1996 Dreams

These dreams were part of ambitious project I engaged in from August 1996 to August 1997. I decided, for some insane reason, to keep track of EVERY SINGLE DREAM I could remember, for an entire year. Needless to say it was quite an exhausting process, and I do not believe I will EVER do such a thing again.

This journal was in fact kept on audiocassette; I would awaken several times a night and jot down notes on paper, then later on after awakening would describe the dreams as best I could into a tape recorder. This project resulted in over sixty 90-minute cassettes; it was during this time that I believe I finally got the knack for description down right. I planned to transcribe them, but the process of merely keeping track of them had been so tedious that I stored the box of tapes away and "forgot" about it. (Not really, but I did the best I could. o_o;)

It's only recently that I have finally started to transcribe this audiocassette "journal" to paper, and then to type the paper transcription up to computer. So far I have only up to the beginning of January 1997 on paper, and into mid-September 1996 on computer. This is going to take a while. *sigh*

These are the dreams which have been fully transcribed and proofed so far. The "Available illustrations" bits are taken from four composition books in which I sketched what images I could from the dreams I kept track of; as I can't afford the bandwidth it would take to include these images on this site, they have been omitted. (You can e-mail me if you wish me to send you a scan of any such images.) Some modifications and clarifications have been made to both versions of the transcription to make these easier to follow, yet they basically follow what was originally given on cassette. Some dreams are very long and shift plot often, yet have no clearcut beginning or end, so I have divided these up as best makes sense; possible connections to other dreams are given in the text. Keep in mind these were described back in 1996-97, when I was still in college and my life was somewhat different; I try not to interject modern-day thoughts into the dreams, though once in a while this is necessary; such notes will be made obvious. More dreams will be coming along, so please check back here often.

Also please be aware that this page could take VERY long to load!

Please click on the dream date, in --- dashes ---, to be taken to that day's selection of dreams.

--- August 5 1996 ---
The Sin Of Material Wealth (With Tiny Toons)
Caution: Asbestos!
Muppet Baby Guts, Anyone?
The Science Of Music
The Hand Of Glory
Save The POWs!
T-Bone & Big Judge
You'll Never Win A Spelling Bee
The Fuzzbuster & A Phone Call From Mya
Too Much Tomato Juice
Um, The Dog Ate My Homework
We've Got Mail!
Murder In The Sacred Circle
Waiting For The Manson Girls
Want A Look Around?
A Trip To The Fair

--- August 6 1996 ---
D'oh! I Can't Drive!
God's Creation In A Wad Of Paper
Culture Houses Of Mackinac Island
Jonathan Taylor Thomas's Sequined Suit
Gimme Back My Magazine!
Secret Weapon: Rhonda
Night School Is Weird
Muslim Ants & Antsy Squirrels
Are You Going To The Concert?

--- August 7 1996 ---
Mmm, Underwear!
Crazy Circles
I Wanted To See SWAYZE Naked, Not Connery!
Killed In Action
This Isn't My Class!
Hail To The Masons
The Interrupted Bath & The Evil Hanuman
I Want My MST3K

--- August 8 1996 ---
Special Edition Reese's Cups
I, Blob
Stereo Bedroom!
Racing Robin Williams & Too Many Rachels
Kinky Simpsons
The Legend Of The Lark's Tongue
The Dream That Will Not Die!!
Cannibal Magpies

--- August 9 1996 ---
Land Ho! & Late--AGAIN!

--- August 10 1996 ---
The Wild Child
Slow-Motion Lion King
America's Meanest Home Videos
Hard Flying
Hold The Bus!
Camp Fight! Camp Fight!
Satan's Camera
The Birds & The...Bats?
Magic Tape
THESE Are My Role Models?

--- August 11 1996 ---
Medicine Bearer
No Buffet For You!
Cats On The Prowl
Stubborn Chicken
Eric's Fridge
The Ugly...Duckypus?
A Bookstore Wonderland
Puck In Class & The Mystery Chest

--- August 13 1996 ---
Eyes In The Back Of His Head
Let's Go To Wal-Mart!
The Cult Of The Dragon People
Confusing Comics
Mall Pony & The Swimming Bee
The Masonic Compass
Trooper Broderick To The Rescue
Which Way To The Nanta Room?
Cat & Carpet
Dirty Water
Star Trek: Planet Of The Lizards

