Soft Wasteland

This and the other dreams from June 1990 are from a page I found of a potential dream journal that I could not have kept beyond a few pages. All of whatever was written is missing but one small pink notepad page. Based on the perpetual calender and on the information available (June 17, Sunday morning), I believe the year is 1990.

[beginning of text, including date, missing; estimated date given]

...up after Dad leaves to get ready for school. In one, I got up at 5:30 and decided to watch TV. I only had a half hour. I should have had an hour and a half!

I had a dream I was walking into some gray mossy stuff about as deep as my head. Dead, black trees stuck out, so I thought I could walk on it. But I went to the side of it, stuck my leg in, and found it soft.

Isn't There Anything Better On?

Once I dreamed about cable television before we had it. I turned on the TV at night and saw some woodworking shows.

No Time To Swing

In one dream, I was climbing over the stone basement steps and through weeds to get to a swing on a tree at an old house in a sunny, grassy field. I looked out a dirty, broken window with nets on it. We got to the house but I said, "Dad wants us to get back home now." (Some kids, two girls and a boy, I think, were with me. Little kids.)

The Planets In Winter

In one dream it was snowy outside, but I went out. The planets were clearly visible. It was getting dark. The planets were turning black. I went into a snow fort near where the picnic table is outside and a girl and a boy were in it in their swimsuits, rubbing snow on them. I looked at them and smiled, then left.

1990 Dreams