Brain Death By Armadillo

This and the other dreams from August 1995 are from pages I found of a potential dream journal that I could not have kept beyond a few days. As with my dream experiment of 1996-7, some illustrations were included.

I can't remember most of the dream, but in part I went into a building near Glen's. It was night, and everything in the building was dim. I was in some kind of knick-knack store but for some reason it reminded me of the high school. It was small, and I can think of the color brown as dominating it. There were things on the walls, like they were textured. I believe I was with Michelle T. (an old friend); we were looking around and I was wondering whatever had happened to Dianne B. (another old friend). A somber, mechanical-like man came up to answer; he reminded me of an undertaker or robot with how he acted. He told me Dianne was dead. Only he said it as if she were an object; I remember "destroyed" was one of the terms he used. He said it (that she was dead) several times, using different phrases.

I burst into tears; I managed to ask how she'd died. Then I was looking at some sort of diagram/profile of a human head on some kind of parchment, and the brain was visible. It was kind of like I was holding a map (or more like a phrenology chart) but it was also on TV, along with a narration of what had happened. Into the drawing crept many small creatures--baby armadillos. I then knew that somehow they had entered a (drilled?) hole in Dianne's head, had infested her brain, and killed her.

Available illustrations:

* [untitled sketch of head profile with baby armadillos in brain]

Holding On

I was at a cross between my house and my Grandma B.'s house, with something else (perhaps Uncle John's?) thrown in. I was near the top of the stairs with Mya S. (an old best friend); the wallpaper and rooms were different (the wallpaper was kind of like the stuff in the other room upstairs, and the walls were medium blue, I think). She left and suddenly I knew it was her house and I was visiting; I looked at some drawings she'd made on her wall (now there was no wallpaper and the wall was newspaper white); they were like comics sort of, with captions. I was careful reading them because I thought she might not want me to. They were of guys, her boyfriends, and were jokes against them. Because of this I felt a little "distanced" from her.

I was waiting for her to come back. Then I went downstairs, and it was my grandma's house and she was visiting; there were others there, like her family or something, but I paid little attention to them. I went outside and Mya was a way behind me; I decided to play a trick on her. I ran around the side of the house so she couldn't see me; I got to the back porch, which was now a garage surrounded by a fishnet fence. I ducked down and watched her by the woodpile, looking around. I then grabbed the fence and attempted to go around the garage to the other side; there was a very steep drop around me, leading down to the creek, and I didn't want to fall in. The fence was like holding onto a loose cloth, it was so flimsy and slack--like a loose white volleyball net. But it held, and I pulled myself around to the other side (it was over a steep grassy hill, but I wasn't as scared as I should have been; I felt neutral; by the way, it was summer and sunny out) and I went back inside, to pretend I'd been there the whole time.

Later Mya came in and I kept trying to tell her of my trick but kept having to start over, getting it wrong. Throughout the whole dream, we acted "cool" toward each other, not giggly and funny like we usually are. In fact, we never did laugh, not even at the joke I'd played.

Available illustrations:

* [me holding onto fence]
I held on, not wanting to fall in; it was a very steep, grassy hill, but I wasn't as scared as I should have been; I felt neutral.

Beach Mission

This dream is pretty convoluted; at first it seemed as if I was on a nature hike in the sunny woods with some others, including Michelle T. and Dianne B. (old friends) (and maybe Eric V.? (see "Eric's Last Chance"). As we walked the woods turned into a white cement hallway, sloping downwards. There were rooms on each side. I went to open a door or go in a room and was surprised by how empty it was. I told the others, then noticed a toilet where none was before. I think I went in to sit on it as if I had to use it, feeling uncomfortable (mentally, not physically). I knew the room was for interrogation.

Then I was on a beautiful beach lined with trees; I had to do something. My brother Eric (not the same Eric as before) was helping on another part of the beach. My mom's closet had something to do with this; its back opened up out onto the beach and I had to keep going through it, and as I did, I nearly knocked over a plastic bag with red boxes in it. I knew they were presents for me, but I would tell Ma I hadn't been snooping, I'd just bumped into them (which was the truth). My brother and I were carrying things(?) out to a sandbar/island; I went to his part of the beach, but the water was too deep to start out with (like, as soon as I'd step in, it'd be up to my waist). So I went back to my spot, which was shallower. The water was a brilliant blue, as was the sky, but they didn't blend into each other. I kept stepping off into the water--it felt wonderful--and getting to the "island" somehow.

Then I believe I was on the island, with some friends(?), only it was like a boat too, and I had to fly a plane off--it was very important, like in a spy movie. The plane was small, white and red--I had to sit on it, and even then I wasn't sure it would support my weight. I was telling the others how important this mission was, and then I flew up, still talking, knowing they could hear me. The plane was a deflatable rubber toy, and I had to struggle to fly straight and not tip over or fall off. I suddenly felt like my fictional character Damien, and was determined that this mission not fail. I started flying in the direction of the beach, where I knew the woods and the building with the interrogation room were.

Available illustrations:

* [map of location]
island. (we "built"(?) plane here) boat? (mostly sand) Eric's beach, deeper water. cove. My beach, shallow water & sand. [down arrow] to woods & "building"

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