A Sick Pet Makes Me Sad

I've forgotten nearly all of this dream. Pepper (my cat) was sick, I suppose because of something she ate. Only it was Peg (my gerbil) who was sick too; so they were combined. I felt bad because I thought maybe it was from what I'd been feeding her (grasshoppers?); I looked down into the gerbil's cage, only it was bigger and made of wire bars, like a rabbit cage. There was the customary litter/bedding, but there were also strange objects that she'd thrown up everywhere. It wasn't all pukey but it was gross and I felt so bad for her. I think I took it to dump it in the toilet, where there were more things, like rabbit droppings. I then sat down to pet and comfort her, knowing she was really sick and hoping she'd get better.

Available illustrations:

* [thrown-up objects]
I leaned over & looked into the cage; it had wood shavings & small things Pepper had thrown up

Never Mess With Another Woman's Fries!

I was at some kind of nice restaurant, eating with some people; I feel they were peers but I was cool toward them, and vice-versa. It was nighttime and the colors of the restaurant were mostly white and light gray, textured like the ceiling tiles at high school. I believe we were sitting in a windowed booth near the door. I think the conversation was strained, and everyone was being overly polite.

We finally got up to leave and as we went out--I had a bag of curly fries and something else, maybe normal fries--I realized all my curly fries were gone. I was upset because I hadn't gotten to eat any; I saw one lying in the rocks at my feet and picked it up, saying to the others how upset I was. We parted ways; I went to a (white?) car with a couple, while the others went off to my left, the restaurant's right. As we got near the car I ate the fry; I hadn't wanted the ones who'd left to see, as I'd picked it up off the ground.

Available illustrations:

* [map of restaurant]
[right arrow] high partition. [left arrow] to door. window (night outside). seats? bench? table (round or square?). [left arrow] partition

That's Me, Always Looking For Books

I was looking through stacks and stacks of books; at first I think I was sorting them, but I got sidetracked and started looking for interesting ones. The shelf they were on was like the one under the stairs in the basement only the place was cleaner, and I think the walls were yellow (there were no stairs, either). I started finding series books (they were all fiction, except a couple of magazines, and they were all paperbacks) and looked to complete the series. One was called The Wolf and had a wolf on the cover. Another was called The Wolf Lord or something and had a boy on a hospital bed, eyes closed, teeth gritted, trying to break free; a wolf was nearby, watching. There were others. Another series was about a young Norse girl combatting and meeting things like elves and fairies; it was for children, but wasn't a little kids' book. There were at least four in this series and they all had light grayish-blue covers, like that shrinking house book I have in real life. At one point I removed a whole stack of books to look at those behind them; I think I was putting some in boxes but I believe I put those ones back.

The scene shifted to a place like that where in real life I got the book Ghost Story by Peter Straub, the place where old people play bingo (I think it's the recreation center). Throughout this whole dream others my age were with me, also sorting; I got the feeling of being in art class. I saw a Dungeons & Dragons book like my Monstrous Manual on a wooden shelf and pulled it out; at first it was about different types of angels and necromancers in the game, but then it changed to a CD-ROM catalog (though I believe it had 5'-1/4" disks in it too, as they seemed to be outdated). A guy my age, brown hair, freckles, stocky, in a baseball cap, came up to look at it; I said, "You could probably get about $8 or $9 for this at the Book Stop," since I knew he meant to sell it. He agreed, took it, and walked away, mentioning a different, nearer place he meant to sell it to. Before I'd gotten that book, though, I'd found a paperback about different types of angels, as I said above; I paged through it briefly and it had black and white drawings (only they weren't "religious" angels; they were more for the game).

Available illustrations:

* [bookshelf]
[left arrow] rows of stacked books (1st dream section). [up arrow] I think I pulled out a whole row around here. [left arrow] box for sorting books down to right

Brats On Mackinac Island

I was with somebody (this person disappeared as soon as I was on Mackinac Island with the boy, below), I believe, walking down a shaded road on a sunny day, going to Mackinac Island. I met a little boy; he teased me but I acted cool, and said something to the point of how obnoxious he was. He said something back; then, surprisingly, we started to warm to each other, though he was always a little punky to me, and I to him.

We were then on Mackinac Island, standing below a giant rock formation. I believe there was one building nearby, behind me (white). It was very dusty, and I knew I'd get dirty. I believe I was telling the boy a legend about the rock when he started to climb up it. I followed; it was like Sugar Loaf Rock but smaller, and we weren't in the woods. I think there was a cliff somewhere off to the right. There was a sort of manmade circle ("cubicle") with "stairs" or a seat beside it carved in the stone; I started climbing around its outer edge, but got scared of falling. The boy came down a bit and smiled teasingly; I knew he meant to crawl around it. I told him I'd rather go through, and I did. It was hot and very dusty all around.

1995 Dreams