1992 Dreams

These dreams are taken from a series of small notebooks I kept from May to August of 1992, my longest attempt at a dream journal prior to 1996. As they were handwritten, the description is often jumbled and out of order, so the reading of these may be somewhat difficult, though I have tried, at least somewhat, to make them more readable. Speaking of the description, it's still not as detailed as that of later dreams, though I tried. IMO too much time is wasted on positional description, such as exactly how I was sitting or which way I was facing...for crying out loud!!

The transcription of these dreams from paper to computer is an ongoing process which may take some time. Please keep checking back for new dreams. Also please be aware that as more dreams are added, this page may take a long time to load.

Please click on the dream date, in --- dashes ---, to be taken to that day's selection of dreams.

--- May 27 1992 ---
Cigarette Butt & Wasp Soup, Anyone?
Look, A Bunny Butt!
Ew, Goo!

--- May 28 1992 ---
Too Blue
Not The Bookshelf! Anything But The Bookshelf!
The Girl In The Photo

--- May 29 1992 ---
Rat Scientist
Don't Touch My Ice Cream, Foo'
Police MIBs!
Crouching In Hiding

--- May 30 1992 ---
Miscellaneous (With A Library!)

--- May 31 1992 ---
B-zhew! Goes The Bone
Twelfth Night
Death Comes At Night
Er...Nice Rhinestones, Grandma!
Mimes Give Silent Prayers

--- June 1 1992 ---
What Would Mya Think?
Secret Agent Ten!
One Would Think They've Never Acted Before
Kitty Control
Was That Your Foot?
Has Everyone Gone Out Into The Pines?
An Affair? Who Cares?
The Pharaoh's Seat Is Bad For The Environment
Jewelry-Hawkin' English Teacher
Will Sing For Money
The Vanishing Tornado

--- June 2 1992 ---
The Green Green Woods
The Telltale Watch
How Did It Get This Late?
Don't Eat The Rice
Pool Party

--- June 3, 1992 ---
Out On A Bridge
Nazis & Grandmas
What's With All The Nazis?
Wild Dragon Chase
All Right, Now What's With All The Dragons?
Sandcastle Hill

More To Come