D'oh! I Can't Drive!

Dad was driving this car and I was a passenger; it seemed to be winter but I'm not sure. We were driving down this road and then for some reason he got out while the car was still moving and left me alone! I was alone in this car that was going down the road, and it went on by itself for a while until I realized, "I have to drive this car. I'm going to get into an accident." So I got into the driver's seat and tried to drive, but the car kept swerving from side to side and I just couldn't get control of it. I think I finally did, but it was hard.

God's Creation In A Wad Of Paper

I was at my Grandma B.'s, at what seemed to be some kind of family reunion; a whole bunch of people were there, including my aunt Rose, and maybe my aunt Donna from Texas. We were all gathered around and I remember it was a reunion or Christmas or something; I was looking at some kind of thing that I got, which told about how God created the world by crumpling up a piece of paper; when He crumpled this piece of paper, it's like He compounded everything of His creation together into one piece, like the world, and I was looking at a picture representing this. It was like an MC Escher drawing; it was of the Arctic, and in the water at the bottom of the page, it was in black and white; I could see penguins, then the water seemed to dissolve into a white landscape, and on this land I think there were more penguins and polar bears, and in the sky there were stars. I read something about the stars; when God created the world, it said, the stars were really rabbits; I don't know what that meant, but that's what I knew. There may also have been flying penguins in the picture, although penguins don't really fly.

I was standing with a group of people made up of the women of the family, and we realized that there was some kind of plot going on, a bad plot, and there had been somebody who knew what was going on. So I was telling these women it had to be this other person who knew, because she'd known to tell somebody something about the plot, which meant she must be in on it. Everybody was shocked about this.

Available illustrations:

* The Arctic picture.
[arrows pointing at stars] God's "rabbits." [down arrow] sea & land melted together. black & white, like M. C. Escher etching

Culture Houses Of Mackinac Island

I was in a place kind of like Mackinac Island, very fancy, and I kept going into these houses. There were five of them, I believe, and each one had a different motif. I was walking down a hallway and there were doors opening onto these houses from the hallway--they were houses, but for some reason you reached them by opening doors in this hall. Each house represented some kind of different religion or culture or something, and each house had a different dinner. For example, one house had some kind of beef dinner, and another had some kind of ice cream dinner, etc. I was going into each of these houses and checking them all out and eating the food in them. I remember I ate something like beef ice cream. o_O It was sweet, but it had something to do with beef too. I know that sounds gross, but it was all right in the dream. I went into one house and started going through doors and looking into different rooms; I think I was looking for a bathroom, but I'm not sure. I came into one room and it was a sunken level--this may have been somebody's dining room or living room--and in part of it there was some kind of fountain and a fireplace and a chandelier. It was very ornate looking. I think the carpeting was burgundy and the style was almost Victorian.

While I was looking at these rooms, I went out into the hallway where the doors led out to the houses and went into another room (house), where there were a whole bunch of books on different cultures. Some of them explained what was in these houses I went into. I think I told Ma about this. One of the houses I went into may have fronted a street corner and it had something to do with videogames; not sure how. Before I could look at it, these two bicyclists came bolting out of the store and raced down the highway or road or whatever it was. I then looked closer. There was some kind of display in the window and I think--but I'm not sure--that in one part there was a mannequin dressed up as Isis, and a book that was called something like "The Laura Isis." (Laura is my mother's name.) There were some Egyptian things sitting out, and a plaque telling about the goddess Isis. It said something about Osiris (Isis's husband), and talked about the myth; first it said Osiris was in therapy or something like that, and I thought to myself, "No, he wasn't, he was killed!" Then the next line said Osiris was full of holes, which meant he'd been stabbed to death. It also told a little bit about Set (Osiris's brother who murdered him).

While I was here, it was like I was looking through these buildings, but looking through a book, as well. In this book there were different clothing samples and such, I think. There was some kind of necklace, and a tie; I was pulling out all these samples and putting them in a pile beside me. I thought, "This necklace thing, I can give it to Ma." It was like a cloth collar that could be put on the front of a shirt like some kind of appliqué. I found Ma and I think I might have given her a couple of these things, and I told her about the Isis display and posed like a statue.

