The Green Green Woods

One of my classes--I think it was gym class and all girls but I felt like it was a theatrical sort of thing--and I were out in Mrs. B.'s (the neighbor's) woods. I think it was overcast and I don't think the trees had leaves but it was very green. Just waves and waves of thick, deep sea-green grass, sort of like the color of Irish Spring without the white. I think we were all leaping around in slow motion without talking. I might have seen Stephanie S. (a student) there. I remember that I picked a great fistful of that green green grass and was slowly waving it around. I was standing in Mrs. B.'s woods facing our pavement but I was way up, looking down, so I might have been standing on a stump. I think I was wearing shorts and a light (pale-colored) shirt. Come to think of it, I don't really remember feeling as if I were standing on anything at all, so I might have been floating. I think we were doing some kind of weird slow dance and I felt a little like a nymph.

The Telltale Watch

I can't remember much of this dream; I know I was in school but I don't know much else. The one part I do remember is when I was walking down the hall with my UFO watch (I think) in my (left) shirt pocket and it was ticking loudly. The halls weren't crowded, nor were they empty. I can't explain it well. Anyway, I think I was walking away from or toward the office in that little hall that joins Sophomore and Senior Halls (I think), past the drinking fountains. Everything seemed dim and orangish. I was all casual at first but then I began to get a little nervous because the watch ticked very loudly, and I was afraid that people would stare at me. That's all I can remember.

How Did It Get This Late?

I can't remember how this dream began or ended, but it was light outside and I was supposed to be at school, and Ma was either going to drive me or she was at work. At one point I finally looked at the VCR to see the time; I think I was in my home clothes and loafing around, and the TV might have been on cartoons or a gameshow but I can't remember. It was 9:36 AM, I think. At first I didn't really take any notice, but after a while I began to worry and I might have begun to cry because I just realized I was late (but I thought of it as being only about 7:30) and I didn't know how I'd get to school.

Don't Eat The Rice

I think I was in Black River Elementary School's cafeteria and there were the long tables set out with long pans of foods like red rice with spices (Spanish rice?--that's the only food I really remember) and things I don't like much. I think there was this big tall guy in black, maybe a priest, who bore a strong resemblance to the farmer of "Has Everyone Gone Out Into The Pines?" with black stringy hair, dark hollows under the eyes, etc., and there were people milling around trying out the food.

I remember I was about to leave but before I did I was going to stop to try the rice again (or maybe I'd tried something else; I just know I'd eaten or tasted something already), but I think I took a closer look at it and either thought that it looked like maggots, or it looked a little rotten. I may have tried it but I don't remember.

This dream may or may not have continued in/shifted into "Pool Party."

Pool Party

This dream may or may not have continued from/shifted out of "Don't Eat The Rice."

I can't remember how it began or ended but I think there was an overweight priest near the beginning, in a place that resembled a cross between the junior high and high school gymnasiums, near the fountain which is beside the locker room entrance to the gym. I think the school was flooded with aqua water, and I think the priest was a bit worried about something but I'm not sure.

I really can't remember much now but I know that some other people and I were going outside to go to some kind of pool or something. We were walking down a sidewalk (it might have been wet) and it was sunny. We might have had towels. The pools were black and rectangular, in cement, with several bars here and there; one was in front. It made me think of a power plant or mill or machinery place.

When we were going there we saw into a house--really it might have been a wooded-in porch, wooden slats and an open porch--and there were two guys pulling their shirts over their heads only they kept them half on so it was sort of like a tent over their heads and they were partly bent over. Actually, I think this happened after several of the others had already dipped in the pool and Mrs. L. (the gym teacher) had talked to us and it came to me as a memory then. But I know that at least a couple of the people I was with had been in the water because they were wet. I didn't see them in the water, though; I guess I skipped over that in my dream. I never really looked at the people either but I knew they were wet (at least a couple of them were). They were probably my age, male and female.

Mrs. L. came to us looking puzzled and asked if we'd seen those two guys; I can't remember her exact words. We said yes, they had been on the porch pulling their shirts over their heads and holding them there. We said this as if they'd been mooning us. o_O I even said something like, "They were pulling their shirts up like this!" and demonstrated. Nobody acted funny so I guess they didn't mind me doing that, and I think I was wearing my pink, white, and gray-striped blouse with the button-up sleeves. I also think Mrs. L. left to go get the boys and I can't remember much else.

1992 Dreams