he kept looking in the nests to see if they were doing so. Most of them were, but one of them wouldn't lay any eggs, so he did something, like moved it or just went on to the next nest. *shrug*

Eric's Fridge

I was sitting in the living room and Ma was with me; Eric (my brother) was home from the Army again, but he wasn't there. I said, "Man, I'm hungry."

Ma said, "Why don't you check out Eric's fridge?"

Beside me there was like a little mini-fridge or icebox; I opened it up and it was some of Eric's food. There were a lot of different kinds of pudding in there. Most of it was butterscotch but there were some other things. I looked at all this pudding and thought, "Well, he wouldn't miss a couple." But then I said aloud, "Well, I feel bad eating stuff that's his because I know how I feel when he eats my stuff."

I had the feeling that Buddhists had something to do with this dream, but I can't remember what. :/

The Ugly...Duckypus?

I think Mya was in this dream. I have written down "at home, in trouble"; I think maybe I was in some kind of trouble at home, though that might have been the next dream. I was watching something on TV, it seemed. There was some kind of toon circus; all the animals were cartoons and such. They were talking about a cake table or something like that. o_o I looked at it--there was a table, and there was a cake taking up the whole thing. It looked like a palace--this cake was huge. They were cutting off part of the right side. There were these ladies of fashion sitting around. I had the feeling this might have taken place in a courtyard with topiaries and stuff, because it was really fancy-schmancy.

In this circus, it was also like a zoo; I saw a baby platypus, but it was much cuter than a platypus would be. I said to whoever was with me, "Oh look, that's a platypus!" It was with some ducklings, and they were all being fed, as if it were one of them.

They could very well have been the same dream, but if they weren't, this then shifted into "A Bookstore Wonderland."

A Bookstore Wonderland

They could very well have been the same dream, but if they weren't, this then shifted out of "The Ugly...Duckypus?"

I was with some people in my home and we were in trouble. I decided to leave to get things straightened out. It was wintertime. I went outside and got my bike. I had been riding it around the house lately, trying not to get my feet wet in the snow. I knew that if I rode down the highway on my bike I'd look stupid, but I had no other choice. So I started riding down the highway, toward town. Then, all of a sudden it was like--whoosh!--a lot of obstacles were thrown right in my way. The road kept detouring and I kept coming across men at work. I went through a dark tunnel at one point and had to keep my eye on the white line on the right side of the road for some reason. I had to keep detouring and just kept doing it over and over again.

Finally I came into this thing that was like a mall. There was a woman who was trying to sell this lady's suit; it was like a three-piece suit, with a suit jacket, and kind of grayish. The back of it went down, kind of, making it look slightly like a skirt. She was trying to sell this but I said, "No thanks. If I see anybody who wants it, I'll tell you."

I kept walking through, and then came across Kramer from Seinfeld. He was looking for a suit. He acted all weird, just as he always does. I went to him and started talking like he does, how every time he talks about something it's like, "Oh, boy, you gotta see this! It's the most amazing thing!" I went up to him and started telling him about the girl's suit I'd seen; I think the suit he was looking for was meant to be for a girlfriend or something. I said, "Oh, they have this wonderful suit back there! It's gray--"

Kramer gasped. "Gray! Gray!"

"Yeah, it's kind of got like a brown tinge to it, and the back of it flares out, and this lady over there is trying to sell it; you could probably get a great deal on it!"

Kramer said, "Thanks!" and went off to buy the suit. So, my good deed done ^_^ , I continued through this workplace and such, then ended up in a bookstore.

It's like all of a sudden Ma and maybe my brother Eric were with me. I could look through this bookstore, and they'd give me some time to. They left while I looked around. I went to the sci-fi/fantasy aisle to see if there was anything I would like. I looked around; I remember they had the book Independence Day, but it was really really thick, and a hardcover, but I could read right on the side what it was. Right beside that there was the book for Dragonheart and it was really really thick and hardcovered too. I knelt down and started looking at the selection. One book was a map of places in fantasy fiction; one of the maps was Pern from Anne McCaffrey's novels of Pern (none of which I've ever read), and there were a whole bunch of others about different fantasy places. This seemed to be a set of books, rather than one book, contained in a box down here; there were two levels of books--one on top, one on the bottom. I looked at the titles on them; there were drawings on the spines. Most of them had dragons and such. I thought, "Well, these look interesting. I'd like to see how they made these maps." Some of the books were thicker and some were thinner than the others. I didn't recognize any of the titles except for Pern, so I tried to pull that one out but it wasn't on the end--it was somewhere in the middle--and as I tried to pull it out I realized it was stuck. I then realized that all of these maps and the books must be attached, so I would have to pull out the one on the end.

