The Sin Of Material Wealth (With Tiny Toons)

In this dream it seemed I was watching a Tiny Toons broadcast cartoon, and I think it had something to do with the bird--I can't remember their names anymore because I don't watch it, maybe it was Sweetie Bird?--walking down this country road--it was a dirt road out in the country--and I think she and maybe the cat character came to a bridge. It had something to do with religion, because all of a sudden there was a priest and some kind of minister and they were arguing about religion somehow.

It was like in one part I was reading a newspaper and it was a pastor living in a house, and for some reason that wasn't right because in my dream Protestants weren't supposed to live in houses because that represented material wealth on Earth, and they weren't supposed to have that. But Catholics did live in houses and so the Protestants found that some kind of matter of debate. Anyway, it was like all of a sudden I was in the show and I was in this room in a log cabin or a wooden house or something. We were sitting at this table, and I remember there was a piece of paper on the table--it might have been the newspaper I was reading--and I was rubbing it flat on the table's surface. I noticed there was a grain of sand under it and I was trying to push the grain of sand out without lifting the paper, so it kind of left a mark on the paper.

On one side of the table there was a Catholic priest and on the other side there was a Protestant minister; the Protestant minister was arguing with the priest, and he found out that the priest lived in a house. He said something like, "What does your house represent? Why are you living in a house? You know you're supposed to live on spiritual wealth, not material wealth." The priest was getting mad and was about to say something, but I believe that's when I woke up.

Caution: Asbestos!

This dream had a lot to do with asbestos. For some reason they were tearing the asbestos piping out of the junior high school, only it was the high school in my dream, because when I was in junior high in real life--at least I think it was that school--there were pipes in the ceiling of the girls' locker room and they had signs saying "Caution--Asbestos" on them. In the dream they were tearing these out only it was in our house too, because I remember I felt bad going around while they were taking out the asbestos; I felt like it was going to poison everybody, and there was this really sick smell. I don't think it was the sick sweet smell that I've had before in my dreams, but it was a gross smell--kind of mildewy, kind of sweet, kind of sickly--and for some reason I associated it with asbestos. I went down to my gerbil cage because I thought that maybe he would get asbestos poisoning, as the piping was near his cage; so I picked him up and brought him out into the dining room, and set him down in front of the ironing board where there wasn't any piping. I thought maybe he wouldn't get poisoned over here even though it was still inside the house. I think I opened a window because I was afraid that we'd all get poisoned if I didn't.

Muppet Baby Guts, Anyone?

In one dream Pepper (my old cat) was supposed to be running outside but she came bolting inside when Dad opened the door, and before she came in this little black thing just ZOOMED in right ahead of her and then Pepper zoomed in. At first I thought maybe it was a mouse. Dad caught Pepper and he was kind of mad because I'd allowed something to get in the house. He went and got it, and it was a tiny little black Lab puppy. It was so cute! He was holding it in his hands and I thought maybe it was hungry. I was eating a ham sandwich that I had gotten from the fridge, and I remember that as I ate it I was pulling off the rinds. It tasted like honey ham and I didn't like it, so I pulled off a little bit of the ham and held it out to the puppy. He just INHALED it, literally--it just went slurp! in his mouth. I said, "Jeez, he's hungry!" so I pulled off another piece of meat for him. But it was too big, so I tore it into two smaller pieces and gave those to him instead. I said something like, "I think he would've sucked off my finger if he would've been able to!" I didn't know what we were going to do with him.

I can't remember all of the things I have written down here. "Search for a pen"--oh. I still had some meat left and I didn't want to ruin it, but all of a sudden I had several kinds of meat and they were the entrails from different Muppet Babies or something like that. o_o; I had to put them in the fridge for the puppy so they wouldn't spoil but I had to label each one, like "Kermit," "Miss Piggy," etc. I was searching for plastic wrap, and I put this over a small container like I put over my paint so it doesn't dry out. Then I was searching for a pen that I could write on plastic wrap with, but I couldn't find any because they wouldn't write on the plastic.

