Mmm, Underwear!

In this dream it's like there were shelves or something above the head of my bed, and there were lots of things stacked on them, like cloth and such. I don't know; I think I was a Gypsy or something. I was trying to climb up this mass of colored cloth and stuff and I nearly fell at one point. I think I might have been one of my fictional characters. Maybe I was Esmeralda from Disney's The Hunchback Of Notre Dame? I can't be sure.

While I was doing this, it's like I was looking out my window. I was wearing some kind of underwear and in the crotch of them they had some kind of writing. o_o; The writing was in brown, and for some reason I had the feeling that these underwear were either supposed to smell good or they were supposed to be flavored. I don't know...it was really weird. I was just pulling them around trying to see what they said. ^_^; While I was doing this, it seemed there was another guy with me, an older man, who was urging me on.

I also had a whole bunch of different shades of brown-colored pencils. And I seemed to be reading something in a book of mine, The Spellkey Trilogy by Ann Downer; somebody in the book--myself as a Gypsy, or someone else--was riding a horse called Maud, I think. This confused me, because in the book in real life, the person is riding a horse called Motley, not Maud.

This dream may have or may have not been related to/shifted into "Crazy Circles."

Crazy Circles

This dream may or may not have been related to/shifted out of "Mmm, Underwear!"

I think I was with a group of men; there was this guy who was sort of crazy, but he wasn't crazy because he was mentally insane, he was crazy because something had happened to him. I think perhaps he had been thrown into shock, so he was crazy and these men were either looking for him or trying to help him somehow. As for him, he was looking for his friend for some reason. This seemed to be taking place in my house. They gave him a substitute or placebo for something or someone, because he couldn't find what he was looking for. *shrug*

I believe this was the same dream. I think I was a man, somebody else, and I was stooping down near some kind of gadget that was sitting in the living room between the cabinets and the footstool. It had some plastic circles on it, clear plastic circles attached to a bunch of other things; I was pulling each piece off and taking everything apart. I pulled off the plastic circles and pulled them apart and looked at them. For some reason I was going to find some kind of use for them because I needed them for something, maybe to help the crazy man; I don't know.

Available illustrations:

* Clear plastic circles.
[side arrow] this thick. [down arrows] (could these help the crazy man somehow??)

I Wanted To See SWAYZE Naked, Not Connery!

There was some kind of TV movie on with Patrick Swayze in it. It wasn't Dirty Dancing, but it was supposed to be like it. Ma and I were watching it, but it's also like we were in it, too, kind of. Ma (a Patrick Swayze fan) kept saying Swayze was going to be naked in this part, but I said, "No he isn't, no he isn't." I think this was echoed in another part of the dream where it was Sean Connery in the movie First Knight, where Ma also said that he was supposed to be naked but I said, "No he isn't." But in another part of the show I looked and saw that on TV, he wasn't naked, but he WAS having sex with this lady while he was dying!! o_O; He seemed to be clothed, at least...

Anyway, in the show with Patrick Swayze, Swayze seemed to be standing in some kind of hospital entrance while a woman talked to him, and he said something smart back and left some kind of note on the hospital door. I think he pulled it off and crumpled it up; then the woman he had been talking to left a note also.

Killed In Action

In one dream there was something about some kind of Army corporals or sergeants or something. For some reason they were going to get killed in action somehow, and one of them was a new recruit who had risen through the ranks a little bit. He was acting like, "I've barely earned my stripes!"...you know, meaning, "How can I get killed so early?"

This Isn't My Class!