SO, I pulled out the end book and opened it slightly. It was something about some kind of kid and his dragon. I can't remember what it was called, but there was a picture of a smiling dragon; it had part of a map, but this map was over the drawing of the kid and the dragon so it was kind of hard to understand what it said. I thought, "That's cool." I put it back in. I remember on one of the things there was a drawing of a red dragon with a really big head; it was kind of realistic looking. I thought, "Well, this probably costs way too much," so I put the books back in there. Later on in the dream I came back and looked at it and it was about $300. I thought, "Yeah, that's really expensive." Also when I returned to this part later on there was a bestiary and it had a silver cover like my Close Encounters Of The Fourth Kind book; it was written by this woman and had something to do with the Dungeons & Dragons series (a game which I have never played, though I enjoy the creature manuals). There was a drawing of something on the front. The book itself was really thick. The thing is, it said, on the front or back cover, that it had only twenty-three profiles in it. I'm like, "Twenty-three?" Then it said something about a hundred different kinds of a certain fungus or something, so I thought, "Oh. Maybe twenty-three is like main categories and then under these there are lots of other things." So I started looking through it to see if there was anything interesting. There was, but--there were no dragons!! "Well, that's weird," I thought. In one part there was some kind of monster called a ratbag; it had a lot of tentacles on the top of it and it was looking at this person, and the person was looking back, like, "Oh, Lord, it's gonna eat me." The thing is, "ratbag" is an Australian slang word, so I wondered about that--"Is this Australian or something?"

I moved over to another part of the store to my right, because I couldn't find anything I wanted there, it seems. Over here there was a rack full of Star Trek novels--it was all the original series, and the books were used. Suddenly this wasn't a new books store anymore, but a used books store. A lot of these covers had the same thing; it was like Captain Kirk was a woman. ^_^ There was somebody with me now and I turned to them and said, "Well, Jeez, they're all the same book!" I said something really snide about it because I don't like Captain Kirk, but I can't remember exactly what I said. I passed on that, not being interested in it, and moved over to find a shelf of romance novels.

I started looking for this certain author--Pauline Gedge--because she's written a couple of books that I liked in real life, which are the only romance novels I really liked. Every time I go into a store in real life, I feel ashamed looking at the romance novels when looking for Pauline Gedge, because I don't hold romance novels in very high esteem. I briefly glanced over those in the dream. All of them, of course, had covers with the woman swooning in the arms of the handsome, muscular man. I turned to the person with me and said something about Eric V., something snide. (Eric V. is the guy who, in high school, asked to be my boyfriend and then ended up forgetting about me; see "Eric's Last Chance," a future dream, for the details.) I moved on and turned to the next aisle, looking at some more things. Then I moved back to the fantasy aisle.

Here I picked up some kind of sci-fi catalog and wondered if they had anything about The X-Files in it. I moved to the back and they had a whole bunch of stuff but there was a shot of the X-Files cast and a bunch of people who had been on the show before. They were all lying around in bleachers, kind of, and were all dressed in what seemed to be sports clothes. They looked like bums, just lying around, sprawled out. David Duchovny was near the top; Gillian Anderson was near the bottom and she was sprawled out, looking tired. I thought it was a funny picture.

I moved past that and went to the back of the store--which was really near the front, I suppose--and here Ma came up to me and said, "Are you done?"

"I don't know."

