In one dream I was in something that was a lot like a bar. I don't know who I was; I might have been myself, or I might have been somebody else. There were a bunch of people around and I have the feeling that Don Johnson was there. He was talking to this woman. While I was in here, I was sitting at the bar and looking at some pictures. Somebody was talking to me. I think the pictures were of the woman. While this person talked to me, I didn't want them to notice that the woman, in some of the pictures, seemed to be half naked. There were two big pictures and all the rest of them were small; they were like an uncut sheet of cards. I kind of covered the big ones up when the person came to talk to me across the bar. I had the feeling that this was some kind of show, and Don Johnson and this woman were in it. He was one of the stars. I have the feeling also that she was some kind of dancer, or maybe a mud fighter, because she was fighting in a pit.

I went down into a lower level of the bar, which was kind of like the living room. I was looking through some kind of magazine now and it had drawings done by kids. I stopped at one point and saw this page had three or four drawings by me--ones I had made when I was very little! I recognized them and I think maybe one was of a green tiger or something. As I looked at them, I started crying, thinking, "Oh my Lord, I don't believe it!" (Notice the similarity here between this and my "The False Pirate" dream?)

I think Desirae W. (an ex-friend) was there and she asked what the heck I was crying about. I was trying to point out that these pictures were old and I didn't even remember sending them to these people. How did they get them? I felt kind of sad, somehow, and I also felt a little afraid, possibly because I didn't know how these people got a hold of them, possibly because I knew they were mine but couldn't remember them--it's like finding something you've written and you can't remember doing it, so it's almost like somebody else wrote it. I think I might have had some drawings with me too.

Maybe Macho Man Randy Savage was here, because I had the feeling it was like a country bar, kind of. While I was sitting at this counter, I was looking through some cassette tapes, and they had something to do with what Don Johnson was doing here--I had the feeling he was a cop, as he always is. There were three or four different tapes. I had taken them and their paper jackets out to look at them. Then I was trying to put them back in, but one of them wouldn't fit; I kept folding it but couldn't get it in the case the right way. Plus, I seemed to have either an extra tape case or an extra jacket and I didn't know what to put it in or what to put in it. I think I finally figured it out. One of them may have had the song "Axel F." by Harold Faltermeyer, but in the dream the name of the person who performed the song was some weird cop name, like Chief Something; I have the feeling that the last name was Curr or something like that. I'm not sure. I thought, "It must be a remake," because I remembered that that wasn't the guy who did the song.

This may have been the same dream as "The Wild Child"; if not, it then shifted into it. It might also have been related to "Slow-Motion Lion King."

The Wild Child

This dream may have been a continuation of, or else shifted out of, "Barflies." I think I left the bar and some people were getting killed. It had something to do with the character Deep Throat from The X-Files, because I looked and saw somebody getting killed under a poster that said "Deep Throat" on it. It was stuck up on a wall in an alley or something. I was with either one or two people and we were running to get away from these killers. For some reason we were bad guys too, because I think we'd stolen something or robbed somebody.

We ran into this really dirty ramshackle house. While we were running through it, it was like I was one of the bad guys who were being chased, but I was myself too, because I was watching it but also a part of it. I think it was myself and another person; we ran through the house trying to find different places to hide. I think I directed this guy toward a closet or something, then I kept on running. I had a camera view of some of this. Before the camera got to the closet, you could hear coughing; then it came up behind and looked into the closet. The guy was lying on the floor and coughing; I could tell he was dying from some kind of disease that was getting us. Then I turned, and it was like I was watching a man doing this, but I know it was me, too; I ran into something that was like a closet and there was a hole, kind of, in the floor. I went down the hole. I remember looking down on myself--or this guy. I was slipping through the hole and still holding on.

While I had been running through the house, earlier, when the other guy was still alive, I had come into this room and there was a small tape holder on the wall on my left. It had a couple of tapes but then it changed so it was some kind of shadowbox or something, so I said to myself, "Oh my, what a cute little tape holder! I wish I had something like that!"

Anyway, when I jumped out of this hole...I was on Mackinac Island! o_O (I went to Mackinac Island yesterday in real life.) Here were the bad guys, on the island! Maybe one of them was Macho Man Randy Savage o_o; --and they were chasing me. I climbed up onto this sort of cliff; it was above me, but the water wasn't hitting me. I could see that the water was crashing into the cliff and spraying all over the place, but it wasn't touching me, for some reason. I was going to climb up this cliff and escape these people.

I have written down "Asian people." They were probably in the bar in "Barflies"--an Asian man and woman--but I don't remember them very well.

