Dead Baby Robin

This and the other dreams from June 1990 are from a page I found of a potential dream journal that I could not have kept beyond a few pages. All of whatever was written is missing but one small pink notepad page. Based on the perpetual calender and on the information available (June 17, Sunday morning), I believe the year is 1990.

I went out to look at the baby robins. There were only two. The mother and father robin were in the nest with them--and all of them were crying. I looked near the chimney side of the house. There sat a dead thing with the baby robin's head, but its body was a huge, hard, black, hairy mass, about a foot long. The others were looking at me and crying, then I began to cry.

Dog Assault

I (think I) was at the UAW building, where my dad works. I was either Ranger Rick or Boomer Badger. I think I was RR. I saw a whole bunch of dogs rush into the room and attack some girl dogs. (I think they were trying to rape them.) Two I remembered were white poodles. One dog was on top of one, and one was kissing the other. I commanded someone to help the dogs, especially the white ones. The boy dogs ran away and I went down to see the poodles. They seemed exhausted but fine. Then I confronted the male dogs, who seemed frightened, but I can't remember what happened next.

1990 Dreams