I moved to this aisle and here there was a mixture of different books. I found one on UFOs, and when I turned the pages, the outside edge of each page had a picture of a UFO; and it would "move" when you flipped through the book really fast, like animated pictures. I thought, "Well, that looks kind of interesting," and set it aside. Then I noticed a bunch of other books that looked like they'd be interesting for me. There were several that had to do with Egypt; they were like part of a series. They were small and brown, like leather covered; I pulled one out and it said something about "Osiris's journey" or something like that. A second one, at first, said something about Anubis, and I thought it logically had something to do with Horus, but then it said something else to do with Osiris. I thought, "Well, I'll get these." I looked at the backs. One was about $2.50 and another was about $1; "Well, that's good enough, I can get them." I set them on the floor. I don't know if I picked up the UFO book or not, but I might have. I looked at the other books that were in the series but none of them had to do with Egypt, so I looked at the list of the books in the series, which was included in the front of one of the books. It said something about Horus in one of them, but I thought, "Well, I may as well go for all or nothing, since I'll never see these books again." So I decided to buy them all.

Then I saw a couple of books about unicorns. One of them looked more philosophical than the other one, but the other one was something like How To Contact A Unicorn; it seemed to be a spiritual book. When I first looked through it, it seemed to be something about how to contact a unicorn maiden--a woman who could attract unicorns--but then I read the blurb on the back of the book and it said you could do it with unicorns too. I thought, "This is interesting looking." It was thick, like a little Bible, and the covers on both unicorn books were purple. This one was a small book. When I opened it, the pages were lined deep, metallic red. "I think I'll get this," I thought; I don't remember checking the price, but it was cheap, so I think I put it on the floor with my other selections.

I started looking around for the name "Gary Gygax"--he's the author of several sci-fi/fantasy books that I liked, but I felt his books would be in this area, because above this shelf there were some horror books--shorter than novels. While I was looking there was a picture with a knight in it off to the side; it was one of those metallic pictures, where they kind of shine in metallic colors. On this knight, you could see his eyes through the visor and at first I had the feeling they were Gillian Anderson's eyes, but then they looked like David Duchovny's eyes. It looked like they were looking at me! I thought, "Hm, I'm going to have to check that out."

Ma had come over while I was looking at the unicorn book and said, "Have you found anything yet?"

I replied, "Yeah, I think I'm finding some things I want. I'll probably be done soon. When I'm done with this shelf."

She left and I kept looking for Gary Gygax. I think once I found his name, but in dreams you can't read the same thing twice; I moved closer and I think it was supposed to be his name, but it was different, spelled differently, and the book didn't look like anything that would interest me. On the cover of one of the horror books it had a picture of a giant weasel, I think, and it said something like The Horror Of Something-Or-Other, like some kind of cheap horror novel. Then I awoke just as soon as I was about to look at something else--which was annoying!! >_<

I just remembered; one of the books I think I might have mentioned that I picked up said something about Persian mythology or something. I looked at it because I thought it might be interesting--it said it was written by Howard Carter, the Egyptologist, and somebody else, but it was only about Persian things so I didn't have much interest in it, and put it back.

Available illustrations:

* books were attached so only end ones could be removed first.
[down arrows] varying thicknesses. [left arrow] boxed set. [left arrow] "Pern"? [right arrows] drawings & titles on spines

* The UFO book. [right arrow] Each page end was bright blue & had a successive shot of a flying saucer inset.

Puck In Class & The Mystery Chest

In this dream, it's like I was in some kind of craft or woodworking class. It was kind of a cross between the original Quest room--which was the band room at the junior high--and the wood room at junior high. Our teacher was like a big biker guy, but he was friendly. In this class we were working on different things. I believe that if you could draw, and could put a really great design on this one thing, you'd get some kind of award. I picked up something that was like a skateboard. There were a couple of people standing around; one of them was a guy. He jeered, "Yeah, she's really gonna put a good design on that."

I started softly singing "The Promise" by When In Rome while I drew something on the surface. I remember it had a rounded bottom, but then it was supposed to be like a house, and I was coloring it in. I had to hurry because the class was ending, so I picked up a brown piece of chalk or pastel and colored in around it. This skateboard folded or collapsed into three parts, like a table with a leaf in the middle (a removable middle section, not a tree leaf). I quickly colored one side and rubbed it in, then the other side, repeating the process. And then all of a sudden it's like it had a very detailed picture in the middle. This whole time I had been singing "The Promise" for some reason.