Anyway again, I climbed up the cliff and onto another part of the island. I kept hiding behind rocks and stuff because I knew these people would find me. I think I finally hid in another dirty house. I stood in here and waited for them to pass by. I think I heard something outside. I was standing next to this door, and there was a covering over the window in the door, like a very thick burlap cloth. There was a little tiny spot where I could part the cloth, so I very slightly did so. I saw this kid coming toward the door--a little kid with shaggy brown hair, looked kind of like a wild child--and I let the burlap cloth go so that there was a spot probably as big as a dime or a nickel that I could look through. I stayed very still because I thought, "Maybe if I'm still this person won't see me through this little tiny hole."

Then I saw the light that was coming through the hole darken, and a little eye looked inside. I tried to remain still but the eye looked at me and I thought, "Well, this kid's seen me," so I flung open the door. All of a sudden these two bad guys jumped out of nowhere, grabbed the kid, and started dragging him off; either that or they started chasing him.

I ran outside. The kid was kind of backing away, because he didn't trust me. I started calling to him very softly in some kind of different language; maybe I was trying to imitate some kind of animal, because he seemed like he might have been raised by animals. I started hearing this loud chirping sound...and then I woke up, because the fan was chirping. o_o

Available illustrations:

* What I saw out the window.
[left arrow] dark, dirty house. [down arrow] blue? brown? [up arrow] burlap covered window but didn't seem to obscure frame

Slow-Motion Lion King

This dream may have been part of "Barflies."

I turned and was watching a TV; they were showing a scene from The Lion King, only they were doing it in slow motion. In this scene Mufasa and Simba were together and Simba was running around and jumping on this little ledge and crying; he went "Oohhh-h-h!" In slow motion, the fur around his head looked a lot longer than it did at normal speed, because it looked like he had a mane now. I thought, "Gee, that's weird. You can see a lot more hair when it's in slo-mo!"

America's Meanest Home Videos

They were showing some kind of footage on TV of these little girls; it was supposed to be America's Funniest Home Videos, but I thought to myself after I watched it that it wasn't very funny; it was kind of mean. There were these little girls who were going along this cafeteria line, and they went to where the food was. They looked as if they were Girl Scouts or something. They started knocking over the trays full of food. I turned my head and when I turned back one of the girls was sprawled out on the counter...the place where you slide the trays along...trying to knock them off or something. I thought it was kind of mean for them to do that, to knock all the food off the trays, so I was wondering what the heck it was doing on this show.

Hard Flying

This dream involved a lot of flying! I kept jumping off the ground and flying through the trees! :D It seemed like it was either darker than daytime--not dark, just darker--or colder outside. I kept jumping up and spreading out my arms, trying to raise myself. At first it seemed I had a lot of success, but then when there were these people chasing me--there seemed to be a kid or a cat chasing me--I kept trying to go up into the air, but I could go maybe a few feet, and then, I'd come back down, or I couldn't move very fast. I wondered why I couldn't do it right anymore. I just kept trying over and over again to fly, but I couldn't anymore. :(

Hold The Bus!

I was on the bus, going to school. This is a dream I've had before, I believe. In my seat there was a bunch of my stuff--a whole bunch of it. I had to hurry up and get it in my bag before the bus stopped, so I could get off. I had so much of it it wouldn't all fit in my bag, so I thought, "Well, I'll take this and leave the rest behind and get it later." But I had trouble even fitting the stuff that I wanted to in my bag. >:/ I think somebody came up and was trying to help me, but I was having so much trouble. It's like this stuff was in the utility room also. I was pulling it and trying to stuff it all in my little backpack. I couldn't seem to get it done before the bus stopped.

I've had a variant of this dream before, where I have a whole bunch of stuff and the bus is ready to stop and I have to get everything packed up before it does so, so I can get off. I don't know, maybe it's some kind of anxiety dream.

Camp Fight! Camp Fight!

In one dream which might or might not have been part of another one that same night, I think Dad was either going camping with somebody, or not; I'm not sure. But he had a bunch of camping equipment. He kept some kind of camp journal and in it, I think, he told about this fight he had had with another guy beneath a tree. It wasn't a physical fight, but I think it was like a yelling fight.

Satan's Camera

In this dream I was with Michelle T. (an old friend) again. We had some kind of camera that took pictures, but when it took them it would have really weird, scary images. We knew that it was possessed or something. I was trying to think of a way to get rid of it! It seemed we were in my bedroom. Michelle is really cool headed, but when she saw some of these things that I showed her she started freaking out. I felt like asking her, "Well, you're a Christian. (In real life Michelle is very religious.) Why are you afraid of Satan? Because if you're a devout Christian he's not able to hurt you." But I never said it. I was going to, but didn't.

I think of a glowing totem pole; I believe one of the evil things looked a lot like a totem pole, really evil looking, and it was glowing; it kept changing and I knew that it was possessed. I was trying to think of different ways to get rid of it.

