Damsels In Distress

This and the other dreams from this date are from a page I found of a potential dream journal that I could not have kept beyond a few pages. All of whatever was written is missing but one small yellow legal pad page.

I was going to buy three posters from a catalog. I can't remember two (I think they might've been a dragon and a unicorn or a wolf), but one was three Indian women on a cliff. One was standing up and her hair was blowing back. She looked a little frightened, as did the others. The sky was dark gray and smoky above, but below looked like a giant fire.

I Died Three Years Ago

I was Japanese and I was with some smaller kids in my room, pretending. We were scooping things off my floor. I told them not to take important things (something like that; the word "mix" was used). I found a Hawaiian necklace (blue-green lei) and tried to pull it out of a tangle. I put it around my neck and went into the living room (it was a warm month).

Two or three girls standing across the street waved and I waved back. We did this several times, then they came toward the house. I ran to Dad's bedroom to hide and he was talking as the curtains were blowing open. I told him to be quiet (shh), but he threw me out. :( I hid in the bathroom behind the curtain for a long time, but I finally moved it too much and they knew I was there. I ran back to Dad, who was going to go outside. As he went out the door, I told him to say that, if the girls asked if I was there, to say that I had died three years ago.

Reading The Funnies

There was a dream about the funnies (comics in the newspaper). I remember one with a weird creature flying away, and another that was so long that it was continued on the left page.

1991 Dreams