I started looking for a place to set this thing; I walked around the room humming casually. I thought, "Does that look like a good spot? No, I think it would get knocked over there. Does that look like a good spot? No, I think it would get smudged." Finally I selected something that was like an ironing board where the teacher kept some of his stuff, and set it down there. I think it was facedown. Some of the people had been working on stuff during this; I can't remember exactly, but I had the feeling that we had to hurry because the class was ending and we had to leave. I went over to my part of the room--it was kind of like our basement, too--and was going to look through my desk to get anything I needed; I believe I needed lunch money or something because lunch period was coming up. I opened up the desk--and then I think I was sitting in my living room with Dad.

It was daytime, and this desk was kind of like a desk/chest. It had some of my old stuff in it. I was kind of leery of opening it because it might have bugs in it like an old chest of mine did in real life. I had to pull some of this stuff off the top to open it without spilling anything. Dad was watching TV. There was some interesting stuff in the chest and I brushed it around, but the thing that caught my eye was a thick stack of paper that had been typed. At first it was like a story--one of my stories, copied--but then it was like several stories copied from the computer. I pulled that out and then put it back in and looked around some more. There was some kind of small, battered, slightly wet, moldy book; it was called Alchemy, but then it said something about astronomy and science or something like that. It was a three-word title but "alchemy" was the main word. I thought, "That looks kind of interesting," but I didn't really care about it. I kept moving stuff around.

I reached kind of toward the bottom but I got mildly afraid that I might come across some bugs, so I moved the stuff back into place. I pulled out that thick stack of paper again. I had kept putting it in and pulling it out because I wasn't sure if I wanted to look at it or not. I looked at it somewhat. I'm not sure if I kept it out or put it back in. I started to close the box but then I noticed there was a plastic bag beside me with some stuff in it that looked like it had recently been put in. I wondered, "Does that belong in here or not? I don't remember pulling it out, but it must go in here."

As I picked it up, an ant quickly crawled around on it. I was like, "Oh Lord, an ANT!!" (I'm afraid of ants) so I threw it into the box, MOOSHED the lid down as quick as I could, because it wouldn't fit in there all the way, and put the rest of the stuff on top. Dad said, "You're going to have to clean that up," meaning the rest of the stuff that I had put on the floor.

I replied, "I'm going to clean up some of it," then kind of went, "Huh! Yeah, right," because it was so much. I put the stuff that had been on top of the box back on top. Then it's like I was back in the class again. o_O

I was my character Puck all of a sudden, and I think I went over to look at that skateboard thing that I had done. I think the teacher had looked at it; it was slightly smeared now, but I didn't really care. I think about Zeus for some reason, I don't know; maybe the teacher had something to do with Zeus. I started to walk up toward the door, which was on my left, and these two black people, like gang members, stepped in my way. They wanted my board or something, for some reason. Since I was Puck, I acted really snide and snotty about it, like, "Yeah, well, I don't think so."

All of a sudden it's like this was a show and I was controlling it, so I said in my mind, "Okay, Puck's gonna get beaten up--he's gonna get the crap beaten out of him." I don't remember getting beaten up, but that's the way it was, so I lay down on the floor and curled over, groaning, "Oooohh!" like I had been hurt, and waited for somebody to come into the room and discover me. I think maybe the teacher came in and he and some other people put me in their van or whatever and drove me to this place. It's like they were visiting their grandmother or something and there were a couple of little kids hanging around. When we showed up they expected some gifts and such from the biker (teacher) and whoever else was with us. I was sitting in the front seat. I felt fine, too. The kids were jumping around saying, "Yea! Yea!" They came over to open my door. I thought "Okay, I'm Puck, and I'm gonna roll out the door like I'm passed out." So they opened the door and I think I rolled out like I had been beaten up. They were going to grab me and pick me up and pull me inside because I was in bad shape. Again, it's like I was controlling this, roleplaying.

Available illustrations:

* The "skateboard":
[right & down arrows] 3 "leaves"--collapsible. [left arrow] my main design went here; 2 end leaves were colored tan

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