--- August 14 1996 ---
Getting Into Shape
The Scales Of The Soul
Room Cleaning Time!
I'm Irish & My Dad's A Gambler!
Mr. Inventor Will Help Us!
Ray Walston's Attack Weasels
The Blood Of Fifty
Pictures By Dinner
Not Porn, Mom!
Two By Two
MIBs Of The County
Belly Zodiac
Where's My Damn Bowl?!
Star Trek Match-'Em-Ups

--- August 15 1996 ---
Soothing Spanish
James Bond Redhead
Sleep Easier, & Dream Of Horses!
The Real World: India
Red Flowers, Red Days
Star Trek: Saving The Starman
Whatever Happened To Beauty & The Beast?
The Irish Chair
Bleeding In Public
Dogs In Gray

--- August 16 1996 ---
Consuming The Sacred Symbol
Have You Seen This Mustached Man?
Killing Broderick
Melodrama (With Jonathan Taylor Thomas!)
Here A Tape, There A Tape...
The Cats' Prayer
Bad Faith Cake
Slaves Of The Spider-Blood Demons
"If You Touch Me ONE MORE TIME...!"
Silver Statues
Helicopter Man & The Laughing Rod Serling
Black & White Makes Gray
Teens Are Stupid. & Other Things
The Dragon Of Paradise
Battleships & Golden Bugs
Angel Tokens
Lookin' For Babies!
A Shrink On Every Floor

--- August 17 1996 ---
So I Dated A Rapist, AKA Movie Of The Week
Hello, Stone Kitty!
Was It Something I Ate?
Hi, My Name Is Santana. Or Not
Beware Room 111! (Really, I Mean It)
Why Did You Bring Me Here, Dad?
The Case Of The Beast Man

--- August 18 1996 ---
Nun In Love
The Magic Bush & The Doomed Pig
Alas, Poor Keanu
The Plane In The Lake
Beaches, Books, & The Bodybag Conspiracy
Save The Mice!
Dancehall Counting
The Girl With The Golden Gun
Books Of Angels & Turquoise Dreams
Button Envy

--- August 19 1996 ---
Carpet Girl & The Death Lion
Essential Dust
Which Way To The Array?
A River Runs Through Michigan
Rodent Safety First!
Friends At The Flea Market
Chicken Done Wrung
Triple X Marks The Spot
All In The Werewolf Family
Another Reason To Hate Country Music

--- August 20 1996 ---
One-Girl Band
Dollhouse Of Mysteries
Hero Binti
The Unquiet American
The Dream That Will Not Die, Part Deux!
Crogg's End
Perhaps I Should Just Switch To CDs
The Bloody Writing On The Wall
Maze Of The Damned
Don't Choke The Libra!
Pomp & Horse Stance
Yield To The Mailbox!

--- August 21 1996 ---
THESE Are "Christians"
The Fate Of The Skinheads
The Plight Of The River People
I'm Woody-Woody For You!
The Perversions Of Lord F.
Captain Kirk's Bathroom
Bendy Crystal & Rachel's Rap Sheet
Richard The Jew & Jon The Thief
Damien On The Run!
Vikings Are Such A Drag
I Pledge Allegiance To The Laundry Detergent...
I Gotta Go NOW!
This Bus Don't Stop For Rats
Keeping An Eye Out
Grab Friendship By The Horn!

--- August 22 1996 ---
Little Yellow Pads
Due South: Quest For The Script Of Life!
Watch Your Tongue, Iolaus!
Program Rose & The Burning Ladder
Hail The Goddess Of Gophers
Don't Trust Cops--Especially The Schizo Ones

--- August 23 1996 ---
You'll Win When Dogs Fly!
Coiling In Love & Death
My Two Flies
The Bottomless Fishing Hole
N Before D, Except After...
Biggus Footicus?
Why A Moor?
If Only Grocery Shopping Were Always Such Fun
What's REALLY On Cats' Minds
You've Got (Someone Else's) Mail!
Doomed To Lunch Line Eternity
Poor Pants & Helping The Hooded Ones
Have You Seen This Book?

