Rat Scientist

In one dream I was pretending to be a person (a male scientist) who had been changed into a rat and I was helping another person get away from some bad guys, I think. Near the end we were going to part (we had been driving around a long time) and she (I think she was a kid) was crying about saying goodbye and I was upset too, but I was pretending that I was going to turn back into a person.

Don't Touch My Ice Cream, Foo'

I had a lot of little containers of ice cream or frozen yogurt or something and I was eating some from each container. They were all different colors--one was pale green, one was red, white, and pink, etc. I put the lids on them but I put the wrong lids on the wrong containers, so I took them off and did it again, only now just one seemed to be wrong.

I don't know which I did first, but in one part I put the ice cream in a pizza box and put it in the bottom of the fridge. I remember it had been melting and I had kept licking it, and I didn't want the lid to stick up and have them get all icky. It stuck up a little. I saw chicken nuggets in the fridge too, I think, or what I put in there might have changed into nuggets. I also saw a plate of them on the counter and Eric (my brother) was in the kitchen.

Anyway, in another part I went into the living room and said something like, "Anybody who touches, tastes, sniffs, goes near, touches again (etc. etc.) my ice cream is dead."

I don't know if I got to finish the sentence because Eric interrupted and said something loudly like, "Rach!"

Cousin Jon (W.) was staying with us. I said to Eric (I had gone into the living room and Ma was standing near the chair near the cabinets (where the bunny was--see "Look, A Bunny Butt!")) something like, "Now I'm not indicating any certain people, I'm talking to everybody in the house" (when I was giving my warning I had been talking to Ma but saying it loudly enough so Eric, still in the kitchen, could hear).

Police MIBs!

I'm not sure who I was--I think I was myself--but I was with somebody--a guy, I think--and we were driving around trying to get away from some people. There were a whole bunch of different things chasing us but the most I remember are about three white cop cars. I was looking behind us (the car had no top and it was sunny, and we were driving always on a little dirt trail around a big white building) and I said a thing like, "Those cars should be black, not white" (I was thinking of Men In Black), but then I thought, these are cops, not MIBs, so I stopped wondering.

Anyway we were being chased for a long time, but I wasn't really scared, just excited. I also think there was something about water (drinking fountains?--water slides?) and the two old theaters (the cinema and the drive-in).

Crouching In Hiding

I was Cynthia or Timothy (two of my child characters) and I or we were trying to find something or hide from somebody, I think. I remember us (I think I was Cynthia, and Timothy was sitting across from me) crouching near the old raspberry bush or whatever it is near the garage, and we were either talking or about to dig. I think my marcasite necklace might have had something to do with it, but I really can't remember what happened. I also think it was near evening, and cloudy and (maybe) cool outside. I also remember the grass, and I think there was a big (maybe three feet across) circle of dirt where we crouched near the edges.

1992 Dreams