Special Edition Reese's Cups

I remember I was eating some Reese's Cups, only it was some special kind--they were smooth--they didn't have the ridged edges--and the paper holding them was smooth, too. I was looking at this and thinking, "Huh. That's weird."

I, Blob

I had the feeling that I was some kind of big creature, like a big purple blob, and I was trying not to drown or something. Some other kind of blob was overtaking me. I can't remember exactly how that one went.

Available illustrations:

* Me.
[down arrow] (dark, shimmering purplish-blue) The thing overtaking me. [right arrow] (reddish-pink)

Stereo Bedroom!

There was some kind of party for little kids going on in my room. My bedroom was bigger and, of course, cleaner. I think Mya called; I was busy with a lot of stuff so went into my room. The kids weren't in there at the moment, I don't think. I had to hide my underwear because I didn't want anybody to see them--it was that time of the month. o_O;; So I took them off and tucked them under the bed for some reason. (Don't ask, I have no idea.)

Alanis Morissette was playing on the radio; I think it was either "You Learn" or "Hand In My Pocket," one of her slower songs. I had two radios, one on the right side of my room, and one on the left; the song was playing only on one, so I turned on the other one so it would be in stereo! ^_^ I had to fiddle with the dial on the one on the right side of the room, where the dresser is when you come into my room, because it was messed up. It came clear and I noticed that the pointer was way down at one end of the dial when it should have been at the other end because the station I was listening to was 106, only in my dream it was either 60 or 160. I was kind of puzzled about that, about why it was different.

Racing Robin Williams & Too Many Rachels

It's like this dream was a Disney movie but in real life, too. It started out with us--whoever we were--walking along some kind of gravel path alongside this fence. I seemed to be watching this on TV, but was in it, too. Some people were walking toward us, and the fence was on the left. I seemed to be narrating. We had been riding bikes before this, and one of the people walking toward us had taken my bike, so I took his bike; one was a tenspeed, and the other one was something else...it was called eight-something. And so, I was now riding this person's tenspeed because he took my bike. (I have no clue how to ride a tenspeed in real life.) I was thinking of my character Puck Benteen, because this sounded like something he would do, take somebody's bike. When we got off the bikes we switched again; I took my bike back, so he had to ride his bike as I wasn't used to a tenspeed. We were riding these trails through these very thick woods and we were with a group of people. I think Robin Williams was with the group because we were in a movie all of a sudden.

We had come to this certain trail and were going back up it; there were lots of side trails, including one that we couldn't go down because it was very dangerous. We didn't know why; it was just what we heard.

Now suddenly it's like I was racing with somebody--I'm not sure, it might have been Robin Williams--and I might not even have been me. We turned and raced against each other down all these weird trails. I don't know if there was one person with me or two, but somebody went down the dangerous trail. Robin Williams seemed to be illustrating, and he said, "This is the trail we went down before we died" or something like that, which was to indicate that the person who'd gone down it wouldn't have any luck heading down such a dangerous trail.

We turned away from it and went straight down. We kept racing down all these other trails and came to one which turned very sharply to the left. Luckily, I managed to slow down slightly--it's kind of like I was going in slow motion--so I wouldn't go zooming off the trail. We came to another trail which went straight down--I felt like screaming "AAAAHHHH!!", but we weren't screaming. The bikes FLOATED down through the trees! They stopped in the treetops because there were more trees way below us, and Robin Williams and I--if that's who we were--kind of fell off the bikes and down through the trees. I thought, "Oh Lord, this is gonna hurt when we land!"...but right before I hit the ground, I seemed to slow down, then just landed on my feet, like something from a cartoon. *whew*

We found out that we were stuck on either a rise, or in some kind of valley, and we needed help from the other bicyclists. Now I was Robin Williams, and I thought, "How can I get the other people's attention in a way that Robin Williams would?" So...I started singing "The Sound Of Music" opera style!! o_O I sang the first line, then the second, which I wasn't quite sure of...then I couldn't sing anymore because I didn't know the words. ^_^ But a group of people came through the woods and found us.

I had two roles here--the Robin Williams role, and myself. Now I was both of us at the same time, I think, and I was hanging onto this tree that was leaning over a ledge. The group of other bicyclists came up and looked at us. The lead one was kind of like a camp counselor; he looked at me and sort of joked with me, but he was also kind of nervous. I didn't say it outright, but I was thinking, "Well, c'mon, take my hand and pull me off of this tree, because I don't wanna fall!" But he just kept joking with me--he would reach over and pretend he was going to take my hand, then he'd pull back or something like that. >:/ Irritating.