Earlier in the dream, when Dad was still at the door, he was kind of mad at me because I hadn't been there to keep an eye on the cat, and I said something like, "Sorry, I was in my room and I was afraid," only I used two words that began with the same letter. The only word I can think of is "absolute" but that isn't one of them. It was something like "amazed and afraid"--you know, they both began with the same letter.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "The Science Of Music."

The Science Of Music

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "Muppet Baby Guts, Anyone?"

While I was going to my room I looked at the TV and they were showing some kind of special science show on the Discovery Channel. It was about new kinds of music and there was a guy who was playing with some kind of instrument. It sounded at first like a cross between maybe a keyboard and chimes. There were like were like touchsticks on his fingers, but the instrument itself looked a lot like a disco ball and he was moving his fingers around it. When I walked down the hallway to my room I kind of flung my arms out in the air like I was a conductor pretending to make music, and the music sounded like rapid up and down trilling noises, like a piano being played quickly.

I remember when I woke up, for some reason the poem "Hold Fast To Dreams" by Langston Hughes was stuck in my head and it had a tune to it, but it was a dumb tune. It was stupid and depressing. The poem goes, "Hold fast to dreams, for if dreams die, life is a broken-winged bird that cannot fly. Hold fast to dreams, for when dreams go, life is a barren field frozen with snow." It was only the first two lines that stuck with me.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "The Hand Of Glory."

The Hand Of Glory

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "The Science Of Music."

Dad came to me with a bunch of papers on the subject of Freemasonry and I was looking through them. The first page had a drawing; I think there was a person in it, but then it was like a collage of different things, and in the upper left-hand corner you could just barely see what appeared to be a stylized hand. It looked like it had a golden thumbcap on it or something. Dad said, "Do you know what that is?"

I knew it was something called the Hand of Glory and it was some kind of Masonic thing because I'd read about it in one of my Time-Life books. I haven't actually read about something like this, but I have read about Freemasonry, and there really is something called the Hand of Glory, but they're not related. I thought I'd impress Dad, by knowing this thing that was supposed to be secret, so I said, "That's the Hand of Glory."

In another part of the drawing there was something that looked kind of like a cross between a candleholder, a little cup, and a hurricane lantern. It changed several times while I was looking at it, but it was supposed to be some kind of cup-slash-lamp, and Dad said, "Do you know what that is?" I didn't quite know but I'd read about it, so I said something; it was like some kind of cup, only it looked like a lamp, and he explained the significance behind it. I don't remember what it was. And I started looking through the rest of the papers. There were all these things about Freemasonry; a couple of them were like interviews, but some of them I had read already, for some reason; I thought they might be in one of my books, but then it was because I'd had them copied elsewhere from a copy Dad had made me, and he'd copied them again and given them to me. I went to the computer and it was like the Internet, kind of, and there was a lot of Masonic stuff on that, too. I looked through it.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "Ozzylympics." It may also have tied in to the dream "We've Got Mail!"

Available illustrations:

* "Hand Of Glory."
Hand of glory: amputated & preserved hand of a hanged man--enabled user to burglarize houses. (Magical Arts, pg. 92.) One used for candleholder (pg. 104), can unlock doors; candles placed in this hand burn invisible & cast anyone looking at them into a trance (pg. 104) (Could this be subconscious?) (Cosmic Connections, pg. 63). Gold thumbcap? (more detailed than this)

* Cup/candleholder/lamp. Hollow, blue container; changed shape, got bigger like a cup or lamp? not sure about shape/color; possibly blue, metallic, but ornate


If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "The Hand Of Glory."

I think sometime I looked at the TV and the Olympics were on. I was thinking of my character Ozzy Lewis, and I was wondering what kind of sports he could play. I knew that he could play hockey and soccer and that he could run and swim well; now I wondered specifically if he could pole-vault, and I then imagined him doing so. In this dream I was making a dream list, like I really made in real life for the first time, and it was long, covering two sides of the paper. I was looking for another piece of paper to continue it on.