I have written down "seating arrangement," but I don't remember that part of the dream.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "Jonathan Taylor Thomas's Sequined Suit."

Jonathan Taylor Thomas's Sequined Suit

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "Culture Houses Of Mackinac Island."

I was walking past the TV and Jonathan Taylor Thomas was on, talking about how he had to do something in some movie. There was some kind of dog costume--either a dog costume, or a costume for a dog--and they were putting sequins on this; Thomas talked about how hard this was, and people were laughing because it was on live TV and it was funny.

Gimme Back My Magazine!

In one dream I went into this big schoolroom, like the art room at the college--and looked through magazines, I believe--they were like National Geographic. I looked through all the ones that had covers, because I was putting them in some kind of order. I had some more to do but all the ones on the bottom had no covers on them, so I couldn't use them. I was looking for a certain magazine. I needed a magazine for some reason, though I'm not sure why. I looked and saw the one I wanted on a table and started walking toward it, but I turned my head and when I turned back, it was gone! I tried to reach the table but there were some wooden bars blocking my way and I couldn't reach it. So, I turned around--and now saw the magazine sitting in another spot! I went toward it again but there were more wooden bars blocking my way, and it was gone again when I got there, too!

Now I started to get mad. I saw somebody working on some kind of art project--and he had my magazine and it was all covered with paint!! I went over to him and said, "You know, I need that mag."

"Well, it's a certain size," he said; he was using it to cover something because the size was just right. *sigh*

So I went back to the magazine stacks on the right side of the room and started looking around again. I finally found a couple. The first was like some kind of kids' coloring magazine, and I remember I was going to take it to him and say, "Here! Destroy THIS!" or something like that. But then I found an Entertainment Weekly and couldn't make up my mind which one I should give to him. So I went back to him with both of them, though I don't remember if I got my magazine back or not. o_o

Secret Weapon: Rhonda

There was some kind of ballgame going on in the rain, and I thought that was kind of stupid. For some reason I have written down "argument," so I think I was arguing with somebody--"You can't have a ballgame in the rain!" I can't remember exactly why, though. The losing team had some kind of secret weapon and she stepped out--and it was this really sexy woman dressed in skimpy clothes!! The announcer said, "Behold! Rhonda!" or something like that. She was chewing gum and seemed kind of ditzy; as the secret weapon, she was going to go off and distract the other team, I suppose.

Night School Is Weird

I was at college in some kind of class. I sat down and we were watching something on TV. Dianne B. was sitting far across in front of me, and Michelle T. was there too. Something happened on the TV, and Dianne turned to me and yelled something like, "Remember 'Negative Three'!" (That was an in-joke we had back in high school; hard to explain, as I can't even remember how we came up with it by now. ^_^ ) Then something else happened on TV and she yelled something else; I thought, "Oh Lord, she's going to get in trouble."

There was a pause, then the teacher said, "Who was yelling?" Dianne raised her hand and he said, "Do you want to come sit up on my right?"...which I guess was some kind of punishment. *shrug* She didn't say anything, but the show went on and she yelled again; she wasn't being bad, I guess she just forgot. So the teacher said, "Come here and sit on my right." And so Dianne had to go up and sit on his right, and I remember looking over the table and peering at her sitting over there. For some reason it was hard to see her. (All of this was COMPLETELY against how Dianne B. would act in real life. She was a very shy, quiet person, like myself, and not prone to getting in trouble.)

While I was in the class they were talking about Roswell or something. I had something--it was plastic and shaped like a Reese's Cup, and I tore off a piece of silvery tinfoil and wrapped it around it so it looked like a little UFO. I made fun of it; I was all, "Oooo! UFO, aaahhhh!"