And now...we were walking out of this movie and into a hallway, and the characters were now Michelle T. (an old school friend) and myself. We walked into this room past a guy who had something to do with the movie's soundtrack. I didn't mean to hurt his feelings, but I said, "Well, I didn't really like the soundtrack for this," because it hadn't had much music. I think Michelle said she liked it.

In response I told her about something that had happened in real life when my mom and I went to see Disney's The Hunchback Of Notre Dame. She had said, "I liked the Pocahontas soundtrack better than that!"

To which I had said, "Well, I like The Lion King soundtrack better than Pocahontas!"

Now we were walking down the hallway in the college, like the end of the college building where the computer labs are, upstairs on the side, going out toward the steps and the science buildings where the sun always used to shine through. Michelle stopped off in this side classroom where there was an Asian lady--maybe a teacher--and a girl who was talking with her. The Asian lady asked Michelle if I ever drove people to college or something...Michelle said no, because I was hitching a ride with her. (I can't drive in real life.) The girl who was standing beside the Asian lady rolled her eyes as if to say, "Great. Again"...I think she was looking for someone to drive her to college, and for some reason they didn't bother asking Michelle, they were asking Michelle about me. The Asian lady asked, "Does Rachel (that would be my real name) get to college before you do?"

I don't know why, but Michelle said, "Yeah," even though we would get there at the same time. Michelle walked out of the room but yelled over her shoulder, "Yeah, you Rachels always beat me to the college!" I guess the Asian lady's name was Rachel, too!

I stood in the hallway and waited while she went out to her car to get it started--I don't know why, for some reason I was just supposed to wait there and she'd come around to pick me up. While I stood here I saw her starting up her car--I think it was tan or beige--and another car drove by. It was really ugly--it was blue and white, and it looked like an El Camino without a front!! It was so ugly...it was just all back, no front...yech. I can't think of an uglier car than an El Camino, much less one without a front. >_<

I walked outside and thought, "Well, maybe I better go out there, because Michelle might leave without me." I started looking for her car but I saw her coming toward me instead. I waited until she came up and I got in, and now all of a sudden she was driving a golf cart. ^_^ While we were pulling out of the driveway I was about to tell her, "You know, your car's a lot like a golf cart!" but I didn't say anything; instead I told her about the El Camino or whatever it was. I said it looked like an El Camino that had had its nose chopped off, or something...what I said was very weird, because in dreams you tend to say weird things that wouldn't make any sense in real life, yet they make perfect sense in the context of the dream.

In the earlier part of the dream, the fence made me think of something that would be outside some sort of nuclear reactor; there was gravel all around it, and it was supposed to keep people out. It seemed like while we were at that scene, it was some kind of interview on 60 Minutes or something.

Available illustrations:

* The "camp counselor" & me in the woods.
[left arrow] "counselor." [left arrow] Me. [down arrow] Down!!

Kinky Simpsons

I think I was watching or else I was The Simpsons on TV. Homer had told Marge something really weird about their love life, so Marge told him something really weird about her love life with him. She said something like, "Could you be my brother, and I'll be your sister?" This was her love fantasy, to be married to her brother. o_O;

Homer smiled and said, "Y'know what, Marge, you are kind of perverted." I guess they just went to sleep after that.

The Legend Of The Lark's Tongue

I was at home with my brother, Eric, and he had found my megaphone. He went up onto the roof, which you could now walk on--it was flat with railings along the sides--and yelled weird things at me through the megaphone. It wasn't very loud, so I was going to yell back at him, "TURN IT UP!!" but I didn't because I was busy looking around.

I had been looking at some kind of New Age or medicinal book which said something about the lark tongue, how it had some kind of healing properties or some such. There was some kind of fable that the lark was supposed to have five tongues, or a five-tipped tongue. So I was looking for things related to this. I'd been looking at these books, and now I found a nest full of eggs! "Oh, wow!" I thought. They were blue and speckled, but I knew they were robin eggs. I picked up this nest and walked around with it...and then I found a really big, huge, WHOPPING eggshell--this thing was bigger than an ostrich egg, bigger than a basketball--it was huge! But it was the same color as the smaller eggs in the nest. Those ones were probably about two inches long. It was a really deep nest.