Save The POWs!

In the third part of the night, this is the dream that gets most confusing. I think it might have started out with me on some kind of big yacht or cruise ship at sea, and it had something to do with Vietnam vets, prisoners of war, only it was a lot like WWII, because I remember there was something that had to do with people being captured and held by the Japanese. It was nighttime but I had the feeling I was in a brightly lit room, or at least the deck of the ship was brightly lit. For some reason this ship had something to do with the war; I was on it, and we (I'm not sure who "we" was) were looking for prisoners of war. We were supposed to rescue people on it but I remember at one point we were flooding the bottom parts of the ship with water to make it sink. We were going to scuttle it for some reason. I don't know why.

This dream also had something to do with my basement and something to do with my character who's a Vietnam vet, whose name is Chester Taylor. There was also a Japanese or Vietnamese guy who was a good guy.

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "T-Bone & Big Judge." It may have also been connected to "Too Much Tomato Juice."

T-Bone & Big Judge

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "Save The POWs!"

In this dream I was making another dream list. I had just woken up and I was on the boat from "Save The POWs!" I guess, and there were two names that I had to remember. They were something like "T-Bone" and "Big Judge," and I kept reciting them in my head so I wouldn't forget them. I went to the sink to brush my teeth or something and I stopped reciting them for a second--then all of a sudden I couldn't remember them anymore! I was so upset...I tried to remember them while I was writing them down. I'm pretty sure one was "T-Bone"; the other one was something like "Big Judge," but then I changed it and it was like the name "Quince." I don't know why I changed it. I was trying to remember their names to write down on the dream list, but I couldn't.

In another part when I was on the ship, they were talking about different Greek and Egyptian gods having sons and daughters--more gods--and they talked about Zeus or something. They said that the reason the god Ra couldn't have any more kids was because he ran out of sperm or something like that. o_o I was thinking to myself, "That's not why it happened, he just had a lot of kids."

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted into "You'll Never Win A Spelling Bee."

You'll Never Win A Spelling Bee

If they were not the same dream, this may have then shifted out of "T-Bone & Big Judge."

This dream gets confusing. It was either in this part or in a later part--I went into a well-lit classroom which looked like a room at the high school, only it was nighttime because I remember as I sat down near a seat there was a window to my right, and it was dark outside. Out of the corner of my eye I saw this bright flash and I knew it was lightning. I turned to look out the window but there was nothing there. I was like, "Cool, that was really bright!"

The rest of us were having some kind of spelling bee, and the words were really simple. I had a list of them in front of me; I had written them out so I could look at them while I spelled them because I can't spell things out of my head very easily. Somehow, in my dream, this wasn't cheating, but it was the way we could do it, if we wanted to. I remember John Croft (a student I knew in high school) was in the room, and I think Adam Taylor (?--another student I knew) was in there. My old friend Mya might have been here also. I went to sit at the front of the room. The teacher was in front of us--it was either Mrs. Pletcher or Jan Morley (my high school writing teacher and college composition teacher, respectively). I was sitting down next to Dale Cater (another student) and he was kind of sitting there like a zombie. The word that he was given--not we, because we could answer any time we wanted to--was "build," and he wrote down "duilb," or he spelled out "duilb"--he switched around the B and the D. He said something like he'd been taught to do this, because he wasn't good at spelling; somebody had told him to write the consonants in backwards order and that way it would be spelled right, and this reasoning had something to do with God or religion for some reason. I don't know what that had to do with anything, but he got the word wrong, so I guess he was right in his head (that is, he originally spelled the word right mentally, "build"), but since he followed that rule, he spelled the word wrong (out loud).

It's like everybody in this dream was in some kind of trance, because they were all just kind of passive, just kind of sitting there; and even Dale, when he talked, did so all in monotone--"They told me to do this," he said, in this flat voice, all in monotone. It's like I was the only one who was really alive.

