Out On A Bridge

There was this famous bridge which was all wooden and crooked and was way out over nothing. It went up and down and around like zigzags and it was just goldish wooden planks with wide spaces between. It had hand grips but on some parts of the bridge there was a place where there was a sort of wooden obstacle that had to be gotten over--and it had no handrails on top. My mother was with me as I went on this bridge (it was really famous, I remember) and I fought to keep calm because I'm terrified of heights. I was very quiet as I worked my way across (I shouldn't say across because this bridge just went all over) but I think Ma was freaking out. The landscape was all jungle cliffs with dark green and a wide river below. I took no notice of the river until Mr. Landes--my Spanish teacher--pointed it out. He was suddenly there and I don't remember looking directly at him but I knew it was him by the way he talked and I saw him out of the corner of my eye. He was sort of like a tour guide and said that the bridge was over either the Rio Grande or the Rio de Janeiro (he said Grande, at first, I think, but somewhere it changed to de Janeiro).

I was at an obstacle then; instead of going over the raised part with no handrails (it was turning to my left), I stepped across the bend, out over the open space, holding onto the rails to pull myself across. It was either Ma or me, probably Ma, who screamed, "Rio Grande (or de Janeiro)?!"

Mr. Landes wasn't really standing anywhere; I think he was floating upright in the air beside us. O_o I remember clearly the way he talked, but not what he said. I think in one part he said, "Well," the way he usually does when about to explain something. I think he was about to explain something to Ma, who was terrified. I never really saw her, I don't think; I just heard her and knew she was there.

Nazis & Grandmas

I can't remember how this dream started, but I was in a car with Ma and also I think Grandma B. and maybe another old lady (no offense). It was pouring rain and we were driving down a highway. I think of Spare Time Lanes or the Senior Center so maybe we were going there, but there were no trees and it went slightly downhill with a building to the left. It looked a little like the way to Seashell City, maybe. I can't explain it. Anyway I also think of Nazis so maybe we were hiding or getting away from them. The others were talking and laughing a little but I didn't feel happy or sad, and I don't think they did either.

This dream may have continued in "What's With All The Nazis?"

What's With All The Nazis?

This dream may have continued out of "Nazis & Grandmas."

I can't remember much so it might have been a movie I was watching (I was with someone; it might have been Ma, Grandma, etc.) but it became real. I can't remember it well. There was a guy and a girl in an apartment and the building was white, and I was looking into the window from a ways up. The guy, I think, had black hair; the woman had black hair and it was short but thick. I think both of them had accents though I don't know if I ever heard them speak. They were talking and seemed scared.

I think some guys dressed in black--like police only I have a feeling they were Nazis--burst in and grabbed the guy, then shot him. The woman ran to the window and tried to climb out but I think the guys caught her and they pulled her back out of sight. They either killed her to the right of the window or took her prisoner, but I think they did the latter.

Available illustrations:

* Woman--thick black hair.
Can't remember bangs

Wild Dragon Chase

My mom and I were sitting in the living room and it might have been night. Ma was looking through my Encyclopedia Of Things That Never Were and wondering (I think) what a wyvern was. I was looking through it with her, explaining things. She seemed to be in her "Ah" mood, which is slightly interested (which is unusual).

There was a drawing of a dragon somewhere in the book, probably in pen and bright ink or paint, and its name was long and weird. I think it began with a B and had lots of I's and K's in it, sort of like "Basilisk," only it was very long and capitalized. The drawing was of an ugly dragon and I think it took up the top half or less of a right-hand page, with three (or four?) columns of writing underneath, the name not too far from the top in the middle column. I think we either closed the book or looked through it a lot, because afterwards I tried to look up that certain dragon again and couldn't find it. :/

All Right, Now What's With All The Dragons?

There was some kind of fair or amusement park. I think it had a big, tall, white surrounding gate like a stadium, with a big sign, but I don't know. Dad was with me and it was sunny and rundown looking, kind of like our fair. I think of the color white, maybe rusted, with bars going diagonally; I think I remember one slanting to the right, and a clear blue sky and fenced-in part. I think I saw a few scary rides (some things like the Orbiter, maybe) but what I remember most are light blue pools, kidney shaped, in white cement or porcelain or whatever it is, out front of something big--maybe a place (tent?) or big ride (rollercoaster?). There may have been fountains--just water spraying out of the pools, nothing fancy--and I think of dragons, so there may have been dragon sculptures (colored; maybe one was sea green) or the Drachenfire rollercoaster; maybe I think of sea green from the color of its rails in a commercial I've seen. In any case I think of dragons.

Sandcastle Hill

I may have had a dream where I was buying something or was on a walk (deck) surrounded by water or on some kind of wet sandy hill with a sandcastle and some younger kids, but all of these may have been from different dreams. I can't really remember for sure.

1992 Dreams