I picked up this eggshell and looked inside it. There was a little tiny hole in it that wouldn't have been big enough for whatever had been inside to get out, but the egg was empty. I thought, "Wow, it must've really squeezed itself through that hole!"

I walked around with this nest and this eggshell and went looking for other things. Eric was still on the roof yelling. I walked over toward the right side of the garage, on the south side, now looking for flowers and such. The trees had white flowers on them and it felt like I was walking through some kind of arbor. There were all these white leaves around me. I looked past these, and there were some yellow flowers. They were pretty but they didn't go with anything. Then I saw these white flowers out back, almost near where the big rock is, and thought, "Oo, what are those?"...but when I got to them, they were kind of like bushes or trees, and they had these weird red berries on them. In my dream I smelled the berries, and they looked familiar; I don't know about the smell, but what the look reminded me of was pomegranate seeds. I didn't eat any though because I didn't know what they were--even in a dream I'm not going to eat poison berries! So I started shaking the tree because some of them had been falling off; they were growing on it really oddly, like they were part of the stems, kind of teardrop shaped, just growing out of the tree--seemingly not separate from it, but rather extensions of it. I shook the trees and the berries were falling off and showering onto the ground.

My alarm clock didn't wake me from this dream; perhaps a little noise outside did. Maybe that was how it really ended.

Available illustrations:

* The "big egg" (maybe over a foot long).
Bird nest. Fruit bush (only looked more "branchy"). close up of "berries." [up arrow] real size. (pomegranate red)

The Dream That Will Not Die!!

I seemed to be in some kind of new class. It was some kind of arts or crafts class, a big one; it made me think of the Home Ec room at the high school. There were lots of seats and I was looking around. I had taken a seat--when you're looking at the front of the room the windows are on the left, so my seat was near the right side of the class--and I put my stuff on it. I had a bunch of stuff with me...I had been talking with Michelle T. (a school friend) and I was going to sit by her, but later on in the dream I wasn't. I sat down there for a few minutes. The teacher, a man, was walking around the class; everything was really informal. I got up because I had to do something, but when I came back there was somebody else sitting in my seat. >:/ It was somebody I knew in the dream, but not in real life. She had light brown short hair, kind of in a bowl haircut, and wore glasses. I said, "Oh. Oh, this is my seat," because the teacher had told me to sit here--all the other seats had been taken. So she got up and left and I sat down again. I noticed she'd taken all my stuff and put it on the floor and I thought, "Well, that's kind of rude," because my things had been on the desk. Everybody knows that means I had a claim to the seat, even in real life! I put my things back on the desk and I think she had left something of hers behind but all I thought was, "Well, that's her loss!"

I got out of my seat again and went toward the front of the room, where now there seemed to be another room on the left--it now made me think of the layout of my physics class in high school with Mr. Siddall. I went into this room; it was sunny in here and I sat down in front of this counter. I started eating some things I had; one of them was a container full of chocolates or chocolate-covered nuts. There was a guy sitting beside me. He made me think of Ben H. (a student, I think) from real life and I thought that was who he was at first, until I noticed his voice wasn't funny, so I realized it must not be him. In addition there was a girl sitting beside him. Oddly enough, I was acting really cheerful, considering I didn't know these people!

There was some kind of cross-stitch sitting in front of me. I noticed it had a misspelling on it, so I said, "This has a typo." I grabbed it and looked at it and the others started laughing because they thought this comment was funny--a typo in a cross-stitch. :) I looked for the typo again, but in dreams you can't read the same thing twice. Meaning, I could no longer find the "typo." I held it up so they could see it and they looked at it too. It had a bunch of writing on it; I think it was some kind of maxim or saying. In one part it said "service," and "service" was spelled correctly, but we knew it was spelled wrong in my dream--it was supposed to be spelled with a U or something, like "survice." The Ben guy (for want of a better name--he looked like Ben, only not as goofy) pointed this out. I looked at it and said, "Yeah, I think it is a typo"...but then I noticed that the U/E was kind of neutral...it could have been either letter, I think...and I said, "Well, maybe it isn't. Maybe that's just the way it looks." I kept looking and looking for my typo--why couldn't I find it? I was so confused.