And at the beginning of this dream, I think, it seemed that I was pounding on the classroom door in different ways, though I'm not sure why I was doing that. Maybe it was to get somebody to open the door, or maybe it was to tell which way I should knock on it.

This dream may have been connected to "The Fuzzbuster & A Phone Call From Mya" and "Um, The Dog Ate My Homework."

The Fuzzbuster & A Phone Call From Mya

In this dream I was sitting in the living room with Eric and my dad. Eric had just come home from the Army and he had a radar detector to put in the car. We were watching Simon & Simon on TV, and Rick Simon was in his truck chasing somebody around down this highway, or somebody was chasing him; in one part while he was chasing or being chased, there was like a big tire in front of the screen, and I wondered what they were showing that for. But then I saw that Rick Simon was driving off to the side, so I thought, "Okay, the camera's in the right place; they're just behind a semi and you can't see him very well." I held up the radar detector for some reason; I think I held it up to the screen, and it started going off with high-pitched, rapid beeps. I started laughing because I thought that was funny.

I was drinking some tomato juice but I spilled some and it got in my armpit. I was like, "Oh, yuck," so I went to the bathroom to wash it off. The phone started ringing; now Ma was home, so she picked it up, and I heard her say it was Mya. But I had to wash the tomato juice out of my armpit! So I was in the bathroom doing this and either Ma or Eric gave me the phone and I said, "Hello?"

Mya said, "Hi, it's me, Mya," and we started talking with each other. I wasn't mad at her or anything. And we kept talking and talking...I can't remember what we were talking about, but it was likely all kinds of stupid things. I think this is maybe when I went to the classroom in my "You'll Never Win A Spelling Bee" dream, while I was talking to Mya, because I think all of a sudden she was in the classroom with me during the spelling bee.

Too Much Tomato Juice

This dream might have been connected to "Save The POWs!"

Maybe when I was on the boat in "Save The POWs!" I had a cup of tomato juice and I was trying to pour it out into smaller containers, but I kept having too much left over to pour into one container. So I watered it down--for some reason that would make it fit--but it was getting too watery and too thin, so I finally just poured it all out in the sink. I remember washing all this stuff down the drain and somebody was talking to me while I was doing this, but I don't know who the heck it was.

Um, The Dog Ate My Homework

This dream might have been connected to "You'll Never Win A Spelling Bee."

It might have been before I went to class. I went into my room and all of a sudden I remembered that I had my algebra book, the green-covered hardcover one, and some kind of English book. I was supposed to write some English papers and to finish my math and I hadn't even started it!! For some reason I was on some kind of vacation and I had to finish this before a certain date. I was like, "Oh Lord, I better get moving on that!"

We've Got Mail!

This dream may have been connected to "The Hand Of Glory."

In it I went out to the mailbox in what seemed to be wintertime, kind of, but it also kind of wasn't. There were two mailboxes--one of them was ours, and one of them wasn't. I went to the one on the right, which I thought was ours; it was bigger. I opened it up and there were schoolbooks in it, lots of schoolbooks and papers and stuff like in a locker, and I thought, "Wait a minute, this isn't our mailbox; it's got too much stuff in it. This belongs to the people down the road."

So I closed it and moved on to the mailbox on the left, which was smaller. I opened it and there was a lot of stuff in there too, but it was all stuff that Dad had put in there. I think this was the Masonic material from the "The Hand Of Glory" dream, because I started to take this stuff out, and there was a pair of gloves in there, like rubber gloves. I knew that they were put there for me; I could put them on if I wanted to pull the stuff out of the mailbox and keep my hands clean, but I didn't put them on, I just pulled them out. I think that's where I got the Masonic material. It was in the mailbox.

Murder In The Sacred Circle

I was walking in the woods behind our garage and there was a ring of dancers in the woods, only it was like four people. I remember there was a man, a fat woman, like a little girl, and somebody else, I believe, maybe another guy. There might have been more but it seemed to me there were four and the circle wasn't complete, because I remember while I was looking at it, they were forming a half circle, or three quarters of a circle, and I thought, "That's kind of stupid." I crept around the woods and while I was coming up toward them I heard the guy say something like they had to get into some kind of position. I didn't want to ruin it so I backed away from them again, and watched them from behind a tree.