Then I had to leave the college. It's like I had packed stuff in this big suitcase in case I had to stay there the night, but I only had to bring some of this stuff home. So here I was, pulling out some things from this suitcase, and I found my burgundy pants. I said to myself, "Gee, I thought I had those at home." I found another pair of pants, and took some of my other things out of there, like some books that I was reading, then I turned around and looked at the floor and found some more books I had been reading, too. I spotted The Canterbury Tales but thought, "No, I've already read that," so I left it. One of them I think was Stuart Little but I left that also because I didn't really feel like reading the rest of it. Then I saw my algebra book and thought, "Oh, I have to bring that," because that was the class, somehow, and I needed to take it home as homework. So I was picking out these different things to put in the smaller bag that I was going to bring home with me, and I remember Ma was waiting for me.

There was some kind of diner or cafe or something, and a woman waiting for something, and Elvis--or somebody dressed like Elvis--was there also. He might have been hitting on the woman but I can't remember very well. Either that or she was waiting for him. I'm not sure what this had to do with the rest of the dream; maybe it was part of the school?

Anyway, I went looking around for a bathroom and finally found one. There were four doors, but two of them opened onto one big stall. The doors were like marble colored, whitish, and the bathroom was big and fancy. One of the doors to the big stall was open and one was closed; I closed the other one because I was going to go in there, but then I decided, "No, I'd better go in a smaller one because this stall's so big." This girl came in and she looked at the stalls like, "Are you going to go in there?" but I went in the smaller one...but now it was another one of those "public bathroom" dreams!! When I sat down I could see her nearby, also going to the bathroom, and I knew that she could see me! >_< I tried to scrunch down as much as I could, and now recognized the other girl as Karrie H., a girl I knew in elementary school. Somebody else came in to go to the other stall and she was off to my right. And now the toilets were like sinks; they were very shallow, and I had to position myself just so in order to go to the bathroom, or else I'd get myself wet. *cringe*

I looked off to my side and there was something that seemed kind of like a lava lamp, but when I went over to it it was just globs of soap spitting out of some kind of sinklike thing. I went to the bathroom for what seemed like forever--it seemed I couldn't get it all out o_o; --so I left it to go out to see Ma. I walked down these steps in the dark, outside, and thought, "I should have a light to see where I'm going." I could see well enough anyway, though, and thought, "I'd better go to the bathroom before I leave, but, nah, I don't have the time." I was waiting, because when I'd just gone to the bathroom, that hadn't been before I was going to leave. I prefer to go to the bathroom right before I leave, rather than a long time before. I realize this dream makes little sense, but that's the way it went.

Available illustrations:

* Bathroom.
[down arrows] 1 big stall. (door I closed) stalls & doors--marbled white; walls & floor--marbled maroon(?). [up arrow and left arrow] the stall I entered; but then I was on other side. [arrow pointing up from inset] shallow sinklike bowls

Muslim Ants & Antsy Squirrels

In this dream I stood outside the garage and saw a green van coming down the road. Something popped into my head, like, "The front of a van sticks out like a man's head." For some reason, I hid behind the garage and watched it go by. Then an orange van went by, and they parked nearby in front of this junky old house. The people inside were either moving or just packing a lot of stuff. I went down and walked past their house and their dog came out--it was a big dog, kind of like a Bernese mountain dog or something--and it came over and sniffed by my legs and followed me. I was looking through a magazine, and it had these wooden cutout things to put in your yard; the woman who lived in this house had painted them. One of them was like an old woman, but it was named "Something-Pocahontas," and she said it represented this person who walked by on the road, somebody her dog was always sniffing after. It didn't look at all like me--it was an old woman--but I knew that she was talking about me. I showed it to Ma, who I was also looking for. (I'm not sure why I was looking for her if she was with me, though. *shrug*)

Then I seemed to be in a space before my garage. The ground was really loamy; it was like you could peel up a section of it, and there were ants working in this place. And they were MUSLIM for some reason! The ants had a religion and it was Islam! o_O They were big red ants, and for some reason they didn't scare me. (I'm deathly afraid of ants in real life.) Ma was with me now, and I looked down at them and saw their cute eyes, and said, "You know, if I didn't know any better, I'd say they're almost cute"--because I hate ants. I watched them working; they were nice ants, but you had to be careful with the way you walked around or else you might step on them, and then they might bite you because of that. They were working on some food--it seemed it was like lettuce, and we could eat it.