I seemed to be outside--it was kind of like a cross between the high school and the junior high, but it was also different. It was nighttime and raining, and I was walking along the outside of the building, trying not to get wet but not really succeeding. I don't know if there were streetlights, but I remember that the rain on the sidewalks was shining, and it was dark blue all over. I left the building and started looking in different windows to see if any of the lights were on in any, because all of a sudden I felt like, "Oo! I gotta get inside!" It wasn't as if I were scared, it's just like I was being chased, kind of like in a game--perhaps I was on TV--and I knew I had to get inside. But all the lights inside were off. :/ I came to a door that was standing wide open and went inside, entering an empty room. It seemed like the college now, the way the rooms were laid out. It was empty and everything was blue because it was dark; there were chairs and stuff in here, and a door at the other side of the room. I went to that and opened it--I thought it would be locked, but it wasn't--and now I was standing in a hallway. I started running down the hallway off to my right, and before I could stop I ran right smack-dab into this computer class.

It was the only class that was going on as far as I could tell, and a lady with short blond hair and glasses was teaching it. She made me think of a woman in this car commercial; in the commercial the woman was at the desk in the airport and kept saying, "Window or aisle? Window or aisle?" and the man she was speaking to couldn't make up his mind. Blond hair, glasses, kind of weird looking. She was teaching this, some kind of night computer class, and I stumbled into the room before I could stop. She turned around and asked me some questions! I didn't know what to do, so I pretended I was mute and had just come in out of the rain; I made motions with my hands so the class would feel sorry for me and so I wouldn't get in trouble. The teacher just kept questioning me and such. As far as I know I didn't get in trouble, thank goodness.

This seemed to shift into "Hail To The Masons," though they may have been the same dream.

Hail To The Masons

This dream may have been a continuation of "This Isn't My Class!" but I'm not sure how the transition went because I can't remember. I was in some kind of thing...they were playing lots of music. It seemed to be like some kind of meeting of the Freemasons and they were all wearing their tophats and aprons and gloves. They were sitting in this auditorium-like room clapping their hands to this symphonic music. I was looking at some kind of music book which had funny little drawings going along with all these songs. One of the songs was the presidential theme, "Hail To The Chief." I was thinking, "What's that called? Because I've heard of that before." It had a picture of George Bush next to it for some reason. I wondered what it was called and saw that it had a one-word name that began with a D (it was not called "Hail To The Chief" in my dream). I can't remember what the name was. The only thing I can think of is "Default," but I don't think that was it.

Anyway, all these Masons were clapping their hands while I looked at these song names; one of the captions in the book, I think, said something like, "This is the song that made 1950"--meaning, it made the year 1950 what it was, but I'm not sure what song that was, if it was the presidential theme or not. The Masons just kept clapping. When I woke up I had "Hail To The Chief" stuck in my head and I still had the image of all the Masons clapping their hands. o_o I dream about Masons a lot, don't I?

The Interrupted Bath & The Evil Hanuman

This dream is kind of confusing. There was some stuff going on with my family--I can't remember all that it was, but I went into the bathroom to take a bath at night. I sat in the bath and picked up the soap and tried to lather my arms, but I was having trouble doing it for some reason. My brother, Eric, was sitting next to the tub with his arms on the edge as if he were in a trance. He had a camera in his hands while I was sitting here trying to wash! It's like we were BOTH kind of in a trance because I would never have allowed anybody in the bathroom while I'm taking a bath! He had this camera and said he was going to try to take some pictures of me for the family or something. All of a sudden I said, "Eric, you can't take pictures now because I'm trying to take a bath!"--meaning, of course, "Get out!!"

So I think he just got up and left. I didn't have soap on me but I was washing dirt off; there were little grains of something coming off me and I rubbed my arms to get it off. After I came out of the bath it's like I went into a combination of the dining room and my bedroom, and where the closet or the phone would be there was a big box, only it was also sitting on the edge of the dining room table. I started digging around for stuff in it and removing things and I found my faux leather portfolio. It was all dusty so I took it out and rubbed it against the floor to get the dust off. (I hate rubbing dust off with my hands as I have an aversion to dirt.) I put it aside and kept digging and pulling out things. I kept finding magazines similar to--but that weren't--National Geographic. All of them had to do with history. As I dug down into the box they kept getting older and older, it seemed; the ones on top had something to do with like the French Revolution or something, and the ones in the middle had to do with another subject, and the one on the very bottom had to do with Senmut, who was Queen Hatshepsut's grand vizier in ancient Egypt. I think I was going to take these out and read them.

