B-zhew! Goes The Bone

In one dream I was either driving or was in a convertible (I think) being driven by a guy. I know there was at least one other guy with me. I think we were eating chicken or something like that, and this slightly overweight man was kind of afraid of the driving. We just kept driving along this long road (I think it was the one out front of Betina M.'s (an old friend's) house and the airport, and there were hills). I finished one of whatever I was eating--there were a lot of little things--and I looked at the bone. It was probably as thick as a line on paper and shorter than the width of this page. I threw it over my shoulder out of the car--or window (I think it was a convertible but I'm not sure) and the guy laughed because I think I said, "B-zhew!" or something. I was going to throw the other bones out.

Available illustrations:

* [the bone]
maybe like this; light brown and white, shiny, with only one 'hearted' end

Twelfth Night

I remember I saw Shakespeare books throughout this dream. In one part I think I was at the senior center looking at the books, and some were Shakespeare, like Twelfth Night or whatever, and I saw the couch.

This dream might have been related to "Mimes Give Silent Prayers."

Death Comes At Night

I can't remember how this dream started, but it was night and it was in my room and I was right there looking out the window, only it wasn't really me or my room at all. There was a voice speaking--it might've been me or a male narrator. The me--I must have been pretending or watching a documentary or both--by the window was supposed to be a dying soldier in a hospital ward with a nurse walking around. The voice was saying something about how some soldiers who were dying were able to see death coming. It was him lying on either my bed or my bed moved to the window, or me pretending to be him talking or thinking of what I was going to say; maybe that's how I knew what was going to be said. This soldier was saying or was going to say (like I said, I might have been able to tell what was going to happen before it did) to the nurse that he either knew he was going to die or saw death coming by looking out the window at the night.

Er...Nice Rhinestones, Grandma!

I went to Grandma B.'s house and I was thinking of Fifi (the old dog) but she had gotten a new dog, a little one which looked a little like a Pomeranian (it was tipped orange or gray or a mixture of both), and I tried to entice it to come to me by calling to it. It was reluctant and when it did come to me I got up and away from it and said to Ma that it didn't like me and I didn't want to pet it because I thought it might bite.

Now this was definitely Grandma B.'s house because I was sitting in the kitchen doorway (which is weird because there's not a chair here; it might have been the one beside the doorway), but Grandma H. came in and acted as if it were her house, and I don't remember ever seeing Grandma B. I think it was overcast outside but I can't remember. I do remember getting out of the car and going up the porch steps; I might have met the dog there. It was about as big as Fifi but puffier and I think it was a girl. Anyway, Grandma H. was dressed in some kind of light blue or pink or something sweatsuit with a small pattern of studded rhinestones (almond shaped, I remember, dark colors, but also others--maybe circles) on the front and maybe the pants. She looked a little bit angry but she wasn't angry with me. She went into this lengthy speech about how upset and sorry she was, but she did a lot of other talk that seemed to have nothing to do with this--just pompous. She mentioned something about me going to catch the school bus and maybe about her not being there. I think that I might have missed the bus and she was supposed to pick me up but forgot--I missed the bus in the morning, and she forgot to pick me up as I was waiting in the afternoon. I know this didn't make much sense but that's the way I felt it happened.

I just sat there staring at her with my hands in my lap. I tried not to stare at her but instead at the rhinestones on her chest because I couldn't look her in the eye, but I hoped also she wouldn't think I hated her rhinestones, or was being sick by staring at her chest, or wasn't paying attention, or was simply sitting quiet as if to say, "Yes, I know you did that, and I want to hear you apologize." But I didn't know what to say. :/


I was in the garage, looking around; it was daytime outside but I think it was overcast. I kept picking up things and putting them down. One thing I picked up was the face part of a skull--only the face, with wide clear tape over it and thick white tape around the edges to protect it. It was smaller than my face but big enough to be a small mask. I knew that Dad had cut the face off and put the tape on it to protect it, maybe for me or just for the fun of it. I put it to my face and I might have laughed. During all this I think I had been eating something, maybe white cheesesticks or something, maybe from a deli.

This dream might have continued in/been related to "Mimes Give Silent Prayers."

Mimes Give Silent Prayers

This dream might have been continued from/related to "Skullmask."

I ran outside and pretended to be a mute guy. I have the feeling that I then looked like a mime with brown clothing (a male). I went to Smokey's and Hamm-Bamm's graves and there was some kind of flat mossy rock there. I was pretending there was some kind of dying animal--maybe a bird or deer--or something that needed help, and either it or the offering I was going to make was on the rock. I put some food on the rock (I think that's what I did, anyway) and I knew I had to read some kind of incantation to keep the animal or whatever alive (I think it was a bird, and if it wasn't before, it probably was now).

I ran into the garage to get a book. I found Shakespeare's Twelfth Night--I think it had a brown leather cover, maybe with a gold gilt design (flowers?) on the front--and was flipping through it, looking for something serious or impressive to read, but I was also thinking that there wouldn't be anything serious or impressive in it since it was supposed to be a comedy. I resolved to use it, however, and ran back outside, falling (slowly--almost like in slow motion) to my stomach beside the graves. I think this is where I decided to be mute, so I could add a problem to the story I was acting out: I wouldn't be able to recite the incantation or poem or whatever it was to heal the bird (animal) and needed to find someone to help me in time. That's about all that I can remember.

This dream might have been related to "Twelfth Night."

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