Cigarette Butt & Wasp Soup, Anyone?

This and all dreams from 1992 are entries from a series of small dream notebooks I kept from about May 27-August 1 1992. They filled up six small pocket notebooks, of which Volume 4 is currently missing. The date given is of the day before the night the dream was had.

There was something about a bar. I think when this guy (Dad or someone else) or me touched it, talked, or moved it would glow like black light or let off a hum-like sound. (The bar was in a black place. With the soup, I think I was in the utility room in one part.) Then a guy and I were doing something which included cigarettes and wasps (among other things I can't remember). I don't know why but this guy made me think of Howard Carter. I think he was an archaeologist. Anyway, the tradition was to take all these things and put them in a sort of thick bean soup. The guy offered me some (actually he wanted me to eat it) but I didn't want to eat the wasps or cigarette butt. I remember saying that I would eat it if those weren't in it, and I spooned up the butt. I was queasy and making faces. Then I spooned out the wasp and was afraid to eat because of its stinger, and I put it down. But it was still alive and after it dried it began flying around.

Look, A Bunny Butt!

I went into the living room. Ma and Pepper (my cat) were there too. I saw a big brown cottontail rabbit behind the chair near the window and cabinets (I know it came from outside but I don't know how it got in). It seemed to be looking for a place to sit and it seemed tame. It looked like Fred (a teacher's pet rabbit in elementary school). Its hind end stuck out from behind the chair and I said something like, "Hey, Ma, look! A bunny butt!" It kept hopping slowly around and I think I wanted to clear out the chair so it could sit down. I also think Pepper was trying to get it but she posed no threat.

Ew, Goo!

In this dream I was going to Mackinac Island. I know Dad was going--he seemed happy--but I'm not sure about Ma. Ma had put out on the footstool all the different pairs of sandals I had, but they were all worn or uncomfortable. I finally found a pair (I think they were blue) which was comfortable but the straps were ready to break and they were worn at the toe. I went to Dad in the utility room and asked him to tape the straps but not to put too much tape on them so they wouldn't bother me.

Then I think we were on the boat, only it wasn't the boat, it was a restaurant and it was either on the boat or the island. It had shiny red seats which I hated. Dad and I were going to eat at this booth but I stepped in something gooey underneath the table because I had bare feet. I went to wash it off--it was a yellowish-clear color--but I think I got it on my feet again when I went back to the table (it was like a big, gooey puddle). I was thinking of putting on my sandals, and I might have, but I can't remember.

1992 Dreams