The Dreamforest:
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Hello and welcome to my online dream journal. My (user)name is Tehuti and I am a 27-year-old female living in Michigan. This site is a collection of my dreams spanning from 1990 to the present, with a few older dreams included as well. All have been described in as much detail as I could manage, and to my knowledge, none of them are made up. I have been told that my dreams are very detailed; what do you think? You can E-MAIL ME to let me know any of your thoughts on these dreams, whether they are interpretations, comments, questions, or observations. Please include the name of this website (The Dreamforest) in the subject as I get lots of Spam and will delete anything with an attachment or vague subject, if I'm not expecting it.

As you can see this site is very simple looking; I do know a bit more HTML but decided to focus primarily on CONTENT over LOOKS. So please don't let the spareness of the place throw you off; my other websites are a bit flashier. :)

On this site you will find currently over 1000 dreams from 1990-2005, with more on the way. From May-August 1992 I kept track of my dreams in some small notebooks; and from August 1996-August 1997 I kept detailed track of every dream I had in this one-year time period, but those notes are all on audiocassette. Both series still need to be transcribed to computer, which is likely to be a lengthy task; as such, those years have yet to be filled in completely. At the present I do NOT keep track of every single dream I have every night; sometimes I skip taking notes and so forget dreams, and sometimes I jot down only which ones interest me. So this listing is not complete, but it is representative of what goes through my head while I'm sleeping.

This site is by NO means meant to be highly provocative in nature, but know that there ARE some dreams that feature adult content, such as violence or sexuality. I do not flinch away from describing violent acts, but sexual aspects of dreams have always made me feel uncomfortable, so you may notice me start to get vague in certain parts. I have tried not to include any of my own interpretations; and aside from occasional commentary to clarify who certain people and what certain places are, for the most part I have not included notes on the meaning of the different objects that appear in my dreams. I understand such notes may be necessary in order to interpret; if you wish to give it a try but need more information, e-mail me.

In the future I may include some non-dream items, such as my own thoughts on these or dreams in general; I'm more inclined toward the Jungian school of interpretation than the Freudian one and can blather ignorantly about archetypes for quite a few words, as my fictional writing focuses heavily on mythology, in which archetypal images are frequent. This doesn't mean I have any idea what I'm talking about, just that I like to babble. :) The yearly index is given below; you can come back to this page at any time by clicking Back in your browser or the Home link at the bottom of every page. If any links do not work properly, please let me know; bad linkage is one of my pet peeves.

Please be aware that some pages take a while to load. Enjoy, and send comments if you wish.

Please note! NONWORKING links are not broken, they are simply dreams that have not been proofread and uploaded yet. These links will become active as these dreams are posted. INCORRECT links--links which lead to the wrong pages, or to the Tripod "error" page--however, are mistakes and as I said already, please point them out. :)

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