Then it's kind of like I was in my room near my offwhite dresser at the foot of my bed, digging there instead. I found my blue folder with the different entries I've written on the Egyptian gods; this was a project I engaged in for the fun of it long ago in real life, and was more about the gods as my own characters than as mythological entities. In the dream one of them had a drawing; it was about some kind of monkey god--I think it was Hanuman from Indian myth--only here he was a sort of bad guy. He was standing to the left and in his hand he held a statue of a baboon which represented Thoth, the Egyptian god. The thing is, Hanuman--or whoever this was--was a monkey, but wasn't a monkey, because I remember that both of these things weren't monkeys. So I'm not sure how to explain that, but it WAS a dream...

Standing between and behind these two characters was the goddess Sakhmet, and she was looking at them with some surprise, like, "Oh, my gosh!" This illustrated some kind of story. The monkey god (or whatever!) held his hand out like he was holding the statue on the flat of his palm, but then he seemed to be holding it up by its neck. I thought, "The drawing's rather good, except for the bodies." This was because the faces were pretty good compared to the bodies; I thought I would fix how he was holding the statue, because it looked kind of weird with him holding it up by the neck.

I Want My MST3K

In this dream, I wanted either Ma or Dad--probably Ma--to watch part of Mystery Science Theater 3000 with me. I was recording something on TV, part of a three-part show, and I was also recording this, but right after this was on the second part of the three-part show was going to be on, so I had to stop the tape, rewind it past the commercials at the end of the show that I'd recorded, and then set the tape again to record the next part. o_o; Even I don't fully understand that. While I was recording this Dad was watching it and he said he wanted the third part recorded. There was only an hour left on this side of the tape...for some reason I could record on both sides of the videocassette. I turned to Dad and said, "Well, then I'm going to have to get it all ready in a hurry again!" I was getting ticked off because I had to stop it really fast and rewind it before the next show came on in a couple of minutes or seconds. Frustrating! I stopped it really quick and rewound it, and was going to play it to see where it was in the recording so I said to Dad, "Put it on AUX!!"--the required setting for playback. He was kind of in a trance but he obeyed. I fast-forwarded to the spot where I wanted it to be, stopped it, and had him take it off AUX. I think I missed the themesong and the old guy talking on MST3K, but I was going to get the rest of the movie. That still ticked me off a little bit, though not completely.

In one part of this I seemed to be in Glen's; I was looking for ice cream or something, but it's like I was with Joel, Crow, and Tom Servo from MST3K! We were looking around and they kept saying stupid things. I have the feeling I was looking at the magazines, so perhaps they were commenting on the magazines and books. I looked at the books but they were all dumb and weird and I didn't really like them much.

The dream switched a bit and now it's like I was watching MST3K with Dad--this might have been in the earlier part of the dream--and they introduced the characters. They had Joel, Tom Servo, Crow, a new robot--it was a little robot and was supposed to be cute, but I can't remember its name--and Gypsy...but Gypsy was completely different. It didn't look like Gypsy at all. She had a yellow smiley face attached to a small robotic body. (The real Gypsy on the TV show was purple and looked like a cross between a vacuum cleaner and the Venus flytrap from Little Shop Of Horrors.) I said to Dad, "They really changed Gypsy. I wonder if she has the same voice?" Yes, she did. Somehow when they were announcing the names on the show, first came Joel, I believe, because I don't remember seeing him introduced; then came Tom Servo, I think; then the new robot; then either Crow or Gypsy, probably Gypsy; then maybe Crow, and the announcer announced them differently. On the real show when the announcer says, "Croooooowwww!" there is a voice in the background that says, "What a wisecracker," or something; but in the dream, the announcer just kind of said, "Crooooowwww." That was it.

Available illustrations:

* The new "Gypsy" (MST3K).
[arrow] some kind of robotic body(??)

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