I have written down "the guy knocking on the door." Oh yes...there was some kind of Disney movie, and the ants had something to do with it. I was talking with the ants, because I was trying to find a bad guy for some reason. Then I was in this store, and this guy was knocking on the door. He wanted to be let in. He came in and he was sharpening something--but then it was me, and I was sharpening something, kind of like an ax only concave. I kept trying to sharpen it more and more because it had been dull, but now I wanted it to be sharp. For some reason this had something to do with this little kid whose parents had been killed; the bad guys(?) hadn't killed the kid because they thought he wouldn't be a threat, but this kid, who must have been five or six--almost immediately after his parents were killed, he put out notices on America's Most Wanted and such, looking for the bad guys. There was something that looked like a really big check signed in a kid's hand, and he was putting all this stuff on the news. I think these bad guys were probably going to look for him to try to kill him because now he was being so much trouble.

Anyway, while I was at the house where the people were moving...I was also looking at this magazine, and it said something about Mario Andretti. He had a pet gerbil, and I looked at a picture of him with the gerbil on his shoulder. I thought, "Oh, that's so cute! Mario Andretti!" It had something to do with a calendar too; maybe it was some kind of car calendar with Mario Andretti and his pet rodent? ^_^ The dream seems to have shifted and I was standing in some kind of room...either a boiler room or a kitchen, and everything was gray and such. Now I was looking at some cartoons in the newspaper. They might have had something to do with Disney, and with a squirrel; while I looked at these pictures it was like Goofy and Mickey Mouse and some others and they were in the kitchen that I was in, only this was in a picture. They were fooling around in this kitchen. One of them had a squirrel standing on his shoulder; then when I went into "real life" the squirrel wasn't standing, but was just kind of crouching. I thought, "It was standing before; that was cuter."

I went into what looked like our living room; I had been holding a rodent, like a squirrel, in my hand, and I kept thinking, "It's going to run away!" But it just kept curling up and falling asleep wherever it was put, so I nuzzled it next to me and it dozed off. There was a guy lying on the couch and he had a squirrel or some kind of rodent sitting on him too. He was also dozing, and the rodent looked like it wanted to leave, so I tried to coax it off of him and to wake the guy up. I sat there and said to him, "He'll leave you if you don't wake up!" But he wouldn't wake up for some reason.

Available illustrations:

* (The ax.)
[down arrows] I was sharpening this w/ this. [side arrow] bright silver where I sharpened it. [left arrow] dull blackish metallic. [up arrow] scraping off dull levels. [up arrow] what is this?? no idea!

Are You Going To The Concert?

In this dream I was at college, only I was also in the Glen's supermarket, sitting near the front facing the doors. I was at some kind of table, like when the store used to be the B&C (what the place was called before it switched hands and became Glen's). Somebody who was either Russell E. or Josh H.--students I knew in school--came in and was talking to me, and in the dream he was a friend of mine. (In real life, Russell and I were kinda friends for a while, but Josh and I did NOT get along.) He talked about something and I knew he was some kind of expert on the weather. We (whoever we were) were telling him about some kind of party or concert that was going to be held on the college campus. I said, "Are you going to go?"

He said, "I don't know."

I was looking at some kind of comic strip that had Linus in it, from "Peanuts," and now this guy was also like Linus too, and it was like I was talking to either Russell or Linus; I said, "Well, I'd like to go, but they're probably only going to play stuff like Nirvana and Nine Inch Nails!" And I made loud guitar noises to illustrate.

He said, "No," for some reason, like they were probably going to play something else, but he wasn't interested in going. I think he knew that it was going to rain on the concert or something. I had a bunch of fruit with me, like plums and apples, and I think I gave some to him. We went back to the college (if we hadn't been there already, I guess), and I think I was walking down the steps, when I stopped and looked into the windows. There were big glass windows that seemed to be tinted smoky gray. I peered inside and I think I saw him in there, just walking around looking for stuff, and I wondered if he was going to go to the concert or not. But I didn't really know, and I didn't know if I was going to go either.

1996 Dreams