1995 Dreams

These dreams were taken from some notebook pages I found while digging around upstairs. My description of my dreams had become more elaborate by the time these were written up, though they are still somewhat spare by today's standards. Oddly, I still retained vague memories of at least a few of these dreams ("Brain Death By Armadillo," "Beach Mission," "Escape From The Pharaoh's Hearse," and "Brats On Mackinac Island") when I rediscovered these pages; as none of these dreams are outstanding or very memorable in any way, I believe I have the attempted journal to thank for that. Writing down dreams does help dream recall, even when you can't remember writing them down! O_o

Aside from a possibly missing drawing for the last dream, this is the 1995 dream journal in its entirety.

Please click on the dream date, in --- dashes ---, to be taken to that day's selection of dreams.

--- August 7 1995 ---
Brain Death By Armadillo
Holding On
Beach Mission

--- August 8 1995 ---
The First Successful Canine Abortion
BI (Before The Internet)
Escape From The Pharaoh's Hearse

--- August 9 1995 ---
A Sick Pet Makes Me Sad
Never Mess With Another Woman's Fries!
That's Me, Always Looking For Books
Brats On Mackinac Island