1990 Dreams

These, my earliest, dated dreams, are taken from some stray pieces of notepaper I found while digging upstairs. They may have formed part of a greater whole of what was apparently my earliest attempt at a dream journal, but it could not have been very long.

The first page(?) of the journal is missing, and so the first full dream, "Soft Wasteland," picks up from there. My description skills back in 1990 were quite spare; I bet if I had these today, they'd be much more detailed.

Please click on the dream date, in --- dashes ---, to be taken to that day's selection of dreams.

--- June 16 1990 ---
Soft Wasteland
Isn't There Anything Better On?
No Time To Swing
The Planets In Winter

--- June 17 1990 ---
Dead Baby Robin
Dog Assault