Land Ho! & Late--AGAIN!

I'm not certain if these are all the same dream, but I'll include them as such as they seem to tie in together.

I don't remember much of my dreams from this night. I have written down "Class, Skinhead definition, putting head down, rule list, in parentheses, windowpane, size of face, weird sex, Gail w/ gum, ocean, land on other side, Protestant coalition, bathroom, & bell ringing."

In this dream, I had the feeling that there was some kind of decision going on in something kind of like a class, and this one guy was choosing sides, only the people who were being chosen had no choice in the matter. I was one of them. Some people were going to one side, which was Catholic or something, and some people were going to the other side, which seemed to be Protestant. Both sides had like two divisions. I got put on the Protestant side, I think, even though I'm Catholic.

We were standing on a bridge or something like the deck of a ship while this was happening. I felt kind of depressed; I don't know why. I think of the character Judge Claude Frollo from Disney's The Hunchback Of Notre Dame; maybe he had something to do with our choosing.

I might also have been looking out a window; I could see the ocean and I thought to myself, "Wow, there's so much water, and I can't even see what's on the other side." The truth was...I couldn't see anything on the other side. I saw some land off to the side, but when I looked straight ahead I couldn't see anything but water and sky. I just kept looking and looking, and finally I could see land shimmering through the air, way on the other side. I thought, "Man, that's a lot of water."

Then I seemed to be sitting at a desk, looking through a book. It had some things written in it; one of them was the definition of a Skinhead. It said something about some kind of weird sex that was favored by teenagers o_O , but I didn't read it very well. "Size of face," I don't remember that part. It might have had something to do with the class I was in. I think there was a teacher walking around talking and such.

While I was in this class, I considered putting my head down; I believe I did, but I didn't want the teacher to think I was asleep, so I had my head down with my eyes peering out to show that I was awake. I think I picked my head back up because I thought it might be rude to sit there with my head down. It was between classes and I had to get to my next class before the bell rang; that was a fear of mine in high school, and still whenever I hear a bell like that ring in real life I feel kind of afraid of being late; it's like a conditioned response.

I was going to go to the bathroom. It was college, but it was in the high school, and it was crowded like the high school always was; it was also the people I knew in high school and such. The bathroom was the one that's in the wall near the drinking fountains between Freshman and Junior Halls at the high school. The stalls were on the opposite side of the room, where the sinks are in real life, and the bathroom walls weren't white--it was dark, perhaps dark slate blue; perhaps they had graffiti on them. I went in here and all of a sudden remembered, "Oh God, the bell's gonna ring soon. I better hurry." It was crowded in the bathroom, with lots of people, but for some reason this didn't bother me. I was merely thinking, "I have to go to the bathroom, and I have to get to my class!!" I knew that it was like the beginning of the year in college, and nobody really cares if you're late for class, just as long as you don't disturb the other people who are present and if you don't ask what you missed. Still, I have this thing for not being late, not even in college, when the teachers don't really care if you show up or not. I was rarely late for my classes in college even if it didn't matter.

So I still had this fear, and a bell was going to ring, even though they don't have bells in college! Gail M. (someone I knew in elementary school) was in the bathroom; she had some gum with her and may have been trying to give some to me, but I can't really remember. It seemed like Pat (I'm not sure who this is; it must have been somebody I knew) was trying to tell me something or hit on me or just talk to me, but I was really in a hurry and trying to get to my class before the bell rang!

But while I was in the bathroom, the bell just started ringing...so I thought, "Oh, great, I'm late." I was kind of upset about that because it was kind of like I broke my record of never being late, even though it didn't matter. I think after that I just left the bathroom and went on to my class.

It seems to me that the part where I put my head down was before I actually went to the bathroom, so this dream might be in the wrong order.

When I was looking at the book about the weird sex and such, it was like a list of rules, somehow. It might have said something about a windowpane--the only reason I can think of why I wrote down "windowpane" is either because it said something about one in the book, or it might have been in the part when I looked out at the ocean; I rested my head against the windowpane. Those are the only things I can think of. Some other things I have written down, "size of face" and "drawing," might have figured in here, but I can't remember.

The Skinhead definition, I can't remember what it was; all I recall is I looked in the book and it said "Skinhead" and gave some kind of definition about what they were, but I didn't read it or else I just can't remember what I read.

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* [left arrow] Window pane??
[down arrows] Land seemed to shimmer like a mirage--I knew it was magnified so I could see it--on other side of ocean (melted into sky). [down arrow] Solid land mass, darker & nearby. Dark blue vastness

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