The Birds & The...Bats?

In part of a dream I had not long before waking up, I was seeing something that seemed to be on TV. It was these bats that were attacking these birds. It was like some kind of mating season for the birds, because the male bird kept jumping on the female's back. But these bats were attacking the birds and trying to mate with them, too! o_O It was really weird.

The birds looked like robins and the bats were very strange looking. It looked like this was happening in some trees on a city street. These bats just kept attacking these birds, throwing the male off. I was thinking, "Jeez, this is weird! I wonder why they're doing that? Mistaking these birds for bats?"

Magic Tape

I remember why I wrote down "recording dreams." It doesn't mean recording on paper, it means recording on tape. In part of my dream I took a cassette tape and was recording my dreams on it. I stopped and then tried to add a PS to it, then rewound it and listened to it, but the PS wasn't there! I realized that I'd been recording over one of my tapes where I pretended to be my characters! :( (A long time ago I used to improvise comedy on tape, doing the voices of my fictional characters. I have collections of such tapes still.)

The tape said "Speech Class" on it, but it wasn't really that; it was a tape with one of my characters, because I remember hearing Straitjacket (a character of mine). I was getting so upset! Then I noticed that there was something like what happened with my Grease tape when it got destroyed in real life; back then, the tape had looped over the plastic inside the case, getting caught and stuck. Now, in the dream, there was a big piece of plastic wedged inside my tape and I couldn't fix it. Every time I tried to rewind it the tape would go all screwy and loose.

I had a feeling that I was in a field--a big huge field--while I was trying to do this. Yet I was in my bedroom at the same time. Either that, or I had recorded this in the field, because in part of the dream I saw a white dog running through the field and stopped to record that on the tape, but it wasn't working properly.

I think I went to Dad to ask about this, then I came back and either cut the tape or broke it--the ribbon part. I started winding it through and was going to try to play it anyway so I could copy down what was on it. Then I realized there was writing on the tape. So I pulled it out and unreeled it as I looked at it. It was the words that I had spoken on the tape!

I searched. I saw this one part where it had something written about history. I tried to remember where I'd said that. Then it was the words to what I think was a Richard Marx song. So I pulled out the tape case for Richard Marx and looked for those lyrics to one of the songs, because the tape jacket included the words and I wanted to see if they matched what was written on the tape. They were the same. I thought, "Oh, cool! I don't need to listen to it, I just need to pull out all this ribbon and look at it and read what it says, and transcribe that!" I think I was going to do that, but I still wasn't sure if all of it was on there.

Available illustrations:

* Words I/singer spoke were written right on the tape!
(I wondered what my weird sound effects would look like spelled out, but I never got to check)

* The kind of dog I saw running thru the gray field--Samoyed or Keeshond, maybe? Everything GRAY. [down arrows] distant trees. [right arrow] (dog was far away & running this way)

THESE Are My Role Models?

My last dream of the night is kind of confusing and I don't remember all of it. I was in my bedroom, looking through a stack of magazines. I had the feeling they were kind of like Entertainment Weekly, but also kind of like National Geographic. I kept sorting through them. I think I was putting aside ones I was going to look through. I had the feeling that there was a play--maybe it was the play that I wrote, or maybe it was just a play that I was going to read?--that was in one of these.

While I was looking through these--I think Dad found one--I have the feeling that I was first in my room, then I went out into the living room with Ma and Dad. Dad found an article in one. There was a man and a woman. They weren't naked, but they were wearing this clothing that really suggested they were naked. I didn't like these pictures, so I covered them up. I feel I was listening to something on the radio, maybe, something to do with entertainment. Dad thought the pictures were funny and showed them to Ma. I remember I was pretending that I wasn't listening or anything, but Ma started laughing at them too. Dad took this and put it in my stack of magazines with the picture of the "naked" guy on top, then put a couple of my other magazines on top of it, so that when I would sort through these, I'd pick up one and then there would be the naked guy! I knew what he'd done, though, so I covered it with my hand and turned it over so I wouldn't have to look at it. The man wasn't naked, but was wearing this weird costume that was very suggestive.

Either I went into my room, or this was earlier when I was already in there; I pulled my shorts partly down or something, for some reason. Then I went out to show Dad something. I watched TV for a couple of seconds, asked Dad something, he said something in response, then I went back to my room. And realized that my shorts were partly pulled down!! >_< I thought, "Oh Lord, I'm so embarrassed!!" I tried to recall if I had walked out into the room far enough for anyone to see me, or if my shirt was long enough to hide the fact that I had my shorts pulled down. I re-created the situation in my bedroom. It seemed like my shirt was long enough--my parents would just think my shorts were kind of baggy. But that really embarrassed me. I don't know why I did that.

1996 Dreams