--- August 24 1996 ---
Alien Question Session
I Could Not Feed The Meerkats (*sob*)
Aura Man
The MIBs Will Take Care Of You!
Those MIBs, Always Making Me Tardy...
To Grandma's We Will Go
That Darn MIB!
Multiple File
Book It? Trash It!
The Time Bracelet
D'oh! I'm Drowning!
Bad Tea
UF Magazine
Where's The Alien?
Puzzling Puff
Lady Pharaoh & The White Plague
Bobby Monster!
Foster Puppet
My Kitchen, My Bed

--- August 25 1996 ---
That Glasses-Wearing Nerd!
Art Partners

--- August 26 1996 ---
Fake Fainting
Waiter, There's A Fly In My Tea
Moth Herding
Look, Two Hands!
Copyright Infringement, My Foot!
Enough With The Aliens!
Tape Shuffling
This Brownie Protected By Brownies!
Need A Pencil? Got A Pencil

--- August 27 1996 ---
Thou Shalt Not Wrinkle Thy Sheets!
LSD For Dummies
Quadruple Abduction
Two Vague
Here Come De Earl, Here Come De Earl
Triple Threat
There Is NEVER Anywhere To Sit!
On The Run
All I Wanted Was A Bath...
Twelve Hours From Now...
Hairy Palms!
One Of The Most Boring Dreams Ever

--- August 28 1996 ---
Not Suitable For Children
What Goes On In My Room?
Not Quite Columbine
Slow Down, Gerald McRaney!
Deep Woods Cafe
Lotsa Lucky Charms
The Desperation Episode
Clamming It Up
The Monster Map
Maker Of Messes
Green-Eyed Boyfriend

--- August 29 1996 ---
Good Licorice, Bad Licorice
Bathroom Bible Study
Hospitals 'R' Us
Not Rude, Just Careful
Something Like Black
Bag & Bead
Crystal Segregation
Emmy Nominations Now!
Caaaan Yoooou Heaaaar Meeee Nowwww?

--- August 30 1996 ---
All Mickey Or Nothing
My Salad Days
So Not Lightbulbs!
Pop Goes Mom
Silver-Spittin' Grasshopper

--- August 31 1996 ---
Cave Of The Woods
That's Not Your Name!
Not The Aliens Again
I Can't Dance, I Can't Smoke...
Is A Skunk Without Stripes Still A Skunk?
Peter Rabbit Wasn't Like This!
Amazing Mysteries Of The Library

--- September 1 1996 ---
The Odder Couple
Sunday Parkers!
Puck & The Battle For Good! (Or Something)
One-Armed Cash Cow
No Sociology For You
Don't Mess With The MIBs
Turn That Thing Down!
Just Too Gross
General Dad
Back To Black River
Must-Not-See TV
What Am I, Your Porter?
Monster Catcher
Blue Ribbon Pride
You & What God's Army?
They're Even In My Dreams!

--- September 2 1996 ---
More Than You Ever Wanted To Know About Kirstie Alley
Sometimes A Phallic Symbol Is Just A Phallic Symbol
Stacking The Cars
Garnets & Puppets & Gerbils, Oh My!
Speak Up!
The Big Whompin' X-Files Dream
Shirt Shopping
The Neverending Junk Dream

--- September 3 1996 ---
Adventures At The Mall

--- September 4 1996 ---
HAL 1996
ˇBienvenido A Mi Bano!
Why Does This Always Happen To Me?
Hawk Captive
Tree Houses
Puck's Pentacle
Dang These Newfangled Contraptions!
That '70s VR
This Is What Happens When I Wake Up Late!
Mix Tapes
To Stand Or Not To Stand?
Ready Or Not
Team X-Files

--- September 5 1996 ---
European Two!

--- September 6 1996 ---
Lost In The Funhouse
Isn't This Called "Stalking"?
Sexual Frustration!
Clothing Not Optional
A Mystery In The Middle Of Nowhere
How To Really Scare A Crab
Escape From The Island Of Dr. Moreau
Eyeses Of All Sizes

--- September 7 1996 ---
Into The Cult
Piano Horn
Jumping To Life
Run Like The Wind
How Many Flags?
Conspiracy Theorist
I'm Either Pregnant Or Have Pica
Two Fries For The Price Of One!
Broken Tapes & Sorting Books
Bad Dad
Spare Change

--- September 8 1996 ---
Antisocial Socialites
Squirrel At Sunrise(s)
A Bad Taste In My Mouth
Dining At The Mart
Digging For D's!
Pepper Preys On Poodles
I Am Not A Chipette
Night Court: The Execution Episode!
How Many Times Can I Forget That Book?!
The Substitute
The Watcher Monk
With His Salary, Shouldn't He Have His Own Phone?
All This Over A Telemarketer?
Goodnight, Goodnight!
The Neverending Gerbil Nightmare
Kiddie Heroes
It Wasn't That Funny Anyway

More To Come