While they were dancing around in a circle or something, the fat woman said she had to go to the bathroom, and she was going to do it right there in front of the group! For some reason that wasn't very offensive, but the guy said she couldn't do it here. She was kind of embarrassed...now all of a sudden it was like myself and her at the same time. I was watching, but I was also a part of her, she was a part of me, and she left the ring to look for a tree to go to the bathroom behind. While these other people were still in the ring talking to each other, she found a tree, and all of a sudden, as I said, it was like ME walking behind a tree. She/I, because now we were somehow mixed together, peeked out from behind the tree to see if anybody could see us. I could see them, but I knew that I was secure behind the tree.

Now it's like I was manipulating the dream. I wanted this woman to remain away longer than normal so the people in the ring would come over and see what was going on. I walked around a bit and I found this big huge tree. It was like a whole bunch of trees growing from the same center, and there was a cut-off stump in the middle; the trunks arched up and formed kind of a circle around this stump, only it was all part of one tree. It's like I was hidden in this tree and I started whispering to the fat girl; I whispered, "Come here! Come here!" She was curious, so she climbed into the tree.

Back at the ring, one of the people who was there was now this nerdy guy in big glasses, and he wondered what had happened to the woman. So he came walking toward the tree. I had made her disappear, like I'd killed her or something; he came over, and this is kind of gross, but I have to say it because this is what I dreamed. He was looking around and I was putting the words in his mouth because I was making up the plot, like it was in a show. He said out loud that he'd found her private parts had been cut out and put on the ground in front of the tree. He was getting sick, and moved around to the far side of the tree, on my left, where I couldn't see him at all, and I think he said that her throat had been slit and she'd been hung from the tree. He made a gagging noise--"Uhh--!"--and ran away as the older guy, the leader of the ring, came over to look.

This man, I remember him as sort of like a pagan father figure; he was an old man and he was grave. He wasn't panicking like the nerdy guy was, but he was very grave when he was coming over to look at the murdered woman.

Available illustrations:

* The woods scene.
[up arrow] dancers in this direction. [down arrow] trees on this side too. all growing from 1 source--openings wider--stump in middle.

Waiting For The Manson Girls

I think I was looking at something that had to do with Ted Bundy or Charles Manson. I remember in one part of this I was watching TV, and they were showing a bunch of women getting off a bus. They showed their names and some date or something on the screen, and one of them had a name like Sue--it wasn't Susan Atkins, but she had a name like Sue Mae or something, and she was one of the Manson girls. I was waiting for either Susan Atkins or Squeaky Fromme (I think) to get off, because I hated one of them in the movie Helter Skelter because of the way she talked; I thought she was a ditz, and I was waiting for one of those women to get off. They had something to do with this dream somehow.

Want A Look Around?

I don't remember exactly what this dream was. I was at some kind of compound or college building and I remember I was looking down over it; there were a bunch of steps and this guy in a uniform standing before this gate or fence. He was talking about what they did inside the compound, which was some kind of military establishment. I couldn't remember what he was doing or anything, but he said something before I woke up, like, "Well, do you want to come in and have a look around?" He was talking to some other people who were interviewing him or something, and they were going to look in, but that's when I woke up.

A Trip To The Fair

I was going to the fair, only the fair was different and the rides were really big, and they were rides that I've never been on before, that I've never seen. One was kind of like the Ferris wheel, but it was different somehow; I can't remember very well. There were some water rides; I remember because I was interested in going on them but I'm afraid of water so I wouldn't. It was like this was in a big field, and Ma was with me. There were all kinds of really weird rides. One of them was like a big huge slide and I think I was going to go on that one. It seemed like there was a little girl with us. And I believe that's all that I remember.

1996 Dreams