We were sitting here eating and all of a sudden it's like I was facing the other way--and I was at a seat in the cafeteria. And then the guy with me turned and kissed me on the lips!! O_O I didn't kiss him back--I was thinking, "Oh, Lord," because I didn't even want to start anything after what happened in real life with Eric. (See "Eric's Last Chance" for the explanation.) So I just kind of stared for a minute and then picked up my food and threw it away, except for the chocolate-covered nuts--I covered those back up and brought them with me.

For some reason, I now knew of some kind of secret passageway out of my basement, and I think I took this passageway to this room that I had been in. (This is quite a convoluted dream. :/ ) Somehow I think I'd been in there earlier in the dream, but I don't remember how. It was this big, deep room, dank, and it had bleachers in it. These bleachers were like folding seats and they went all the way across the room so there was no floor room. I remember walking down the steps; it was dark in here. I had walked out on them earlier with Ma, but there had been a light on then, and as I walked now I thought of my fear of falling down a flight of steps. They were wet and black and there was a lefthand turn in them. I came out into this turn and noticed that these bleachers/seats/whatever, which had been nice, were now being torn down by some people. I walked out above the room, kind of scuffling across the bleachertops because I didn't want to fall between them and hit the floor below.

I looked down in this space where some of the bleachers had been torn down and saw that my Men In Black book, The UFO Silencers by Timothy Green Beckley, was lying on the floor. I was a little in shock over this and said, "Oh, there's my book!" I knew that somehow the people would get it for me; when they were done tearing down everything they'd give my book back.

Then I seemed to be on the floor level. I had climbed down onto the bleachers or whatever they were and reached the bottom. There were a bunch of people here cleaning up. I knew that they were some kind of order--like a religious order--and this is what they did. They were all so solemn; they didn't smile or anything, just tore down and cleaned up these bleachers. As I watched them I wondered if I should join them because it would give me something to do. o_O

I noticed that Desirae W. (a friend from high school) was standing beside me. I kind of moved away but she moved closer, and everywhere I moved she kept moving toward me! I finally whirled around and started YELLING at her, really mad--"I don't want you near me! I don't like you anymore because you lied to me!" (In real life, Desirae and I had a huge falling out in high school because of her compulsive lying and her disrespectful attitude toward me; in later days we would occasionally run across each other in town, and she would be friendly, whereas I would be polite, but I never accepted any of her offers to come to her house again. I do not hate her, but I no longer trust her. She said some truly hurtful things to me.) I was really flipping out. But like in my other dreams she was neutral--she didn't say anything and didn't have any expression on her face; it's like she couldn't even hear me.

I kept walking around and now came to an upper level; for some reason it made me think of the upstairs of my Grandma B.'s house. I went up to this upper level that was at the other side of the room and now Eric V. (the same one mentioned above) was there!! It's like I was putting the words in his mouth, but I'm not sure. He was talking to me about my play, The Pro (this is a play I wrote in real life as a high school assignment; it was a comedy about a mental institution); in the dream, in my play there had been a character that was supposedly kind of based on him, and he was yelling at me about this--"I don't like how you portrayed me!"

I said in return, "Well, I don't like you anymore, either, because of what you did to me!" I denied that he had a part in the play, saying, "Why do you think I'd put you in a play? Yugh!!"

But he just kept yelling so again I walked away while he was doing so. He was very angry, but he didn't even notice me walk away!

I went outside. Somebody was following me and I didn't want them to see me. I took the steps out again; it's like I was walking around and around the house, and where the porch door was supposed to be, there was now a passage under the house. I remember that in the dream there were lots of hidden passages under our house. I came out of that and started walking around the house (I think I have the order of this screwed up! >_< ) and now there was a garage where our long driveway is supposed to be--it was across from that, on the south side of the house. I went over to that and hid behind a car because I didn't want my follower to see me--it might have been Desirae, and it might have been her mom too. Suddenly somebody came up--I seemed to be both of us at the same time, again--and grabbed my shoulder, scaring me, but the person put a finger to his/her mouth and motioned for me to follow.

