Too Blue

This and all dreams from 1992 are entries from a series of small dream notebooks I kept from about May 27-August 1 1992. They filled up six small pocket notebooks, of which Volume 4 is currently missing. The date given is of the day before the night the dream was had.

In one dream it was Saturday morning and I think Ma had just left for work. I also think I was watching some action shows on TV. I went outside several times to play around but it was still dark blue out and I think it was wet from rain. The darkness scared me a little. I went inside to check out the time because it seemed too late to be dark (I'm not sure if that's the real reason). I think it was eight-something.

Not The Bookshelf! Anything But The Bookshelf!

Ma was going to put a desk or something in my room. We were sitting on the couch and I was talking about something completely different--maybe a craft in one of her magazines--when she said something like, "But there's one thing that won't make you happy." I asked what she meant. She said that she had to put my bookshelf in the basement to do what she was going to do. Then I got mad and told her to take the stereo instead since it doesn't work. But she was set on removing the shelf. I think I also told her to take even one of my dressers instead, but I seemed to want to get rid of the stereo. I told Dad about it and he wanted to remove the shelf as well! I then started yelling that they'd put all my books and papers (I had looked at a couple just before) in the basement so they could turn all moldy and get ruined like the rest. (A long time ago my dad cleaned my room in real life and stuck my belongings in plastic bags in the basement, and much of my stuff was ruined by water damage.)

At some point I went outside and it was near dark out, darker than before. I looked in my window and the lights were shining very brightly, and I think two TVs (so the wall was right behind it and I don't know where the door was) were on with some guys talking really loud, because somewhere along the way my "broken" stereo had turned instead into a TV. (They seemed to be sitting on my stereo maybe and the layout of my room had changed.) I must have left and come back and looked at it again, and I remember I couldn't do anything but stare in at it (them) but I wasn't afraid that it (they) now worked, either.

The Girl In The Photo

I was in school (I think I was in biology--strangely I think it seemed like night then--but it might have been the class we dissected in, not Mr. Sturvist's; I don't know) and someone handed me a picture. I wasn't really paying attention when I took it. I was standing up and my left hand was on my biology book (I think) which was sitting on the desk. Then I looked at the picture and was puzzled. I'm not really sure about details but I know it was a girl, and I think she was fishing and wearing a baseball cap (black and white photo). I thought she looked like a tomboy and I was trying to figure out who had handed me the picture. I was also thinking it looked a little bit like Heather R. (a high school friend--she had straight hair and a ponytail in the photo, I think).

Then Heather tapped me on the shoulder and smiled but she seemed a little sad. She told me something about the girl--I think she said it all in the third person--but I really can't remember what was said.

1992 Dreams