The First Successful Canine Abortion

This dream concerned a news report I saw on TV. In it, there was a dog--a cocker or springer spaniel from the looks of it--and the newscaster was telling how upon it they had performed the first successful canine abortion. The dog was white and red; bicolored, and she was looking around with a kind of sad, tired look on her face. She was standing on the edge of our bathroom sink and was probably a little over a foot high at the shoulder. There were some people standing around, holding her. I went in--suddenly I must have been in the newscast--and helped to either disentangle or remove a rope/harness, like our cat's, from her. The rope was dark. It seemed to still be caught under her front leg, and I tugged on it, then realized it was either attached or connected to her chest (like an umbilical cord; now her chest was dark brown, the same color as the rope). I think I felt sorry for her.

Available illustrations:

* [dog]
[left arrow] dog was bicolored--white with chestnut red--& looked sad or tired. [left arrow] "rope." sink

BI (Before The Internet)

In one dream remnant, I was using some kind of program on our computer. We'd had it to start with but I'd never really noticed it before. In it there was a blue Windows box with a list of things you could choose. First there were about five choices, one of which was Animals. I chose that. Then the list was longer, with comic strip characters and writers; Ray Bradbury was near the top. Next to some they had parentheses, in which it indicated if they had a quote to share or not. I chose Garfield. A comic strip of him came on, along with a quote; I thought neither was very good, then saw there was more to it, and scrolled through. The quote was long, like an excerpt; in it Garfield said something about moving from Michigan, and italics were used. (Something to the extent of "Michigan was a nice place to live, bla bla bla," etc. etc.) It wasn't funny, so I looked at the cartoon. In it Garfield was watching a duck in a pond and commenting on it because the duck was acting funny. I scrolled through it to a frame I liked because the duck had a weird look on its face (it didn't have bug eyes, like most Garfield characters). I think I then went to Dairy Queen.

Available illustrations:

* [Windows menu]
[down arrow] This part was dark w/ light print. [down arrow] list. [right arrow] blue Windows. [text--"Ray Bradbury, Snoopy, (~~~) Garfield..."] [down arrow] "quotes." [down arrow] scrollbar. [down arrow] comics. [down arrow] scrollbar. [up arrow] I don't know what was in background. [up arrow] cartoons w/ few colors

Escape From The Pharaoh's Hearse

I remember in one dream I was in the high school art room; I guess I took some people with me and was at my house at night. I was on the pavement near the porch, with the outside light on. A big black hearse with a band or something pulled in, and I knew it was the pharaoh's funeral, of which I was to be a part. I believe I gathered some stuff (pots and pans?) and flowers maybe in a bag and gave it to the people in the hearse.

It was then daytime, and I was my character Bata, an ancient Egyptian man; I knew I had to flee because I was in trouble (with the new pharaoh?). The hearse left for downtown. I stood in the driveway, looking in different directions, trying to decide which way to run. I thought, "East, west--west the way to Amenti, land of the dead." That comforted me. (I was more excited than scared.) Then I thought, "North, south--north the way to Lower Egypt, to the Delta!" (only it was like Upper Egypt, the desert too). I knew that north was the right way, so I started running west--only in my dream that was north. This meant going through the Dodders' field, and though it's just across the road, I had to run a little way. There was a row of close trees and shrubs, and I started dodging through them lengthwise, to the real north. I dropped to my stomach like a soldier and crawled to the west side, peering out. There was another hedge cutting across the field to my right, and I could see and hear a couple of people walking by it. I ducked back in further.

I then saw a small group of prettily dressed little girls chattering and coming my way; I didn't want them to see me, so I shrank as far back into the shrubbery as I could. However, they came up, and saw me; at first it was kind of awkward because I was a fugitive (I believe the people in the hearse were after me, because I'd watched it leave) and I thought they might turn me in. But I knew they were on my side and we joined each other; they were mostly silent and straight faced, and reminded me of miniature dolls like Polly Pocket and the scented ones I used to have, and I knew that's what they were, come to life (I believe they smelled good, too, like powder and flowers). I think I started to plan with them, and we started off down the highway, in the direction I'd watched the hearse go. I believe it was overcast, and possibly springtime.

Available illustrations:

* [map]
[compass] W (north in dream), N, E, S. Dodders' shrub. field. [left bracket] trees? "my" shrubs. [left arrow] my driveway. [up arrow] highway. [right arrow] to town

1995 Dreams