I did so, and we went out onto the highway, though it was kind of like the road going past the front of Grandma B.'s house, only paved. And now it was the dead of winter, and nighttime. (Will this dream never end? o_O; ) We stood and started going one way, but then we went back along the other way, to the right when your back is to the house. We walked along the side of the road; at some points it was like I was with this person, and at other points it's like I was alone. The snow was falling as we walked and it was dark out. I was narrating for some reason, as if we were on TV or something. I can't remember what I was saying, but I looked up to my right, into the sky, and saw a constellation that looked kind of like the Big Dipper, but it had a whole bunch of stars in it like a cluster; I started thinking of HP Lovecraft and how his stories always have the stars in them, and now began jogging along the road because I was kind of scared. There were trees alongside on my right now. This went on for a while.

I had something like a book under my coat, and several times it seemed to be missing, but I would feel around and tell it was there and sigh with relief. For some reason I needed this book. Finally we came into this little, old-fashioned town and now it was daytime, though still winter; there were some trucks and cars and a tractor and such nearby and I said to the person with me, "Look! Civilization!"

I guess we presented kind of a strange image because we were so cold; the people stared at us as we went by. We went down this road--it was kind of like a hill--and came to this restaurant. We had some fish with us and went inside to give the fish to the man running the place; again I was putting words in the person's mouth, controlling him, and he was going to cook the fish or something. One of us misunderstood--I don't know if it was him or us--the fish were going to be cooked and given to us, and we were surprised because we thought he was going to keep the fish. He was surprised too.

We had some orange juice with us too, and he offered, "Well, would you like me to cool that off?" because it was warm.

We said, "No, no, no!" because we were really cold and didn't want to drink something cold!

"Okay," he said. "Warm orange juice. I can agree with that." And he poured some brandy or something into my friend's drink. The person with me was older than I am. I protested, because I thought it was unfair that this person should get brandy and I shouldn't--even though I hate alcohol in real life!

I guess we drank the juice and walked back into the house. (Which house? I'm not sure.) We went through a little, narrow hallway with dark wood paneled walls. Then all of a sudden--it's like I was back in the other part of the dream with the seat that got taken!! O_O I forgot to say earlier about the girl who took my seat--when I left and came back to my seat, she had taken it again, and I said, "That's my seat!" so she got up and left. She had put my stuff on the floor again, so I picked it up and put it back on the desk; I had looked and Michelle was way at the back of the room and I had thought, "Jeez, I wish I could be sitting by Michelle."

Anyway, I now seemed to be in THIS part of the dream again. But it was different. I was at the dining room table and had some stuff sitting on it; the class had ended, I guess, and I had to clear my stuff out and leave. So I was picking up all these things--I just kept picking it up and picking more up and picking MORE up until I had a whole bunch of it. I had a box and was putting this stuff in it, but I had a couple of other books and couldn't set them flat on top of it with all the junk I had in there. So I found a bowl that I had eaten out of and thought, "Well, I don't need that," and left it behind. I picked up my things and was in a hurry--I think I had to catch a bus or something. When I picked up my box there was a huge clean spot on the table, only it was rather dusty. In real life our dining room table is not clean whatsoever. In the dream, it's kind of like Ma was watching me, but I was neutral in this part; I wiped off the table and brought my stuff out with me.

In the earlier part with the classroom, I remember something about colored pencils, particularly green ones; I think they switched to crayons. I was sorting through them, looking for different colors; I was looking for the color, and then a color close to it, and I remember especially that I pulled out a green one, then looked for another shade of green. I found three shades of green and was trying to make up my mind which one I should use.

My God! You mean this dream is finally over?? o_O;

Cannibal Magpies

In this dream, I was looking out my window while Dad was leaving. I noticed three magpies--I don't know if they looked like real magpies, but in my dream that's what they were--land in the tree outside my window. The tree had flowers on it, perhaps like in my other dream, "The Legend Of The Lark's Tongue." The magpies were eating something; two of them would peck at it once in a while, and then I realized, to my horror, that it was another magpie they were eating--and it was still alive! It was thinner than they were, and wasn't trying very hard to get away; whenever they stopped pecking on it it would kind of hop to the side, but then they'd start pecking at it again. I thought, "Oh my Lord, the cannibals!" I felt like saving this magpie; I don't know if I did or not, but I thought it was really disgusting. I had the feeling that it would have a sweet taste. o_o;

Then I seemed to be telling Dad about this--"Before you left, these magpies landed in the tree outside my window and they were eating another magpie, only it was still alive, and it was gross!"

1996 Dreams